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How To Fix a Sticky Trackpad/Mouse Button MacBook Pro A1278. This is how to fix a MacBook trackpad/mouse button that is sticking or not popping back up becau.. My macbook trackpad is sticky. I can still click on things, but it doesn't satisfyingly click down. How can I clean? I'm on a MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2010) More Less. MacBook Pro, OS X Yosemite (10.10.1) Posted on Aug 8, 2015 6:29 PM. Fixing a 'sticky' trackpad on Macbook Pro? Hello! I'm here to see if a problem I have can be fixed. I have a 13 Macbook Pro, I got it.. I believe around this time last year, whatever model it is that came out last year. So it's fairly new. Anyway, that's not all too relevant, I don't think Hands down my favorite mouse pad! I love sticking it on the back of my 2016 MacBook Pro with Touchbar and throwing my mouse into my book bag for on-the-go gaming. The pad it also very sticky, after picking it up and resticking it, it has not lost its stickiness 0. I had something similar happen to my Macbook pro 2010. I fixed it by: Open system preferences. Click Trackpad. Uncheck Tap to click, Dragging, Drag lock, secondary click. Not sure if this is the same on a 2007 model. Share. Improve this answer

It seems like this might be related to the button issue. I found the useful repair guide here on how to replace the trackpad, but I was wondering if there was simply a way to clean/adjust the button or something without having to buy a new trackpad. Thanks for any help! Answered! View the answer I have this problem too I have a 2013 Macbook pro where the cursor position jumps randomly. I tried an external trackpad (where I check to ignore the built in trackpad)- same problem. I purchased an external mouse. Same problem I purchased a new Macbook Pro at the end of 2016, and used Time Machine to transfer over the apps/files to the new computer

The 'click' action is very minimal and must be easy to get stuck my track pad on MacBook Pro stopped clicking. What solved the problem was just gently pressing down the aluminum body just below the center of the trackpad and using a pin in the space between the trackpad and body to pry the button upward* gently The Magic Trackpad 2 looks sleek and futuristic, but it can still stop clicking too! Image from Pocket Lint.. It doesn't matter if you're the proud owner of the latest MacBook, with its fancy Force Touch trackpad, or an iMac user with a wireless Magic Trackpad 2.You need a working click to get your Mac to work Deal4GO Touchpad Module TrackPad Mouse Board Replacement for MacBook Pro 13 A1278 (2009-2012) A1286 (2009-2012) 922-9035 922-9525 922-9773 3.7 out of 5 stars 5 $22.99 $ 22 . 9 If you cannot use an external mouse, you can use the keyboard keys to move your MacBook pointer. For this, open the Accessibility Options by simultaneously pressing the Command+Option+F5 keys. If you use your MacBook with the Touch bar, triple-press the Touch ID button to open the Accessibility Options MacBook trackpad too stiff (hard to click) - Summary After reading through a lot of potential MacBook trackpad stiffness solutions on the internet, these are my best suggestions at the moment. If you know of any techniques to make the MacBook trackpad easier to click, feel free to leave a note in the Comments section below, and I'll be glad to.

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Start with the top left key and stop at the last key on the bottom right so that you don't miss a spot. Spray your keyboard from left to right in a zig-zag pattern. 6. Place your MacBook on its. The click button on my trackpad has become jammed. It still functions but must be pressed hard to generate a click. Pressure on the palm rests will generate a mouse click because of this condition. Is this likely to be something that removing the keyboard and cleaning might fix or would I need to replace the entire top cover, trackpad and keyboard Buy trackpads and tools at https://store.appledollars.comHow to fix any Macbook track pad. This includes MacBooks, Macbook Pros, Macbook Airs, all sizes. Ple.. Magic Mouse 2. $79.00 Magic Trackpad 2. $129.00 Shop Mice & Keyboards. Mac Essentials Previous Next Free Engraving Available colors: + Tech21 13 Evo Clear Case for MacBook Pro 2020. $89.95 Native Union Stow Slim Sleeve for 13 MacBook Air & MacBook Pro. $69.95 Available colors: + USB-C to SD Card Reader. $39.00 Twelve South Curve Stand.

Apple today launched a new MacBook & MacBook Pro service program that it says covers a small percentage of users that might experience sticky, repeated characters or unresponsive keys.. An Apple.

How To: Turn off sticky keys on a PC How To: Locate the mouse cursor when using Mac OS X How To: Get your mouse to right click on a Macbook Pro How To: Change your keyboard & mouse settings in Windows Vista How To: Configure Apple's Might Mouse for two-button us MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2012 - 2015) MacBook (Retina, 12-inch, Early 2015 - 2017) iMac (Retina 4K, 21.5-inch, 2019

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I have this left click not working issue on both my MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014) and newer laptops with Touch force. Mine will do this. If I use an external bluetooth trackpad and click, it will work and so will my internal track pad. I use two external track pads. One is left at work and the other left at home In other news, I spilled coke (the soda) on my macbook keyboard/trackpad. I put it on the floor because I thought that it would keep it cooler, since I was installing something and the fans were going *****. The keys seem fine, but now the trackpad button has a sticky feeling and sound to it, which is very annoying/disconcerting Your MacBook's touchpad has a number of different commands that can let you zoom, rotate images, reveal extra options, and more. If you're using the official Apple Magic Mouse, there are even more.

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So, my advice to those typing on a MacBook model with a butterfly keyboard -- the current MacBook Pro models and the 12-inch MacBook -- is to keep a can of compressed air on hand. It did the trick. This small mouse pad from Wknoon isn't as well-made as the other pads on this list, but for how little it costs, it's a great deal. It even comes with an anti-slip base like the others. If you want something reliable and don't want to pay much, this mouse pad is perfect for you Best MacBook Pro accessories; some keys will get sticky over time, causing typing problems. One of the biggest problems that might occur with a mouse and Mac is losing the wireless.

When none of the methods above can fix the frozen cursor on MacBook Pro or it only works temporarily, try to reset System Management Control (SMC). Power off your MacBook. Press the Shift, Control, and Option of the left side keyboard. Press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds. Release all the keys and power button The touchpad on the Macbook Pro is a single pad without buttons or any markings to tell you how to go about using it for scrolling pages. If you have previously used a PC laptop, you will notice that the touchpad is calibrated differently, even in directional ways I have a 15 month old MacBook Pro. I was just using my computer and the mouse pad cracked (hairline) in the left upper corner under gentle pressure from my finger tips. I have AppleCare, so when I called the local store today they said to make an appointment with the Genius Bar and they will fix it or give me a new computer

Trackpad++ is the world's first alternate Windows driver for Apple Multi Touch and Force Touch trackpads of the Apple Macbook, Macbook Pro / Retina and Air notebooks. Trackpad++ driver easily and automatically integrates itself with the Apple Boot Camp drivers, and comes with a Trackpad++ Control Module, the comprehensive control panel: Latest. Update: On November 2, 2018, using the DIY method, i successfully repaired the broken hardware of my MacBook Pro for $23.98 + tax. A drastic difference from the $400-500 estimate from the Mac Store. At the end of this post i have appended what i did to fix the keyboard after i had exhausted the steps originally outlined in this post Another useful trick to fix MacBook Trackpad not working issue is to reset the PRAM. This is how: First, turn off the Mac completely. Next press and hold down the Command, options, the P and R button from the keyboard altogether for 10 seconds. Now, turn on the Mac and as you see the gray screen on your Mac, release all the keys 2. Three Finger and Thumb Pinch. With a three finger and thumb pinch, you can open the Launchpad of your MacBook Pro and get to the Apps. 3. Reverse Three Finger and Thumb Pinch. A reverse three finger and a thumb pinch gesture will minimize your windows and bring up the desktop. 4. Three Finger Upward Swipe

You can fix your trackpad by disabling force click. To disable force click follow these instructions: Go to system preferences in the settings. Click on Trackpad option and locate point & click the tab option. Uncheck the force click and haptic feedback option in the menu. This method is only for MacBooks which have 3D touch one day i turned on my MacBook 13 10.5.6 version, but this time nothing was responding. It all started good, and the boot screen showed up, it was all good till the screen, it showed me the user name and I was supposed to type the password. when trying to use the mouse pad to get to the password field, the mouse pad wasn't responding Here's how to make your mouse clean and shiny: If you use a wired mouse, unplug it from your Mac. Spray some disinfectant liquid or cleaner of your choice on your cloth. Wipe the mouse with the damp cloth. Spray some cleaner on a Q-tip and gently swab the sensor of your mouse. Don't forget about your mousepad - wipe it using a wet cloth Item #: 9SIAP3DDG55000. Return Policy: View Return Policy. $ 13.31. -. Free Shipping. Add to cart. Compare. Se7enline 2020 MacBook Pro 13 inch Trackpad Protector [2 Pack] Touch Pad Cover Unti-Scratch Unti-Water for MacBook Pro 13.3-Inch Touch Bar Model A2338/A2251/A2289 Laptop Accessories, Clear/Transparent. Model #: TB089Y694J9

Article Summary X. To clean your mousepad, first fill a sink with soapy water and place the mousepad in it. Gently brush the top of the mousepad with a sponge, then rinse the mousepad off with water. Next, rub the mousepad with a dry cloth to remove the excess water. Finally, let the mousepad air dry for 24 hours before using it again Note: This feature was introduced with the MacBook Pro and MacBook in 2006, but PowerBook G4 and iBook models released in 2005 (those that support two-fingered scrolling) will offer it if they are. If your touchpad isn't working, it may be a result of a missing or out-of-date driver. On Start , search for Device Manager, and select it from the list of results.Under Mice and other pointing devices, select your touchpad, open it, select the Driver tab, and select Update Driver.If Windows doesn't find a new driver, look for one on the device manufacturer's website and follow their. Protect and customize your 13-inch MacBook Air or Pro with this graphite Incase slim sleeve. The long-lasting Woolenex polyester increases durability, and the inner soft padded faux-fur lining protects against drops and scratches. This Incase slim sleeve has a lightweight design, which reduces bulk, and the Vislon zipper keeps your device secure 20. USB C HDMI Adapter for MacBook Pro. The MacBook Pro is awesome, but the amount of open ports it comes with is less than stellar. This five-in-one USB-C adapter adds a handy 4K UHD HDMI port, two high-speed USB 3.0 Ports, a Memory card slot and a handy TF memory card slot

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  1. 0. 10. 0. Jun 26, 2019. #1. Sorry for the explanation being so long. Ok so I was drinking some water and somehow I chocked on it so I spilled some water on my MacBook Air trackpad/touchpad (I'm not sure what it's called and what the difference is) and keyboard, and now it's acting weird. My screen turns on and off like it should and works.
  2. Pull down the Apple menu and head to System Preferences. Choose the Trackpad preference panel, and look under the Point & Click tab. Uncheck the box next to Force Click and haptic feedback to disable Force Click - note this does NOT disable Force Touch, it only disables the Force Click features. Close out of System.
  3. 8. Logitech Touch Mouse T620. Logitech Touch Mouse T620 is another Touch mouse by Logitech. This one is also the best mouse for MacBook Pro and comes with a responsive touch surface on which you can Click, Scroll, and Swipe to perform different gestures. There is a cool 3D design on the touch surface of this mouse
  4. What to Know About a MacBook Pro 15 Trackpad. With a MacBook Pro 15 trackpad, you can easily navigate through your computer-related tasks with your fingertips. Sliding your finger across the pad makes for a quicker and more convenient user experience. You can use the trackpad for many different purposes

The best mouse for MacBook Pro with a wireless connection that we've tested is the Apple Magic Mouse 2. This mouse feels remarkably well-built, made of aluminum and acrylic, and is very slim and portable, making it easy to carry around with you. Its design is sleek and simple but is only suitable for a fingertip grip for any hand size There are some reasons why your mouse is getting sticky. For example, the way you use your mouse, or the product you are using to clean your mouse. It is not necessary that any mouse will get sticky by itself. The best way to get this issue addressed is by going to the Microsoft Store where you bought your mouse Electric shocks from the mouse pad, sticky keys, the camera stopped working and less than average picture quality. My screen macbook pro 2017 has horizontal lines as well. It is a production.

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  1. g in/out using my touch pad. Please advise, I understand that this was an issue once before approximately a year ago. Thank you. Eri
  2. Don't even try to use it right now. Your best bet is to let it dry out with it powered off and see if that solves it. Packing electronics in rice is a great way to help remove excess moisture. If possible place it in the rice overnight and check i..
  3. Talking about apps, let's end this article by showing you where you can find the apps in your MacBook Pro. The long way is to launch the Finder and go to Applications. But if you want a faster way, just click on the grey icon with the rocket in the dock. That should bring up Launch Pad. Scroll sideways by swiping two fingers horizontally on.
  4. Some MacBook owners have discovered another fix that can resolve the issue of the internal keyboard and trackpad not being recognized after installing macOS Big Sur. This fix seems to work for some MacBook models and not work on others, but it's a good option to try if the other two fixes mentioned above have not worked
  5. Nums is an ultra-thin number glass film that comes with an application powered by patented algorithms. It transforms your MacBook trackpad into a smart number keyboard; You can launch your favorite apps/websites just with a swipe. It is now compatible with MacBook Pro 13/15 (pre-2016), MacBook Air 11/13 (2016/2017), New MacBook Pro 13/15.

Priced at $18.69, the TECKNET laptop cooling pad is an affordable way to improve the performance of your M1 MacBook Pro and to significantly aid the passive cooling system of the M1 MacBook Air. Buy Now on Amazon. 2. Targus Single Fan Laptop Cooling Pad with USB One of these issues is a problem with the mouse or the touchpad (for laptop users). Without the mouse, navigating the system can be a hard task and at times impossible. However, for Windows users, most mouse problems are easy to fix. If your mouse is not working correctly, here are some tips on how to fix mouse and touchpad problems in Windows

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  1. The MacBook Pro is a very different beast. The M1 model comes with a 13.3-inch display. Compared to the iPad Pro, those larger dimensions mean the weight increases, too, tipping the scales to 3.
  2. Ultra-slim and sexy, Toast MacBook covers naturally deliver grip, gorgeousness, and a layer of bump-and-scratch protection - all without adding bulk. Backed with premium adhesives, our real wood and genuine leather covers hold tight to your MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with reliable durability and won't leave any sticky residue upon removal
  3. MacBook users tend to love the look and feel of their devices. Everything Apple seems so seamless and smooth. But what happens when your Macbook mouse is a little too smooth? Well, you could wind.
  4. Rs275,000.00. Wish List. Add to Cart. Compare. Apple Macbook Pro 13.3 Touch Bar and Touch ID 2.0GHz Quad-Core Processor 512GB Storage (Mid 2020, Space Gray) Rating: 0%. Apple
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An iPad Pro vs MacBook Air comparison makes a lot of sense for those shopping for a new computer, as each continues to evolve. The MacBook Air 2020 is a beast with Apple's M1 chip, gaining a lot. Click the Apple menu in the top-left corner of your screen. Click on System Preferences. Click on Accessibility. Click on Pointer Control (or Mouse & Trackpad ). If your Mac runs the latest macOS Catalina, it shows Pointer Control. If your Mac is with an older macOS, it shows Mouse & Trackpad. There are a few settings that could be. Here are the steps for you to do a software update. Go to the top left side of your MacBook Pro screen to locate the Apple menu. From the drop-down menu, click on Software Update. Search for Trackpad Firmware Update.. Install update by checking the box. Check the other boxes for more updates The deal even covers the 2019 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models, which doesn't fill us with a huge amount of confidence that Apple thinks it's made its keyboards robust enough to handle a bit. Fix a Broken Macbook Mousepad: My sister gave me her old macbook when she got a new one. I had an identical one that wasnt working right so i got rid of it and was excited to get a new working computer. Well it didnt quite work. the power cord was dead and after playing around w

Let's check it out! So within System Preferences> Accessibility, click on the Keyboard tab from the left-hand list, and you'll see a checkbox labeled Enable Sticky Keys.. This lets. Macbook pro screen and mouse/pad have gone crazy, jumping, disappearing, changing sizes randomly. Technician's Assistant: Have you tried a PRAM reset on your MacBook Pro (rebooting and holding down Command, Option, P, and R)? Or rebooting in Recovery Mode (holding down Command and R)? No. Never heard of it. My MacBook Pro is from 2009 Other Possible Fixes. Uninstall New App: Was the trackpad working fine, and is misbehaving after you recently downloaded a new application? If yes, uninstall the app and see if it fixes the trackpad issues; Use Safe Mode on Mac: Here is how to do this Check the Power Adapter: If you have recently started using a third-party MacBook charger, it may be causing problems The Macbook Pro Trackpad Erratic Cursor Dance Fix Disease started after this thorough cleaning. Hookup a Mouse and untick all the options which makes the Alcoholic to dance more badly : Macbook Pro Trackpad Erratic Cursor Dance : Fix . You can try those PRAM, whatever you want, but it is unlikely that they will reset or solve it How to Scroll on a MacBook Pro. In the early days of the internet and computers, there was scrolling. But the early way to scroll through a document on your computer or on the internet involved using a mouse to physically click on the arrows on the scroll bar surrounding your screen

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Thank you for your help. This worked for me. I have a Macbook Pro Retina. I spilled a few drops of beer on my track pad and the curser went crazy. After I read this I put rice on the pad and covered it with plastic wrap and left it for 48 hours. This cleared up the issue, thank you Of course, a wired mouse is easy to spot, though a Bluetooth or other wireless dongle could potentially cause trouble with your MacBook's trackpad. This step is simple. If an external mouse is connected, disconnect it. Next, reboot your computer and see if your problem persists. If so, take a look at our next few steps for a resolution For the latest This Week in Apple, we examine Apple's supposed mistaken leak of the M1 16-inch MacBook Pro, the release of iOS 14.7, rumors around the iPhone 13, and more. How to use Apple's. My new mac book pro 13 inch (5 months old) is running like it's from the 80's. As soon as I turn it on the fan gets real loud and the cursor can't keep up with my finger movements on the mouse pad. So read mor ICON Backpack MacBook Pro 16 & New MacBook Air 13 (M1/Retina 2020) & New MacBook Pro 13 (M1/USB-C 2020) $199.95 New Clearance. ICON Backpack With Woolenex MacBook Pro 16 $199.95 New Clearance. Hardshell Case for MacBook Pro 16 Dots MacBook Pro 16 $49.95 New Clearance. Reform Sport Case for AirPods Pro $34.95 New.

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The good thing is that turning off the trackpad in Mac OS X is a fairly simple task. In Windows (excluding notebooks that include physical buttons to quickly disable the touchpad ) you need to either use third-party tools or disable the hardware in Device Manager in order to turn off the trackpad or touchpad and there is no option to automatically turn off the touchpad when you connect a mouse Find great deals on eBay for mouse pad macbook pro. Shop with confidence Press the power button to start your MacBook. Resetting the SMC - A macbook with a battery you can't remove by yourself. (Built-in Battery) Step 01. Shut down your MacBook. Step 02. Connect the MagSafe power adapter into your MacBook. If it's already connected, leave as is. Step 03 Touchpad settings - running Windows 10 on Macbook air. Hello, I've had to re-install Windows 10 as it crashed recently. I'm uncertain how to get my touchpad settings back to my preferences. - Light touch to click; two fingers touch for right click. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to. Mouse Pad, EEEkit Ergonomic Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest Support, PU Gaming Mouse Pad, Non-Slip PU Base for Computer, Laptop, Home, Office & Travel, Black/Blue. Average Rating: ( 3.6) out of 5 stars. 21. ratings, based on 21 reviews. Current Price $5.98

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Mouse Pad, Leather Pad, Leather Desk Mat, Leather Desk Pad, Leather Tablet Mat, Leather pad, game pad, game mat Personalized FREE! travel mousepad, miniature desk pad, mobile office, suede lined pad, macbook mouse mat This thick and durable mouse pad is made of premium vegetable tanned leather. W Windows 10 missing Drivers After Install on Macbook Pro Retina Greetings All, I have been installing and reinstalling windows 10 through bootcamp 6 on El Captain on my Macbook Pro. But i keep getting the same result - the speakers and right click option are missing -FREE Mouse Pad. MacBook Pro 13.3 Apple M1 chip - 16GB - 2TB SSD CTO Gray Available In Stock For Macbook Pro 13 $30 WiWu Macbook Pro 16 Case Skin Pro II CASE021 Available In Stock For Macbook Pro 16 $30. Right-click like on a mouse. Tap one finger anywhere on the touchpad. Select an item. Left-click like on a mouse. Tap two fingers anywhere on the touchpad. Open app commands in Windows apps or a context menu in desktop apps. Right-click like on a mouse. Drag your finger on the touchpad. Moves the cursor. Swipe three fingers up on the touchpa The macbook mouse not working can be probably fixed by performing either a firmware update or the mac OS update. Or else you can also turn off the finger drag and then turn to on. All this will help you in coming out of the issue in a simple and easy way

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Mouse for MacBook Pro Comparison Table. 1. Best Overall - Logitech MX Master 3. Logitech's MX Master mice have long been regarded as the best in the world for productivity. The third entry in the series is a refined mouse that will help you get things done quickly whether you're on the go or in the office RGB Gaming Mouse Mat Large Led Mousepad 800×300×4mm XL Extended Glowing Computer Keyboard Mice Pad Water-Resistant with Non-Slip Rubber Base for Gaming, Macbook, PC, Laptop, Desk. 4.6 out of 5 stars 2,752. £13.89£13.89. Get it Saturday, Sep 26. FREE Delivery on your first order shipped by Amazon A great solution would be to build a mouse pad that wirelessly charges the mouse. For example, I have Logitech's wireless G903 gaming mouse and the Logitech G Power Play wireless charging mat. Product Title Bluetooth Mouse Wireless Mouse for Mac Laptop(Recha Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Current Price $13.67 $ 13 . 67 List List Price $17.77 $ 17 . 7 CadMouse Special Bundle. Buy and register any new CadMouse from May 17th to June 30th, 2021 and get a CadMouse Pad ($29 value) for free*. Learn more. Digital Sculpting. Redefined

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2011 MacBook Pro survives like a champ anything that comes its way, from falling onto concrete and now 2 liquid spills in a month. My spill was a cloudy Yerba mate tea with soy milk creamer and sugar in it, covering the left side of my keypad. Boom - mop it up, unplug it and in 4 seconds screen goes black (A pro would wear an anti-static wrist strap.) which will blow hot dust into a sticky environment. and using an external mouse and keyboard. Try to raise the laptop so the top of the. Boot Camp drivers, Macbook Pro 17-inch. Download Apple Windows 10 Boot Camp 6 Driver Bundle Other Drivers & Tools. Which will get the Macbook Pro 2015 Bootcamp DMG. Microsoft-cross-signed 64-bit Trackpad++ driver is now available, and available to all users, with the normal public download. It lets you boot the Mac into Windows mode from macOS. Mid-2012 macbook pro (10.8.5) ghjkl keys were flakey, only by tapping multiple keys in succession would they work, then they would work for a minute, then get stuck. Cleaned everything, no better. Reset PRAM, toggled keyboard mouse settings repeatedly, no help

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Inateck Laptop Sleeve Compatible with MacBook Air 13 2018-2020, MacBook Pro 13 2016-2020, MacBook Air/MacBook Pro M1 2020, Surface Pro X/7/6/5/4/3, iPad Pro 12.9 2020 - Dark Grey 4.6 out of 5 stars 9,25 Define your workspace. The black leather desk pad fits your keyboard and mouse and it can also be used as a Macbook luxury leather desk pad. A simpler yet stunning version of our Deluxe leather desk pad, wrapped on Floater leather on one side and left with raw natural leather on the backside

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