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The devil doesn't get drunk. Dare or Double dare part 1. Dare or Double Dare part 2. Treasure Hunt part 1. Treasure Hunt part 2. Looks like hell froze over. My babysitter's the devil. Undercover Family part 1. Authors Note DECKERSTAR FLUFF WARNING-.-.-.-.-.-You want to have sex with Lucifer, the statement came in a familiar voice and it was laced with so much amusement. What? Chloe mumbled, coming out of the haze of her slumber. Her heart was still beating fast, her body hot and vibrating. She could barely breathe Read Movie Night from the story Deckerstar fluff by Diamondgirl2007 (Tsahay Eshe) with 1,281 reads. dan, trixieespi.. A Deckerstar fanfic. Picks up where Season 4 ends. Rated Mature for sex and violence. This is my first time posting a fanfic

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Chloe Morningstar. Summary. When a serial killer case comes up, Lucifer and Chloe must find the killer before anyone else gets hurt. Chloe ends up in a coma and Lucifer must look after Trixie while trying to deal with his pain. Lucifer mojos Trixie and is surprised by what she desires A very sweet established-relationship fic with fluff and hurt/comfort and fun Bible interpretations to boot. Lovely. In the Bleak Midwinter - @someoneasgoodasyou ~13.5k words. More caught-in-a-cabin-in-a-blizzard post-S3 Deckerstar-reconciliation goodness. I think I could read about 57-million fics about this scenario and not get tired of it. Chloe doesn't realize michael's actually lucifer at the penthouse that night, and they make sex. She notices something's wrong that night and doesn't mind. When Michael tells her the truth, the world falls apart. She doesn't want to tell lucifer that, and even though she knows he hates lies, she has to lie to him #Planning a Hell of a Wedding #deckerstar fanfiction #writing #drabble #lucifer fanfiction #deckerstar #Deckerstar fluff #fluff #lucifer x chloe #lucifer morningstar #chloe decker #established #engaged Deckerstar #Deckerstar wedding #post s5 #T. 26 notes. handsome-darklord liked thi Additional Tags: Fluff, Fluff and Smut, Explicit Sexual Content, just in case i feel inspired, Post 5B, Canon until season 5, Lucifer is GOD, dan is dead, Shower Sex, chloe is a private investigator, and celestial consultant lucifer lucifer fanfic lucifer fanfiction deckerstar fanfic deckerstar fanfiction. mazykeen. #cheers i'll drink to.

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  1. Deckerstar fanfic (Chloe knows everything) (670 words) Lucifer was startled awake as the sound of a phone ringing echoed in his penthouse. #deckerstar fanfic #deckerstar #lucifer fanfic #deckerstar fanfiction #deckerstar ff #deckerstar fluff #deckerstar drabble. picquit liked thi
  2. She points down at the playmat on the floor and the baby currently cooing away. Alex, just shy of six months old, has a pair of soft-looking wings unfurled under his back. He looks unbothered, shoving his foot in his mouth and drooling happily. Oh, Trixie's eyes go wide. Well, Lucifer says, unusually speechless
  3. Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Wake up! Chloe's eyes aren't even open yet but she can feel the bed dipping down and up, shaking her from her slumber. When her eyelids do open she is greeted by the sight of her beautiful daughter Trixie

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Welcome, if you love deckerstar or even just the show Lucifer then you've come to the right place! This is a huge compilation of one shots and drabble. Sooome smut. Enjoy. Cover art by me (always) I don't own these characters, All rights go to Netflix and Fox and blah blah blah..... You get the drift. Total word count (including A/Ns and. This is a FLUFF Challenge. Please do not include whump, torture, extreme angst, etc. This is not solely for Deckerstar. Any grouping of characters is welcome. No pairings with only family and friends goodness is very welcome. The dates for posting/tagging run from January 1st to January 31st chloedecker couple cute deckerstar devil fluff fluffy heaven hell lemon love lucifer mature maturity morningstar netflix romance sexscenes sexy smutwarning. Singing Buddies. 2.8K 57 30 Sweet Sensations (A Deckerstar Fanfiction) By TheWritingMistress Fanfiction 50.7K. Tags: deckerstar fanfic deckerstar fanfiction olicity fanfiction captain swan fanfiction johnlock fanfiction lucifer fanfiction fanfiction fanfic destiel fanfic fanfic authors fanfiction authors. u-j-b liked this fluff-and-rock liked this . a-decent-writer liked this. #deckerstar fanfiction #Planning a Hell of a Wedding #writing #lucifer x chloe #deckerstar #chloe x lucifer #lucifer morningstar #chloe decker #lucifer on netflix #lucifer fanfiction #post 5a #post s5 #established #engaged Deckerstar #Deckerstar smut #Deckerstar fluff #fluff

FINISHED WORKS: all the different names for the same thing by missgoalie75, ~6.5k words. A lovely exploration of Chloe's coping process in the aftermath of S3. come over now (and talk me down) by @swishandflickwit, ~10k words.A post-S3 fic that explores the idea that Lucifer hears prayers, and that a certain 9-year-old might be praying to him in the wake of Deckerstar's revelation-oriented. A Different Fate (Elriel Fluff) So I read these elriel pregnancy headcanons by @fck-tamlin and @sparkleywonderful again the other day and I couldn't stop myself from writing this little drabble. (Starts off a little angsty but ends up fluffy.

Drabble 09 / ? Setting: Post s5, maybe post s6?Word count: 1.4KRating: MSummary of the series: The Devil and the Detective make their way through the wedding planning checklist.One is more passionate about it than the other. (Works as a sequel to this fic.) Author's note: Rated M for Chloe's dirty mind.Also, I wrote a great deal of this while drunk on champagne, so please forgive me #deckerstar fanfiction #Planning a Hell of a Wedding #writing #lucifer x chloe #deckerstar #chloe x lucifer #lucifer morningstar #chloe decker #lucifer on netflix #lucifer fanfiction #post 5a #post s5 #established #engaged Deckerstar #Deckerstar smut #Deckerstar fluff #fluff See al Lucifer FanFiction Archive | FanFiction. 319 2 6 TV Shows » Lucifer. Desire by AXV An early season 4 AU, where while in Rome, Chloe realizes that lucifer isn't the bad guy and kinley is. Once she gets back to LA she immediately goes to lucifer and gives him the vial kinley gave her because she played along and tells him he is in danger deckerstar deckerstar fanfic deckerstar fanfiction deckerstar fic deckerstar one-shot one-shot chloe decker lucifer morningstar okay i haven't written a one-shot in a while but this was too much fluff for me and it's now confirmed that trixie ella linda and dan come out of hiding somewhere and congratulate the lovebirds and trixie is flower.

The question is, are there any fanfics out there that would be: -As long as possible (naturally) -Filled with fluff and romance -Just domestic Deckerstar without too much drama (some drama is fine of course, just so that it doesn't get too boring) Aka Chloe has a fever and Lucifer takes care of her, followed by fluff, fluff, and more fluff. It's just a cute fic, okay. An art like any other by Pellaaearien // @pellaaearien M 2/2. Dying - It is an art; like everything else I do it exceptionally well. (Lady Lazarus, Sylvia Plath) Lucifer and Chloe split up while chasing the Sinnerman Disney. Lucifer. Marvel. Shadowhunters. Star Wars. Yuri on Ice. YA Novels. Elriel. Deckerstar. Klaroline. Malec. Stucky. Victuuri. OT7. Currently crying over Bangtan and the fact that Jimin's smile owns my entire soul. Overly obsessed fangirl. Avid fanfiction reader and writer. and fury #a court of wings and ruin #fluff #elriel fluff #elain. The Fairy Queen by Lilith Deckerstar Marianne is a friend of Sarah's, but she has a secret life from a world of fantasy and a kingdom that she is the Queen of. When Sarah's baby brother is taken by the Goblin King it is up to her and Marianne to journey through the labyrinth and to get him back before it is too late

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3 Generator Rex: Crazy Ride by YellowAngela A short Father's Day fic. K, English, Family & Humor, words: 1k+, favs: 1, Jun 20, Rex S., Agent Six. 53 The Adventures of Rosie » by Yosie Skywalker Being a sixteen year old hasn't been easy for Rosie. She has a lot to live up to. With her parents and uncle being the ones who helped with the. But don't worry, it's still Deckerstar. After All This Turns to Ash by flutterflap, theleafpile - Pretty heartbreaking case that hits home for our favorite devil. Motel California by Arlome. A stake out turns emotional for everyone involved. And for dessert a light smattering of fluff and humor? Praying to the Devil by theleafpile. Chloe. And I can absolutely see Lucifer having this reaction to fanfic. (Don't worry, it's all in-universe and doesn't lean too hard into the meta-ness of it all.) laura's deckerstar fic recs deckerstar lucifer on netflix lucifer morningstar chloe decker fan fic fan fiction Considering that 5b took the show to a place that I didn't think I would see outside of fanfiction, and that in it Deckerstar is weirdly more disconnected and out of sync than even when they were dating other people for some reason, and that bittersweet is basically code for a dumpster fire of an ending, I am fully prepared to disregard season 6's entire existence

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  1. Dont know if it Qualifies as deckerstar moments. But obviously what happens to Dan. I wonder if Lucifer will just tell him how to get to Heaven, or actually put him back together. Since we already know that he could do it with himself and God could with Dan. I dont see what would stop him from doing so
  2. Partners and Coworkers— a 2021 romantic comedy film starring Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan.The story centers around Sam Wilson, aka the Falcon, a superhero who flies solo. But when the evil Baron Zemo threatens the wellbeing of the entire population of Earth, Sam's supervisors decide to pair him with another superhero, Bucky Barnes, aka the White Wolf, aka Sam's ex. Stopping Baron Zemo.
  3. @luciferfluffuary2020. They're both in a parked car at a stakeout during the day, waiting for their suspect to make a move in a nearby house. At one point previously, Lucifer would have been fidgeting or trying to fight off boredom after a while, even falling asleep as he had done one time in the Detective's presence

Pair: Deckerstar. Characters: Lucifer, Michael, sorted archangels. Summary: Post S5 AU—Lucifer has taken the role of God. Unfortunately, he has no idea what he's doing, and all of his siblings are looking at him to not only run the universe, but help them counter a god-level monstrosity that has been sleeping since the dawn of time Reblog if you write fanfic and would be totally down with your followers coming into you askbox and talking to you about your fic. ohshcscenerios: Or just fanfiction in general YES, please come chat to me about my fanfic, other fanfic you've read, things you'd love to see in fanfic, etc. (Source: phoenixyfriend December 10, 2019 Yashma. Fanfiction Romance Love Lucifer Fanfiction Lucifer Morning Lucifer Morningstar Fax Tom Ellis Chloe Decker Devil. Clara Decker got tired of her daily life and came to her sister in Los Angeles to help her in the police department and meet Lucifer there. Try your search without quotes Character fluff. Deckerstar's flight. My Lucifer fanart as an early Valentine's gift to all the Lucifans here! 1.2k. 22 comments. Continue browsing in r/lucifer. r/lucifer. Subreddit for the Netflix drama *Lucifer* based on the DC/Vertigo comics

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Wish Upon a (Fallen) Star - a Deckerstar Christmas fic chock-full of residual guilt over Uriel's death, is suffering from nightmares. You make me yearn for it — 16 + 2 Reddie Fic Recs pt. 2 sometimes sifting through the insane amounts of fic is a nightmare. explicit - Richie is on the road doing shows through Christmas I do! But only on ao3 and mostly Deckerstar as ship! There's No Music in Hell by The_Falcon - This fanfiction in still work in progress and it's absolutely my favourite!!! The story is so captivating and the characters are so well written! It seems like watching an episode full of everything: angst, fluff, love, fun! It's just perfect 3.1 Fanfiction. 3.2 Fanvids. 3.3 Archives and Fannish Links. 3.4 Tumblr. Lucifer/Chloe is the pairing of LAPD Detective Chloe Decker and the Devil himself, Lucifer Morningstar on Fox 's Lucifer (TV series). They work together to solve murders in LA, with many of Lucifer's angelic family and demon associates complicating matters Another short, satisfying S3-finale continuation. ~3k words. Worthy and Forgiven by Erya. A well-written, Deckerstar-positive story that primarily focuses on the relationship between Dan and Lucifer. The narrative begins shortly after Lucifer has killed Uriel It's Only Me by mishasan7. Recommended by: Corgi Status: Complete (9 chapters) Synopsis: After the explosive conclusion of S3:E24 A Devil of My Word, Chloe Decker, Lucifer Morningstar, and 'the Tribe' have to deal with Chloe's realisation of the truth about Lucifer, the truth about how she feels about Lucifer, and the possibly deadly fallout of Cain's machinations

5 A Match Made in Hell by tvdspnlover Kami Decker, Chloe's adopted sister, returns to L.A after running away from home when she was a teenager, to find a new set of people in her sister's life. With enough parental issues to rival Lucifer and a violent streak, the Devil can't help but take an interest Fox Facts Satan Samael Lucifer The Devil Lucifer Morningstar Tom Ellis Chloe Decker. She was her best friend, her sister, her twin but in the end they where very different, and Lucifer was about to find out how very different they really where. Add to library 49 Discussion Adventure Fanfiction Fantasy Devil Lucifer Morningstar. Darian Morningstar, son of Lucifer Morningstar aka the Devil. All Darian ever wanted was to be like his father and after an only friend is dies, he and his dad team up with the LAPD to track down the killer and other criminals in need of punishment For the X-Files Five Times Fanfic Exchange: Five Times Scully Made Mulder Laugh as a gift to DanaFox1013 Originally published: 4.27.2021 Word count: 6,49

Characters: Bucky Barnes x Avenger Fem!Reader (2nd person p.o.v but no Y/N use) Genre/Warning(s): no warnings, minor fluff Length: 1.8k words Summary: in which you've joined Sam and Bucky on their mission and have ended up at Sharon's home in Madripoor. AO3 Lin Jun 11, 2021 - This Pin was discovered by África Fernández. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Summary: After Chloe sees Lucifer's devil face, they both just want to get back to something resembling normal while they investigate a murder related to a cult. Meanwhile, Cain may be in Hell, but he hasn't given up on trying to make Chloe his-whatever it takes. Text. October 03, 2019

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