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Historic Structure Assessment (HSA) grants are awarded for the sole purpose of preparing a report on the physical condition of a historic building or structure in accordance with a mandatory State Historical Fund assessment scope of work. HSAs must be prepared by an architect or a structural engineer working under the direct guidance of an. Assessment of compliance with local ordinances, zoning code, building code, and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility. In Colorado, a Historic Structure Assessment is a mandatory part of the process of applying for grant funding from the State Historic Fund. The State Historic Fund, however, offers non-competitive grants of up to. Historic Structure Reports and Preservation Plans provide a forum to address changes to a resource during the planning process, explore alternative plans of action, and minimize loss, damage, or stewards should make a realistic assessment about the current physical condition, the desired future interpretation, the nature of the. Cortez Cultural Center. tel:+19705651151. Nonprofit 501.c.3 with a mission to enhance the lives of locals and visitors from around the world through programs that increase cultural understanding, promote the arts, and educate our community ab..

December 2013 Hawthorns Historic Structures Assessment FINAL Structure Conditions Assessment 3 II. SUMMARY OF FINDINGS A. Site The Hawthorns property, located in the Town of Portola Valley, California, is composed of two parcels bounded by Alpine Road, Los Trancos Road, a low density residentia A Structural Assessment Report for Historic Buildings or Structures should include: 1. Introductory information, including a table of contents, property identification information, including address, ownership, listing in historic registries, building/structure type, etc., and an executive summary, includin Structures Assessment, including the Historic Resource Study, for the Hawthorns property have been undertake to identify opportunities and constraints for rehabilitation, development, and re-use of the site and to provide the District with the informatio Historic Structure Assessment Reports for Hoffman House, Grape Day Park Field House, Mountain View Park Questions and Answers • Please clarify what is intended for the uilding Feature Master List (indicated on Page 8 of the RFP, Item B.1.4.e). We would anticipate providing a list of character-defining exterior and interior features for eac Historic Structure Assessment The extent of our evaluation included site investigations and a computer analysis of the existing structure, as informed by the original structural drawings. After completing our review, we completed an assessment of the existing conditions based upon our observations and our evaluation of the analysis

Each conditions assessment must, by nature, be tailored to the individual historic building or structure being investigated or analyzed. That being said, most assessments follow an approach similar to the one outlined below Historic Structure Reports, and recently, in a more abbreviated form, Preservation Plans.1 The need for Historic Structure Reports and Preservation Plans is based on the understanding that each historic property is a unique and irreplaceable resource. Historic Structure Reports and Preservation Plans are tools to Assessment of Historic Concrete Structures A N N H A R R E R A N D P A U L G A U D E T T E Fig. 1. Exposed architectural-concrete facade and concrete elements at the Bailey School in Jackson, Mississippi, designed by architect A. Hays Town and built in the 1920s. Photograph 2016. All photographs by the authors unless otherwise noted Historic Structure Assessment report for existing three-story plus basement main building and attached two-story plus basement annex building with written recommendations for existing HVAC and plumbing systems. IMS Client: Andrews and Anderson Architecture COLORADO GOVERNORS MANSION. DENVER, COLORAD

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  1. In 2018-19 a comprehensive structural analysis of each historic structure was conducted along with the written assessment; accurate renderings and a phased plan were developed. Based on the findings of the assessment, staff and public input, as well as expert advice from Cary's Historic Preservation Commission , a public presentation shared the.
  2. The following is the recommended format for a historic structure report: Table of Contents Forward or Introduction Purpo se of the report Preservation objectives . Brief History of the Property . Significance and historic events, local and regional, persons associated, ownership history, etc. (Much of this information shoul
  3. Posts about Historic Structure Assessment written by universalfreemasonry. In 2018, Universal Co-Masonry received multiple grant awards to assist in the preservation and upkeep of the organization's headquarters property and campus which is located in Larkspur, Colorado
  4. Historic buildings and structures are a tangible link to our past. From private owners to large institutions and government agencies, clients worldwide trust WJE to preserve their historic properties for generations to enjoy. Our preservation professionals have extensive expertise in the repair and conservation of a wide range of historic.
  5. Assessment results for archaeological resources and historic structures are briefly summarized as follows: • Archaeological Sites. Six archaeological sites have been identified within the project area. These historic-period sites (44AC 103, 44AC405 and 44AC437) are located on the Mai

maintained. With historic structures, a proper assessment of the existing plaster is critical to the successful repair or remediation. Beyond moisture related issues, assessment of the underlying structure assembly is important to diagnose plaster distress effectively. This is the second part of a two-part article ha INTRODUCTION HISTORIC STRUCTURE ASSESSMENT -- EDGAR KESNER MEMORIAL BUILDING CHAFFEE COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT RE32J SHF # 2002-HA-041 2 1.2 BUILDING LOCATION LOCATION Kesner thMemorial Building, also known as Kesner Junior High School, is located at East

The main goal of the study is to present an overall methodology to the assessment of historic structure joining photogrammetry, radar and finite element modelling that can help to indicate possible reasons of structural damage but the analysis is performed in the linear field and the authors do not introduce any specific damage models The Washington Memorial Chapel: Historic Structure Report and Condition Assessment . Abstract . The following report is a formal record of the history and current physical state of the Washingto If the scope of a historic structure report for a simple building is limited to a brief overview of historic significance, a walk-through condition assessment, and general treatment, the study and report may be completed within a few months' time by an experienced investigator Assessment and Cleanup Grant T&Cs Prior to conducting or engaging in any on-site activity with the potential to impact historic properties (such as invasive sampling or cleanup), the CAR shall consult historic buildings and structures (<50 yrs)* If No Effect historic structures are confusing to most property owners and attorneys, creating the false impression that historic structures — particularly those listed on local, state, or federal inventories of historical resources — cannot legally be altered or demolished

Many people recognize the need to preserve these historic structures, as they are part of the history and heritage of many local communities. Of great importance is the assessment of damage in the existing structure that could impact the capacity of the bridge. Common distresses include stone deterioration, mortar weathering, cracking in. ICCROM, 2005). On the other hand, historic structures are constantly subject to alteration during their existence. The assessment of these alterations and the structures' original characteristics is indispensable for the definition of intervention decisions (see Chan and Xiong, 2007; Sibley, 2007) In some cases, historic structures are threatened by hazardous trees or limbs. These must be removed in order to avoid damage to these historic structures and injuries to visitors and park staff. There are numerous physical and legal constraints imposed on the design of the structure and landscape rehabilitation Excerpt from Historic Structure Assessment Report: Sullivan's Island Coast Guard Station, Building Fos11, Fort Sumter National Monument Compiled by Center for Architectural Conservation College of Architecture Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0155 Condition Assessment of Old Stone Retaining Walls. Jan, 2015 By Dan Eschenasy P.E., F.SEI In Articles, Structural Forensics. The New York City stock of retaining walls is dominated by concrete and masonry walls. The older stock, dating from late 1800s and early 1900s, consists of stone masonry walls. Originally, these soil retaining structures.

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  1. Section 1 introduces the topic of the paper, and Section 2 highlights the information and specific steps required in a structural assessment of a historic timber structure. The standards prescribing a specific aspect of the assessment procedure, as well as the guidelines providing instructions for their correct implementation are presented alongside in Section 3, for each of the steps.
  2. The assessment becomes a data base from which the physical and historical features and required interventions for a group of structures can be marketed to potential users and developers for identifying compatible and economically feasible uses for extending the life of the selected historic structures
  3. The historic structure assessment that is the subject of this Request for Proposals will provide a foundation for an in-depth assessment of the architectural and historical attributes related to the Durbin House and significance of the Durbin family lineage
  4. Historic Structure Assessment- Wild Rose Lodge (School of Missions)1911, Chautauqua Park (Shf 00-01-049) Author(s): Martha Vail. Year: 2000. Summary. This resource is a citation record only, the Center for Digital Antiquity does not have a copy of this document. The information in this record has been migrated into tDAR from the National.
  5. es the building and its site
  6. The method proposed in this study is pre-hazard risk assessment method of monumental historic structures based on visual inspection to give the initial information for the evaluation of the safety condition of the building. The main idea of this method is to inspect many buildings in relatively short time, to make evaluation for getting the.
  7. Survey of heritage structures, reliability assessment, and subsequent design of appropriate interventions are disciplines where intensive multidisciplinary cooperation between architects, civil.

Stabilization and Survey of the Masonic Lodge, Ouray: Historic Structure Assessment . Author(s): A. James Viets. Year: 1996. Summary. This resource is a citation record only, the Center for Digital Antiquity does not have a copy of this document. The information in this record has been migrated into tDAR from the National Archaeological. HISTORIC BUILDING CONDITIONS ASSESSMENT FAQ + Tip Sheet AGE 1 OF 2 WHAT IS A HISTORIC BUILDING CONDITION ASSESSMENT? Condition Assessments are one way to understanding how buildings were constructed, used, and maintained. Conditions Assessments examine the various mechanisms that affect the structural and material condition of the building

APA citation style: United States National Park Service & Anderson Hallas Architects, P. (2011) Cultural landscape report, historic structure report and environmental assessment: Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, Bayfield, Wisconsin: light stations of Michigan Island, Outer Island, Devils Island, Long Island and Sand Island. [Bayfield, Wis.: National Park Service, U.S. Dept. of the Interior. The post-earthquake assessment and rehabilitation of damaged struc- tures, as also pre-emptive retrofitting of existing vulnerable buildings to resist a future earthquake, call for a systematic engineering approach, involving phases of detailed examination, computer model analyses, evaluation of material behavior and the development of suitable structural upgrading techniques Master Environmental Assessment Guidelines for Archaeological Resources and Historic Structures and Sites (MEA Historic Resources Guidelines) in order to avoid or reduce impacts to historic resources. II. COMPLETION OF HISTORIC RESOURCE SURVEYS . The City organizes and conducts on-going historic resource surveys of structures and site The time is now 215, so we are ready to open up the bids Good afternoon welcome to the of Westminster bid proposal opening for Project 21 Dash oh six historic structure Assessment Durbin House Wakefield Valley Park the Park The city has nine proposal packets

Historic Structures Report . This document details the topics that should be addressed in an historic structures report. HISTORIC STRUCTURE REPORT FORMAT. CHRIS Information Center Rules of Operation Manual. This manual provides procedural guidance to CHRIS Information Centers and assists clients in use of IC services POTENTIAL HISTORIC STRUCTURES ASSESSMENT REPORT ADDENDUM NO. 1 September 22, 2014 Because of the mix-up in the date and day for the Mandatory Walkthrough on Wednesday, September 17, all consultants who showed up on Thursday, September 18 and contacted John Eriksen, Director of Purchasing will be allowed to propose on this project Historic Landmark Designation. Park County has established its own criteria for recognizing buildings, sites, structures, objects, or districts that are important to the history of a local community, Park County, Colorado, or the nation. There are similar criteria for listing on the state and national historic registers This historic structure, home of Kenova's first bank, was built in 1910 by Joseph Miller, a former West Virginia State Auditor and a Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service during both Presidential terms of his friend, Grover Cleveland

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Encouraging landmark protection through the promotion, recognition, designation and rehabilitation of historic structures ; Provisions . To qualify for the Property Tax Assessment Freeze, the four following provisions must be met. See the Frequently Asked Questions for more information Historical structures are cultural heritage constituents that convey the traces and characteristic features of civilizations to the present days. One of these structures, which are among the monumental artefacts, are historical bridges. To protect historical buildings, 3D photogrammetric documentation of these structures, detailed determination of geometric and material properties and. Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Page 9 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Purpose The purpose of this document is to provide a statewide overview of how various natural, manmade, and technological hazards impact the State of Rhode Island. This Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) undertakes an all-hazards identification techniques usually intensifies the loss of historic fabric. The current paper, aims at the structural assessment and seismic safety, in current conditions, of the Church of Kuño Tambo, a religious adobe structure of the 17th century, in Cusco region, in Peru. The inspection and diagnosi FEMA staff, as well as state and federal partners, are using NCPTT's detailed building and site assessment forms to carefully record the conditions of historic structures in the aftermath of the tornadoes. This information will be used in a variety of ways. Documentation is needed in order to determine soundness of the structure and allow for.

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The assessment also acknowledges the importance of preserving the historic structures at the former beach and amusement park. While safety improvements and accessibility are paramount, equally as important is the preservation of historic character and cultural significance within the existing site, the report says A. Photographically document existing structures according to HABS/HAER Standards - Haer Documentation completed for: 1. 12th St. Viaduct, and, 2. Pulaski Skyway B. Review of Department files for suitable historic photographs and catalogue them - Many of these have been transferred to the State Archives C. Catalogue original contract drawings Historic concrete structures therefore generally only date back second half of the 18 th century. Structures that date further back are considered to be ancient concrete. The structures that require attention and therefore an assessment generally belong to the more recent period. Concrete can be a very durable construction material and it was. owners of historic properties to assess and build on these sus-tainable features. FirstAssess the Structure Before implementing any energy conservation measures to enhance the sustainability of a historic building, the existing energy-efficient components of the structure should be assessed. The design, materi

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must be designated a certified rehabilitation of a certified historic structure.8 If development projects in the state of Maine meet the above guidelines outlined by Federal and State agencies, significant project cost reductions can substantially increase the financial benefit to developers. 5 Holmes Hall Conditions Assessment When planning to clean an historic building or structure, the initial assessment should evaluate the historic material, the reason for cleaning and the cleaning method. Cleaning methods should be carefully selected to do the job without harming the historic material observation tower structure at the Peninsula State Park located in Fish Creek, Wisconsin. 1.2 PURPOSE OF REPORT The purpose of this assessment was to examine and comment on the condition of the structural components of the existing structure. The assessment is also intended to provide recommendations for repair of the structure ARG's Planning and History Group has completed numerous Historic Structure Reports (HSRs), which are the primary reports that document the history, significance, and recommended treatment of historic buildings. An effective part of preservation planning, HSRs address goals for the use or reuse of historic properties Many people recognize the need to preserve these historic structures, as they are part of the history and heritage of many local communities. Of great importance is the assessment of damage in the existing structure that could impact the capacity of the bridge. Common distresses include stone deterioration, mortar weathering, cracking in.

The assessment of the structural safety of historic masonry structures, the record of damages, material parameters and enhanced moisture is usually carried out by the designer performing manual optical inspections, laboratory tests on cored samples, drilling tests and mechanical tests on site and load carrying tests the potentially devastating effects of disasters on historic properties and cultural resources. Historic buildings and structures, artwork, monuments, family heirlooms, and historic documents are often irreplaceable, and may be lost forever in a disaster if not considered in the mitigation planning process. The loss of these resources i Special Collection on Assessment, Rehabilitation, and Conservation of Historical and Existing Structures Guest Editor: Carlo Citto, P.E., Atkinson-Noland & Associates, Inc. For centuries, historic structures have made a significant contribution in shaping the cultural landscape of local communities all around the world index and different approaches for calculating suitable targets for historic structures are described as well. Evaluation of the reliability level of historical structures through the recommended procedure would lead to more realistic and accurate levels of reliability estimation without Figure 6-1 Flowchart for reliability assessment of. ___Contributing structure in local historic district The special tax assessment for rehabilitated properties allows a historic property tax assessment to be 'frozen' at pre-rehabilitation value for up to 10 years for qualifying rehabilitation work. 2. A request for special tax assessment is evaluated by and acted upon by the Design.

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Historic-era Structure Assessment for the Olive Avenue Project A privately-owned residential complex was being redeveloped for single-family homes. As part of the project, the historic-era structures on the property needed to be evaluated for local and State registers The following report is a formal record of the history and current physical state of the Washington Memorial Chapel located within the Valley Forge National Historical Park in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The report is divided into three sections: historical background, condition assessment, and recommendations for treatment of the decorative limestone Assessment of Historic Timber Structures, covering the principles and possible approaches for the safety assessment of old timber structures of historical relevance that could be used as the basis for possible European Standards, as discussed with CEN/TC346 (Conservation of Cultural Heritage). This approach was targeted at all those concerned. Before coming up with any important decision of intervention in the restoration process of existing buildings, the assessment of the conservation state is required as regards heritage timber structures and especially for those that suffered a lack of maintenance in their service life. In that context, three timber roof structures from the Convent of Christ in Tomar, Portugal, were selected and. Historic Resource Assessment - DRAFT Project #: HP0639.1902.00 (Additional Services) Date: July 17, 2019 treanorhl.com 2 been on the site since 1961, while the two smaller shed-like buildings date to 2018. South of the car dealership is a rental car business. Two buildings are associated with car rental business. The structures are single-story an

Contributing structures in a designated historic district are eligible if they have an individual Tax Map Key number. Contributing buildings are those that are at least 50 years old and that retain the historic features that are significant to the era in which they were built For the four historic concrete structures in Centennial Park, the following will be completed: 1. materials analysis- determination and documentation of the original concrete mix composition(s) 2. conditions assessment- documentation of any existing structural concerns o HISTORIC ASSESSMENT REPORT 1531 Georgina Avenue, Santa Monica, CA CITY LANDMARK/STRUCTURE OF MERIT EVALUATION Prepared for: City of Santa Monica Planning & Community Development City Planning Division 1685 Main Street, Room 212 Santa Monica, CA 90401 Prepared by: Jan Ostashay Principal Ostashay & Associates Consultin

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Historic Structure Reports & Conditions Assessments. Which category are you requesting support for? Historic Structure Report. Conditions Assessment. Has a similar report to that which you are proposing been prepared in the past? Yes. No. If yes, briefly explain who prepared the report and when, and reason for updating: _____ If a . Historic. New technologies play an increasingly important role in the analysis, monitoring, restoration, and preservation of historic structures. These technological systems continue to get more advanced and complex, for example: 3D digital construction and documentation programming, 3D imaging data (including laser scanning and photogrammetry), multispectral and thermographic imaging, geophysical data. HISTORIC ASSESSMENT APPLICATION Reques ng a determina on of non‐contribu ng status for a structure that is within a historic district or is a designated historic landmark. 2. Confirming the current designa on status of your property with a designa on verifica. BibTeX @MISC{Schueremans_continuousassessment, author = {L. Schueremans and F. Van Rickstal and K. Van Balen and D. Van Gemert}, title = {Continuous Assessment of Historic Structures - A State of the Art of applied Research and Practice in Belgium}, year = {}

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Figure 18. Dynamic response plots: base shear load factors, superimposed with input acceleration signals in east west (a) and north south (b) direction; hysteresis curves of south lateral wall (c), sacristy gable wall (d), west gable wall (e) and east gable wall (f), with superimposed nonlinear pushover curves. - Structural assessment and seismic vulnerability of earthen historic structures A local non-profit that deconstructs homes to divert the materials from the landfill, Emergent Structures, was the winning bid. Though disappointed at the outcome, HSF was glad that at least the historic materials would be preserved. HSF offered Emergent Structures a challenge grant of $2,500 to help get them started on their work The Handbook of Research on Seismic Assessment and Rehabilitation of Historic Structures evaluates developing contributions in the field of earthquake engineering with regards to the analysis and treatment of structural damage inflicted by seismic activity. This book is a vital reference source for professionals, researchers, students, and.

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The Historic Resources Ordinance includes essential updates to continue protecting and preserving historic resources, including the ability to adopt Historic Districts. For owners of historic resources, the companion Historic Resource Design Guidelines assist in designing successful alterations, additions and even new construction next to a. There are historic or archaeological resources on the site, but the project design is such that no disturbances or major changes to historic structures will occur. For example, the location where archaeological resources exist will be avoided, or the historic structure on the property will be maintained and restored ASSESSMENT FORM (SAAF) Supplement to the Joint Application Form . PART 1 - APPLICANT COMPLETES . 1. Applicant Name: 2. Applicant Address: 3. Project/Facility Name: 4. Project/Facility Location: 5. Is the proposed project adjacent to, or does it contain a building or structure listed in the State or National Register of Historic Places? Yes No. Home - City of Escondid

OF HISTORIC STRUCTURES May 2003. PATH (Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing) is a new private/public effort to develop, demonstrate, assessment of seismic hazard has significant implications with regard to the balance of housing affordability and safety. Seismic hazard assessments affect building code design requirement Joining in the chorus of those in favor of protecting history is Zach Waters, President of Sanford Historic Trust. Waters said that the Sanford Civic Center is an incredibly unique building, and the Sanford Historic Trust looks forward to what the future assessment will reveal about restoration of the building to its original glory This paper presents a method for assessment of historic structures based on the fusion of data from ground-penetrating radar (GPR), ultrasound, and impact-echo testing. The method consists of the following steps: measuring, feature extraction, fusion, representation, and evaluation. The employed techniques for an application in scale models of historical walls are described Heritage Impact Assessment. Heritage impact assessment is a structured process to make sure that you take the significance of your historic asset into account when you are developing and designing proposals for change. It is a core part of the design process, which tests whether your proposals for change to a historic asset are appropriate by. For projects focused on restoration and strengthening of historic structures, information about the origins, magnitude, and stability implications of damage to a structure are required. The objective of this work is to create a novel methodology for understanding the causes of cracks in masonry structures and the resulting effects on global.

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  1. ation of cause and extent of water intrusion, and analysis of as-built conditions and maintenance issues. The historic structure provided.
  2. 24 historic railway structures that face demolition or infilling by Highways England. Highways England says that an assessment in 1998 rated the structure as suitable only to carry 17t. It is therefore progressing an infilling scheme to remove the associated risk of structural collapse and harm to the public
  3. Historic Resources. SLO2. Students will have the ability to complete conditions assessments of historic buildings, structures, and objects. Assessment of Historic Buildings. SLO3 . Historic Preservation MS - Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs
  4. The assessment of earthquake hazard has been a long-standing concern in areas known to be prone to earthquakes. While housing construction in the United States is generally considered to be earthquake-resistant in comparison to many forms of construction found worldwide, the assessment of seismic hazard has significant implications with regard to the balance of housing affordability and safety
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