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Rekindle in a sentence 1. They tried to rekindle the flames of romance. 2 Rekindle the fire of their dreams and aspirations, and be an. It was difficult for me to rekindle our relationship, I was very bitter. He wants to rekindle his love and light the same flame that once was his beam. That was how he had looked when she had refused to rekindle their love affair Rekindle In A Sentence How To Use Rekindle In A Sentence? Laughingly, flushingly, almost delightedly, she stood and watched the anger rekindle in his face. In these cases it seems that the lighting of the flame on earth is supposed to rekindle the solar fire A simple sentence with rekindle contains a subject and a verb, and it may also have an object and modifiers. However, it contains only one independent clause. Compound Sentences with rekindle A compound sentence with rekindle contains at least two independent clauses Rekindled in my withered heart. The statement rekindled a rage inside her. The deep appreciation I had for nature was being rekindled. The excitement in industry and the market place can be rekindled

An example sentence would be: They went on a date to rekindle their love. How do you use the word rekindle in a sentence? i will rekindle the fire when we get up in the morning 1 transitive : to kindle (something) again rekindle a fire On the way the torch went out, and we took shelter in a small and lonely Christian chapel to rekindle it Rekindle definition, to excite, stir up, or rouse anew: efforts to rekindle their romance;comments that rekindled her anger. See more

Sentence examples for. rekindle the discussion. from inspiring English sources. RELATED ( 15 ) bring the discussion. reopen the discussion. revisit the discussion. restart the discussion. stimulate the discussion

Rekindle the fire by blowing on the ashes. rekindle It does this both figuratively (by rekindling interest in it) and literally, by organising concerts, releasing records, distributing those releases and other merchandise. From the Cambridge English Corpus For many of them, a chance encounter with traditional music rekindled their interest

How To Use Rekindled In A Sentence? The fire of human sympathy will be rekindled and man and boy will be themselves again. Memories were rekindled and many citizens had tears in their eyes and lumps in their throats. Until it was rekindled there did not seem much prospect of either cakes or jam 1.1. Revive (something lost or lapsed) 'he tried to rekindle their friendship'. More example sentences. 'I am going to come and try to rekindle some lost friendships.'. 'Perhaps in that way, we shall rekindle our lost friendship.'

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Word forms: 3rd person singular present tense rekindles, present participle rekindling, past tense, past participle rekindled 1. verb If something rekindles an interest, feeling, or thought that you used to have, it makes you think about it or feel it again. Every return visit rekindles fantastic memories How to use rekindle in a sentence Illusions don't fade with time, and it is beautiful to rekindle a love affair, even if it's not your own. DELIA FIALLO, SCREENWRITER KNOWN AS 'THE MOTHER OF THE TELENOVELA,' DIES AT 96 HARRISON SMITHJULY 1, 2021 WASHINGTON POS Rekindle Sentence Examples In the fourth Lateran council of 1215 Innocent found his opportunity to rekindle the flickering fires. Bengel's hope that the Gnomon would help to rekindle a fresh interest in the study of the New Testament was fully realized

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rekindle in a sentence and translation of rekindle in English dictionary with audio pronunciation by dictionarist.com. Dictionarist. The first priority is to rekindle growth, and with growth restored we shall be able to tackle the necessary structural reforms Rekindle is a verb (used with object), rekindled, rekindling according to parts of speech. It is spelled as [ree-kin-dl]. There are also several similar words to Rekindle in our dictionary, which are Relight, Renew, Revitalize and Revive. The opposite word of Rekindle are Kill

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Rekindle a spark definition: If something rekindles an interest, feeling, or thought that you used to have, it makes... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and example How to use whined in a sentence. whined. Sentence Examples. Danny resumed scratching the dog behind his ears, and Barkie whined happily. Kit's voice whined sharply, reminding Alan that he still hadn't answered Kit's question. They whimpered and whined as they raised their noses to the air and snuffled at the smell that drifted into the clean.

Enkindle definition is - to set (something, such as fuel) on fire : to cause to ignite. How to use enkindle in a sentence How to pronounce rekindle. How to say rekindle. Listen to the audio pronunciation in the Cambridge English Dictionary. Learn more Context sentences for rekindle in French These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. bab.la is not responsible for their content. English We need to rekindle the fire, to move the Working Group along at a quicker pace 1. rekindle - kindle anew, as of a fire. conflagrate, enkindle, kindle, inflame - cause to start burning; The setting sun kindled the sky with oranges and reds. 2. rekindle - arouse again; rekindle hopes; rekindle her love Rekindle quotes from YourDictionary: The real need of the day is moral and spiritual rearmament God's Living Spirit can transcend conflicting political systems, can reconcile order and freedom, can rekindle true patriotism, can unite all citize..

598 English sentences using 'rekindle' Toggle navigation. Login; She tried to rekindle her relationship with Mark, but there was too much damage. (open, save, copy) smh.com.au. The Great Leap Forward sought to rekindle revolutionary spirit among the people. (open, save, copy) en.wikipedia.or An example sentence would be: They went on a date to rekindle their love. What is a sentence using rekindle? A nice, relaxing second honeymoon will rekindle the flames of our love, sweetie

Definition and high quality example sentences with rekindle in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English. You are offline. Filter. Learn Ludwig. ludwig.guru Sentence examples for rekindle from inspiring English sources. RELATED ( 20 ). Rekindle meaning in Urdu Dobarah jalana ya jalna دوبارہ جلانا یا جلنا. Rekindle has 2 different meanings, translation & definations. Also with Rekindle sentences, similar words, Synonyms, Antonyms and more rekindle (also: change, rehabilitate, update, vamp up, re-establish, resurrect) volume_up. renovar [ renovando|renovado] {vb} more_vert. open_in_new Link to statmt.org. warning Request revision. It is now time to join forces and rekindle our enthusiasm. expand_more Hora de renovar nuestro entusiasmo. more_vert

However, if you haven't given your significant other or the love of your life a major reason to walk out of the relationship, chances are that it will not take a lot to rekindle the romance. For instance, two very common reasons for break up are the relationship turning too boring for both partners or if one partner is less than civil with the. To cure what ails us, Graham would rekindle those fires. It's difficult to see ail in a sentence . E-m ail: altays ( at ) pbpost . com; Still, they could have said more about what ails baseball. He began playing ail the hits he heard on the radio. Teams left Cap-d'Ail to start the leg. She died on 2 January 1994 in Cap d'Ail The couple tried to rekindle their love for each other. (rekindle, rediscover) They have earned love and respect from many people. (earned) You need to prove your love for her. (prove, demonstrate, express, show) He publicly declared his love for her. (declared, confessed, proclaimed, professed) I don't deserve their love.

The currently applicable provision, in §921.0024(2), will probably rekindle this dispute, though in a somewhat altered form. If the lowest permissible sentence, which is defined as 75 percent of the guideline sentence, exceeds the statutory maximum, the provision states that the sentence required by the code must be imposed Use the three-sentence rule. But sex can also be one of the quickest ways to reconnect and rekindle with your partner. Of the many forms of couple intimacy — a smile across a room,. Learner's definition of REKINDLE. [+ object] : to cause (something, such as a feeling) to be strong or active again. The movie has rekindled public interest in the trial. The court's controversial decision is sure to rekindle debate about this issue. rekindle an old romance. [+] more examples [-] hide examples [+] Example sentences [-] Hide.

The Sentence Maker allows you to enter a word or phrase in the text box below and retrieve translated sentence pairs (English and Spanish) containing that word/phrase. This tool is great for seeing how words are used in a natural context. The Treaty will also rekindle the aspirations of the states wishing to become members of the Community. Cadotte case could rekindle compassion killing debate ahead of sentencing To grant Mr. Cadotte a lighter sentence on the basis of Ms. Lizotte's having Alzheimer's would be to send the message. Examples of Reunite in a sentence. Because the best friends were all attending different universities, they planned to reunite at their favorite coffee shop in four years. . After years of heartache, the separated couple decided to reunite and rekindle their romance. . Many die hard fans hope that One Direction will reunite. Grandeur definition is - the quality or state of being grand : magnificence. How to use grandeur in a sentence

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  1. devastating in a sentence. sentence phrase. No. This vault contains a countless variety of seeds from across the world, and is intended to be used to rekindle society in the event of a devastating global apocalypse. 218: Were it true,.
  2. It's been a while is not a very controversial sentence for us, non-native-speakers. It literally means it's been a long time since people saw each other. When I hear this expression I picture a couple of former spouses or friends who suddenly bump up into each other and have this awkward conversation
  3. Find 57 ways to say Explicit, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. 9. Movies with Explicit Sex Scenes by sybarite_2003 created - 04 Jan 2013 updated - 06 Mar 2017 Public A list of mainstream/independent (i.
  4. istering a noxious substance, receives a suspended sentence and loses his nursing licence. While not considered lethal, the noxious substance can cause a burning sensation in the eyes and skin, Kindle - Rekindle in a sentence
  5. Sentence inflation is already one of the main causes of the persistently high prison population in England and Wales. For every 100,000 residents, 134 are locked up—fewer than in America but.

Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God's kindness; kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile, kindness in your warm greeting. Mother Teresa. ― Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Stories to Open the Heart and Rekindle the Spirit The final main idea comes from verse 20 where Jesus says that he is knocking at the door and waiting for someone to hear and open the door. As I said in my last blog, this is a challenge for the Laodicians to rekindle their relationship with Him. This obviously relates to the sentence, as it is the main point of the sentence Teaching 3-Sentence Stories. To teach the 3-sentence story form to children, start with a concrete, oral version. Ask them to describe the clothes they are wearing or what they ate for breakfast this morning. Give an example. I ate one fried egg with a runny yolk. The toast was too dark and crisp

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suspicious. Mama was immediately __________ when Big Pinch complained with a stomachache. wary. Andeg still warned Mama of all approaching animals or strangers, but hw was ________ of her after she lost her temper. sloughs. Now it was time to harvest the wild rice that grew across from the island in the great ________ , but the rice stalks were. Cadotte case could rekindle compassion killing debate ahead of sentencing . Author of the article: and whether a killer motivated by mercy deserves a more lenient sentence than any other. Example sentences with Nurture. For good nurture and education implant good constitutions. Plato. Education must rekindle, nurture and strengthen the human spirit. He has zero desire to nurture talent. Here to help, nurture and advise. I can nurture a child with my tools? In such prayer lies spiritual nurture and wholeness

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Definition of Titillate to arouse Examples of Titillate in a sentence The woman hoped her sexy dress would titillate her husband so much he would overlook her outrageous credit card bills. In order to titillate consumer interest, the company is of.. discover affair in a sentence 1) Their affair was discovered and Hölderlin was harshly dismissed. affair collocations 2) Seth discovers the affair and threatens to tell Riley. 3) Joe eventually discovers Michael's affair with Liz. discover affair example sentences 4) Eventually, Violet discovers the affair and dumps Jason. 5) Steve's son Robbie discovers the affair and threatens to reveal it One Random Sentence as a Writing Prompt. As fellow writers you all know that there are numerous ways of finding inspiration for your next article, poem, short story etc. Prompts and muses can come in various forms from a stunning photo, a book title, a phrase, a song, our environment, a significant event in our life, or even a writing challenge instigated from one of our peers at Hub Pages or. You definitely don't have to write as much as I did-- even a sentence can brighten someone's day a whole lot. I am going to tag five people to get the chain started. - @ Windstriker34 Your art style is just so satisfying, it is literally pure eye candy with that perfect mix of chibi and realism. And your shading -- mMM just stunning

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  1. Use hamper in a sentence [responsivevoice voice=US English Male buttontext=] hamper ; Meaning: [verb ] hinder; obstruct ; But it says trade restrictions are hampering cooperation.. Four little-known dangers can seriously hamper your holiday.. But the rescue efforts are hampered by strong winds and heavy rain.. But analysts say graft and poor infrastructure hamper Benin's development
  2. noun travesties. A false, absurd, or distorted representation of something. 'the absurdly lenient sentence is a travesty of justice'. More example sentences. 'The participants are adults, they know what they are in for and if it is a travesty of human dignity, it is a victimless travesty because they want to do it and we want to watch it.'
  3. ute attention to the language before us - and a polemic for certain kinds of experiment in prose
  4. Example sentences with Friendship. Friendship often ends in love; but love in friendship, never. Charles Caleb Colton. Love comes from blindness, friendship from knowledge. Comte De Bussy-Rabutin. Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer. Jean de La Fontaine. The language of friendship is not words, but meanings. Henry David Thoreau
  5. Derek Chauvin's Sentence Tomorrow (6/25/2021) Judge Cahill will sentence Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer who murdered George Floyd. The trial was a magnificent learning experience for thousands of school children as well as older folks in Minnesota

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  1. rekindle - kindle anew, as of a fire conflagrate , enkindle , kindle , inflame - cause to start burning; The setting sun kindled the sky with oranges and reds 2
  2. g he knew what I was going to say. I hate that! And I let him know. He snapped back at.
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  4. 17 Slang Words You Will 100% Hear In Boston. This article's a wicked pissah. Bostonians have an undeniably distinct accent. Even if you've never stepped foot in the city, you've seen the movies. The Departed, Good Will Hunting, Mystic River, Ted - all solid representations of the city's recognizable (and highly imitated) linguistics
  5. imum of 30 years. Sarah Williams, 35, stunned Sadie Hartley with a cattle.
  6. 38 of 38. STAMFORD -- Sheila Davalloo, the former pharmaceutical researcher convicted of killing Anna Lisa Raymundo in 2002, received a 50-year prison sentence Friday morning, a punishment that.
  7. Singaporean's misguided attempt to 'rekindle old flame' lands him in jail Friday, 09 Aug 2019 09:26 AM MYT A 23-year-old man who threatened to leak nude photos and compromising videos of his ex-girlfriend, then molested her, was sentenced to 11 months in jail and three strokes of the cane in Singapore August 8, 2019
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He's serving a 40-year prison sentence. Tibbs had dated Rison in middle school and was trying to rekindle that relationship before she was killed. In his appeal, Tibbs, 41, argued he wasn't. The motive behind Sadie Hartley's brutal murder was almost as shocking as the act itself, and Channel 5's latest crime documentary, The Clues That Caught the Killer, delves deep into the case that. Huot settled on a sentence of 40 years without parole, composed of five concurrent 25-year life sentences and an unusual 15-year term for the sixth count, to be served consecutively Examples of using Una vecchia fiamma in a sentence and their translations Io e Stefan potremmo aver riacceso una vecchia fiamma la scorsa notte. Stefan and I may have rekindled an old flame last night A Port Arthur man sentenced to death for the 2012 capital murder of his wife in her Waco apartment will get a new punishment hearing after the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals overturned his death sentence. A jury convicted US Carnell Petetan, Jr in the 19th District Court in connection with the September 27, 2012 [

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Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Used with verbs: The house holds many memories for them. (holds, brings back, conjures, evokes) He is haunted by his memories. (be + haunted by) I have a good memory. (have) My memories are fading. (be + fading) I am losing my memory. (be + losing, be + regaining) Certain smells jog my memory. (jog, refresh, trigger, rekindle — People also search for: resurrected, resuscitated, reinvigorated, shelved, quashed, rekindle, dimmed, renewed, reignite, more... — Use revived in a sentence. Commonly used words are shown in bold. Rare words are dimmed. Click on a word above to view its definition. Organize by: [Syllables] Letters: Show rare words: [Yes] No have a teacher or a fluent speaker check your sentences for you. Over 1,000 quiz questions are also included. All the questions are in the 'missing word' or cloze format. A sentence is given in which one word is missing, and you have to figure out what the missing word is (see Fig. 3). You are shown where the word fits in the sentence

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I therefore think that I was right in trying from the outset of the Olympic revival to rekindle a religious awareness. - quote by on YourDictionary noun. 1 A hot glowing body of ignited gas that is generated by something on fire. 'Residents are directed to guard against the threat of fire as flames continue to engulf many areas in New South Wales.'. 'He died instantly, before flames engulfed his body, which was identified from jewellery and dental records.' ROCKFORD — A Rockford man was sentenced today to four life terms plus 280 years in prison in the quadruple murder of his ex-girlfriend, her children and her boyfriend. Calvin L. Carter III, 24.

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Quebec City mosque shooter's sentence reduced by 15 years. QUEBEC CITY -- The man who murdered six people in a Quebec City mosque in 2017 will be eligible to apply for parole in 25 years rather. In a new book likely to rekindle fierce controversy, psychologist Robert Plomin argues that genes largely shape our personalities and that the latest science is too compelling to ignor

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The series takes place during the first weeks after Miri's release and follows her as she struggles to rekindle relationships and lead a normal life. after an 18-year prison sentence,. Rekindle: kindle anew, as of a fire. Download Now. The definition of Relationship is followed by practically usable example sentences which allow you to construct your own sentences based on it. You can also find multiple synonyms or similar words of Relationship

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However, over time the romance starts to get stale. You don't have to wait for a special occasion to rekindle your romance or say 'I Love You'. Here, we tell you some secrets and provide you with some expert tips on how to rekindle romance in your relationship We found 56 sentences of 'Fracas' to help you understand how to use Fracas in a sentence. Pessoas malham quando elas fracas. This latest fracas, analysts said, could rekindle opposition to Star. In the fracas, Roberts'head was lathered in the hair removal cream

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Rule 3.851 - Collateral Relief after Death Sentence Has Been Imposed and Affirmed on Direct Appeal (a) Scope. Lewis, 392 F.2d 440 (4th Cir. Directly definition is - in a direct manner. An interrogative sentence is a type of sentence that asks a question, as opposed to sentences that make a statement, deliver a command, or express an exclamation The Age of Enlightenment that began in Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries was a cultural movement. [1] The phrase a dark age is incorrect, because it speaks to a time-period known as the enlightenment and there is no time-period associated with the word enlighten. [1] The age of enlightenment began with the curiosoty of Man.

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rekindle More ideas: — Try the advanced search interface for more ideas. — Search for words ending with ful — Nouns for skillful: use, management, means, hands, teacher, handling, manipulation hand, assistance, work, physician, more.. 6 Because of this I remind you to rekindle God's gift that you possess # tn Grk that is in you. through the laying on of my hands. 7 For God did not give us a Spirit # tn Or a spirit, denoting the human personality under the Spirit's influence as in 1 Cor 4:21; Gal 6:1; 1 Pet 3:4. But the reference to the Holy Spirit at the end of this section (1:14) makes it likely that it. CORRECT FEEDBACK: In the sentence that begins Educational administrators should the expression rule of thumb is a cliché; in the sentence that begins Letting students control the expression fox in charge of the henhouse is a cliché and may not mean exactly what the writer intends Choose the most effective sentence. Select one: a. As soon as Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman) and Rick (Humphrey Bogart) see each other, there is every reason to expect that they will rekindle the passion of their time in Paris Despite some intriguing differences in neural circuitry, males and females seem to be equally suited to the complex cognitive challenges presented by the game of chess. The correct answer is a. In sentence b, the expression no big deal is too informal for academic prose; in sentence c, the words incredible and awesome are both too informal and too imprecise. . (REFERENCE: W-1a) 0.12 / 0.12 pts.

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It is not the kind of news to rekindle confidence, Angus Blair, chairman of business and economic forecasting think-tank Signet, wrote on Twitter. PRO-DEMOCRACY MOVEMENT BANNED As word spread of the death sentences, relatives screamed and cried outside the court in the town of Minya. This is a corrupt government. This is a failed regime A California district attorney said in a court filing Friday that she won't seek a new death sentence against Scott Peterson, convicted in 2005 of murdering his pregnant wife

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Washington [US], July 17 (ANI): American actor Jayson Blair has joined the cast of Kat Dennings' Hulu comedy series 'Dollface' in a recurring role. As per Variety, he will play Liam, a new love. She then tries to rekindle long-forgotten female friendships, ignored in favour of spending time with her ex, amid a battle with her own imagination. 'Life Sentence' and 'Good Trouble'. His. Theirs is the task to gather information from the ruins of the small mage towers, to rekindle the believe in the Gods, to fight the evil magic users that rise alongside them, and to find out what happened. (campaign with an abundance of half-races, with the 'evil' race being Dwarves (because they helped the Mages build their towers) This reality series follows a group of famed, affluent young media stars in Johannesburg as they build careers, look for love and rekindle old flames. High in the Clouds. An imaginative young squirrel leads a musical revolution to save his parents from a tyrannical leader. Based on a children's book by Paul McCartney. Pashmina A chainsaw-wielding George Washington teams with beer-loving bro Sam Adams to take down the Brits in a tongue-in-cheek riff on the American Revolution. Anna K. In this grand, contemporary retelling of Tolstoy's Anna Karenina, a married socialite enters a love affair with the dashing heir to an aluminum empire. The Pentaverate