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  1. Base Set List. Complete list of cards in the Pokemon Base Set. Click on the card to see how much they're worth. The Pokemon Base Set is the name given to the first set of Pokemon cards. The Base Set was released in January of 1999, three years after the Japanese version was released. The set contains 102 cards highly sought after by.
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  3. Base Set card list. Filter (0) All In collection Not in collection In wishlist 0 / 102 in collection Sort by. Card number Card number Card name (A-Z) Card name (Z-A) Rarity (ascending) Rarity (descending) Pokédex number Display as. List List Images Large images.
  4. » TCG Main » Card Search Set Lists Generation I »» Base Set »» Jungle »» Fossil »» Base Set 2 »» Team Rocket »» Gym Heroes »» Gym Challenge Generation II »» Neo Genesis »» Neo Discovery »» Southern Islands POKEMON TCG BASE SET 2 CARD LIST. Number: Name: Type: Rarity: 1/130: Alakazam: Holographic: 2/130: Blastoise.
  5. Base Set #001 #073 Guardians Rising #002 Jungle Set Value Low: $293.55: High: $104866.19: Avg: $1326.48: Rarity Breakdown Common: 32: Uncommon: 31: Rare: 16: Rare Holo: 16: Cards in Set Name Number Rarity Low High Avg Shift; Abra 43/102 Common $0.10 $1004.90 $2.66 --0.22% Alakazam 1/102 Rare Holo $17.07 $959.00 $72.95 --0.23% Arcanine 23/102.
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Base Set is the name given to the first main expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game.In Japan, it was released as Expansion Pack, the first expansion in the Pokémon Card Game.It is based on Pokémon Red, Blue, and Green, featuring Generation I Pokémon. The English expansion was released on January 9, 1999, while the Japanese expansion was released on October 20, 1996 U.S. Base Set Prices Release date: Jan. 1999. Prices Updated: January 2021. Full Card List Notes 1st Edition cards are specially marked with the Edition 1 stamp to signify their limited print run status. These cards were only available in retail outlets for a short time and their prices reflect their relative scarcity XY Series. Evolutions McDonald's Collection (2016) Steam Siege Fates Collide Generations BREAKPoint McDonald's Collection (2015) XY BREAKthrough Ancient Origins Roaring Skies Double Crisis Primal Clash Phantom Forces Furious Fists McDonald's Collection (2014) XY Flashfire Kalos Starter Set XY Promos XY

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The Base Set is the first Pokémon Trading Card Game set. Released in 1999, it took a short while for distribution. This set features Pokémon from the Kanto region. However, unlike most subsequent sets, it has several Pokémon that have their evolution lines just stop with their final evolutions not included within this set. Card List Base Set (拡張(かくちょう)パック Expansion Pack) was the first TCG expansion set of the Original series. It was released on 20 October 1996 in Japan and 9 January 1999 in the US. This expansion set contains 102 cards in both Japanese and English. 1 Background 2 Variations between English and Japanese editions 3 Theme decks 4 Card list 5 Trivia Although the release of the set in the.

Expansion Sets and Decks Expansion Set 17: Saiyan Boost Expansion Set 18: Namekian Boost Expansion Set 16: Ultimate Deck Expansion Set 15: Battle Enhanced Special Anniversary Box 2020 Draft Boxes Draft Box 6: Giant Force Draft Box 5 Divine Multiverse Draft Box 4 Draft Box » TCG Main » Card Search Set Lists Generation I »» Base Set »» Jungle »» Fossil »» Base Set 2 »» Team Rocket »» Gym Heroes »» Gym Challenge Generation II »» Neo Genesis »» Neo Discovery »» Southern Islands POKEMON TCG BASE SET CARD LIST. Number: Name: Type: Rarity: 1/102: Alakazam: Holographic: 2/102: Blastoise.


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Pokemon Sun & Moon Base Set Single Cards. Alolan Diglett 86/149 Common - Pokemon Sun & Moon Base Set Single Card. $0.25. Alolan Dugtrio 87/149 Holo Rare - Pokemon Sun & Moon Base Set Single Card. $1.99. Alolan Grimer 57/149 Common - Pokemon Sun & Moon Base Set Single Card. $0.25. Alolan Meowth 78/149 Common - Pokemon Sun & Moon Base Set Single. The core release in the Rise of the Runelords product line. 1 Base Game Cards 1.1 Base Set Standard Boons (247/108) 1.2 Base Set Banes and Other (117/74) 1.3 Base Set total card count: (385/203) This listing does not include the cards in Adventure Path deck 1 (Burnt Offerings), which comes with the Base Set, or the RotR Character Add-On Deck. (includes 21/21 for [character+role+token] cards x. For the reprint of this set and Jungle, see Base Set 2. Base Set was the first release of cards and Theme Decks for the Pokémon Trading Card Game. 1 Card List 2 Gallery 2.1 Japanese 2.2 English 2.2.1 Normal packs 2.2.2 Shadowless packs 2.2.3 Longpacks 2.3 Italian 2.4 Dutch 2.5 German 2.6 Portugese 2.7 Spanis Base Set 2. Base Set 2 was released on Feb 24, 2000 and has a total of 130 cards (130 regular/0 secret) in the set. Pricing last updated: 2021-03-10 04:00:5

The Grand Tournament card list. The League of Explorers card list. Whispers of the Old Gods card list. One Night in Karazhan card list. Mean Streets of Gadgetzan card list. Journey to Un'Goro card list. Knights of the Frozen Throne card list. Kobolds and Catacombs card list List 102 Base Set Pokemon Cards. Contents List standard legal Standard formats; 3 Free happy anniversary cards Jungle set card list hackers uncovered Card game sets Pokemon Trainer Card list standard legal The Standard format of the Pokémon Trading Card Game is one of two formats . If a card in an Standard-legal expansion is a reprint of an.

Below is a list of Baseball Card sets with cards. Click on any Baseball Card set to see a list of cards and their current value. From there you can also add a card to your collection or wishlist. Go to any card detail page to see current prices for different grades and historic prices too. 1887 N172 Old Judg 2-Player Starter Set is a special beginners deck from Base Set of Pokémon TCG.It was published by Wizards of the Coast, on 9 January 1999.It consists of 61 cards, divided in two decks, of which there are 19 uniques, It includes also a rulebook, damage counters, a Chansey coin and a cardlist. One deck focuses on Fighting Pokémon and the other on Fire Pokémon The following list includes a year-by-year breakdown of the most valuable card for each flagship Topps baseball set from 1952 to 2020. Only cards with the RC tag in the Beckett database are included Baseball Card Price Guide - prices from actual card sales. The PriceGuide.Cards trading card database has prices achieved from actual card sales, not estimates. The aim is to provide factual information from the marketplace to help collectors

Explore the latest cards and discover your next big idea When you attach a basic Energy card from your hand to this Pokémon during your turn, you may search your deck for a card that evolves from this Pokémon that is the same type as that Energy card and put it onto this Pokémon to evolve it. Then, shuffle your deck. 102/149: Spinda: Card text Your opponent's Active Pokémon is now Confused. 103. Click on the sets name to reveal cards in that set. For an alphabetical list of all cards click here. Quantities labeled with an ‡ indicate that the duplicates have Alternative Art. ★ Indicates a card with a Minimum Players requirement that allows it to be used for any number of players. 1 Promo Cards 2 Base Set 3 Tools of Hero Kind 4 Digital Boss Monster 5 Hidden Heroes 6 Boss Monster 2 7.

Pokemon Card COMPLETE SET of ORIGINAL 151/150 (Base, Jungle, and Fossil Set) $1,399.99. $15.20 shipping. or Best Offer Base Set & Basic are both the same. Cards may be Unlimited if we are sold out of the 1st Edition. Pokemon Basic Holofoil Cards. Pokemon Basic Rare Cards. Pokemon Basic Uncommon Cards. Pokemon Basic Common Cards. 50 Random Uncommon Pokemon Base Set Cards. $39.99. This item is currently out of stock Target opponent discards a card. Gain 4 Authority. Gain 5 Combat. Gain 2 Trade. Scrap a card in your hand or discard pile. Gain 2 Trade. Choose a card of cost five or less in your discard pile and put it on top of your deck. High tech and high finance are potent allies. Draw two cards, then discard a card

Base/core set editions. After the second version (Beta) of the first set, which contained two cards mistakenly excluded from the first version (Alpha), all subsequent base sets through 10th Edition consisted of cards that had been printed before in either the original base set or an expansion set.Alpha through Fifth Edition did not have set symbols printed on the actual cards, though those. Base Set Basics 2019-20 Prizm Basketball has a sizeable main set of 300 cards. Leading the way are Rookie Cards of Williamson, Ja Morant, RJ Barrett and other members of the 2019 draft class

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Expedition Base Set. Expedition Base Set was released on Sep 15, 2002 and has a total of 165 cards (165 regular/0 secret) in the set. Pricing last updated: 2021-03-11 00:00:5 The Harry Potter Trading Card Game Base Setwas the first set of cards of Harry Potter Trading Card Game, introduced in August 2001. With 116 cards, the first set was based on Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone book by J.K.Rowling. 1 List of cards 2 Gallery 2.1 Foil & hologram cards 3 See also The bases set offered 20 foil or hologram (holo) premier cards. Harry Potter Trading Card Gam This is a list of the card sets for the Legend of the Five Rings collectible card game (L5R) published by AEG.L5R is marketed through base sets and expansion sets.Base sets are typically composed primarily of reprinted cards from prior sets with a smaller number of new cards The Base Set of the G.I. Joe TCG consists of 114 cards, plus 2 Starter Deck special cards. Of the 114 Base Set cards, 20 were Holo-foil Rare cards. The cards are divided into the two opposing forces of G.I. Joe and Cobra. Within each faction, the cards are divided into three colors.. Base Set: many cards were printed in Black & White, not color (you ain't seen nothin till you've seen a Base Set B&W Charizard!) Also, I believe the 1st edition Jungle Electrode had the wrong artwork on the picture. It's been a while since I've seen one, but maybe somebody can fill in the blanks on this one..

The Card Image Gallery is updated every day with the latest card previews. Core Set 2021 releases on June 25, 2020 Since the English Base Set contained a lot of errors, I am trying to put together a couple list of all of them, along with which print runs they featured in, and (most importantly) which print runs they were corrected in. These are the 4 different print runs of Base Set: 1st edition/1st ed: card is shadowless and has the 1st edition stam There are 96 unique cards, with several of the duplicate cards featuring Alternative Art . First Edition copies of the set included Level Up Tokens . Copies of the Base Set bought from Kickstarter included the first 17 Promo Cards and a Golden Sleeve that could be placed over the box. For a list of cards in the Base Set, see the Card List Base Set 2 was never issued with 1st Edition cards. Only Unlimited print run cards were issued. Base Set 2 is a reprinting of many cards from the original Base Set and Jungle Expansion set. For easy reference, check at the end of the Set List for a listing of Base 1 and Jungle (expansion) cards that were not included in this reprint

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Dragon Vault, the all-holo set that came right after Dragons Exalted, doesn't have a checklist either. maybe we should add that to the request list if someone has time! *Boundaries Crossed *Plasma Storm *Plasma Freeze *Plasma Blast *Legendary Treasures *Kalos Starter Set amazingly, this tiny set has a full art stylized checklist! *X & Y *Flash Fir Released on February 24, 2000, Base Set 2 was the fourth main expansion of the series and featured a combination of cards from both the Base Set and Jungle expansions. While most PSA 10 examples of this card had historically sold for less than $2,000, this particular card sold at auction on eBay in May of 2020 for a whopping $9,200 Base Set 68/102 Vulpix Printed as HP 50 rather than 50 HP Corrected in a late print run Base Set 67/102 Voltorb Some prints of this card list Poke Ball as Monster Ball, the Japanese counterpart of Poke ball in it's flavor text Limited Erro Pokemon Jungle Card List. Series. Base. Release Date. Jun 16, 1999. Number of Cards. 64. The Base Jungle set was released in Jun 1999 and contains 64 cards. Rare The first Pokémon cards included the Base Set (102 cards), the Jungle expansion (64 cards), and the Fossil expansion (62 cards). Together, those 228 cards make up the very first generation of the.

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Pokemon Base Set Common Card #44/102 Bulbasaur. 4.8 out of 5 stars 89. $5.99 $ 5. 99. FREE Shipping. Only 18 left in stock - order soon. More Buying Choices $2.99 (13 used & new offers) Ages: 5 years and up. Pokemon Mewtwo & Pikachu XY Evolutions TCG Card Game Decks - 60 Cards Each. 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,349 Base Set 2, the fourth TCG expansion set of the Original series. It was released on 23 February 2000 in English. This expansion set contains 130 cards in English. This expansion was never released in Japan. 2 Player CD-ROM Starter Set, focuses on and Grass Chopper, focuses on and Hot Water, focuses on and Lightning Bug, focuses on and Psych Out, focuses on and Pokemon TCG: Base Set 2 at CCGTrade The 2002 Legendary Collection set holds the #12 highest selling Charizard Pokémon card. Surprisingly, the reverse holo is not the most expensive Charizard card in this set. That card is further on down the list. However, the reverse holo is still a very valuable and highly attractive card Charizard 1st Edition Base Set Gold Metal Pokemon Card Custom Limited 4/102. $9.99. Free shipping. 163 sold. You Choose the Card! Pokemon Base Set!! Vintage! Bulk Discount! $0.99 to $25.99 Amount of Cards: 216 (202 Normal, 14 Secret) The Sword & Shield set is the first set under the eighth generation and features various Pokémon from the Galar Region. It also introduces Pokémon-V cards, powerful variants of Pokémon . Card List

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An amazing artist created the smallest Pokemon cards in the world! Pokemon opening of the most tiny base set packs that exist from a mini Pokemon cards boost.. The original premier set of Pokemon, Base Set 1st Edition Shadowless. Released in 1999 and sold out in record time, the set that spawned the reprints of Base Set Shadowless, Base Set Unlimited, Base Set 2, and Legendary Collection, and started Pokemon on its skyrocket upwards. The big ticket items are of course the holographic cards, with the. The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game is an expandable game, with the first set containing nearly 500 cards. The Rise of the Runelords - Base Set supports 1 to 4 players; a 110-card Character Add-On Deck expands the possible number of players to 5 or 6 and adds more character options for any number of players The premier cards of the bunch regularly command values upwards of $20,000. In fact, in November of 2017, a complete 1 st Edition Pokémon Set fetched nearly $100,000. That's a far cry from pieces of cardboard originally meant to be a mere trading card game. Yes, Pokémon cards seem poised to stay and are demanding hobbyists' attention

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Card #8/102, Machamp could never actually be found in Base Set booster packs! The entire print run of Machamp was dedicated to the original 2-Player Starter Set and then the later 2-Player CD-ROM Starter Set. Each of these starter sets contained 61 total cards-2 decks of 30 cards each, plus a Machamp packaged in a clear cellophane wrapper I pulled a pack of Base Set Pokemon cards in a Meijer Exclusive Pokemon Mystery Power Box! There was actually multiple vintage Pokemon packs pulled in today'.. Pokemon Base Set Card Collection. -. $100. (Norfolk) I have a binder full of all of the original base set cards including holos. Pictures to come but if you have a card you are looking for, just let me know and I can send you pictures = standard set = standard set foil = parallel set = common = uncommon ★ = rare ★H = holo rare ★U = ultra rare = holo rare V X = holo rare VMAX Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield Card List Use the check boxes below to keep track of your Pokémon TCG cards

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Product Contents: Two commemorative metal cards featuring Base Set Pikachu and Base Set Charizard, one special gold version of Pikachu V, one special gold version of Poké Ball, a Charizard and Pikachu enamel pin, one anniversary - themed metal coin, 17 Celebrations four - card booster packs, eight additional Pokémon TCG booster packs, and. With thousands of cards to choose from, the game is never the same twice. Card Name: Charizard Card Type: Fire Card Number: 4/102 Artist: Mitsuhiro Arita Weakness: Water Resistance: Fighting Stage: Stage 2 Set: Base Set HP: 120 Retreat Cost: I have a base set collection of Pokemon cards that I've tried to keep in good condition. If you need more pictures of the back of the cards feel free to let me know which one you are interested in and we can work something out


Baseball Almanac is going to try and be just that, perfect. We are going to attempt to build a baseball card database that catalogs, in an easy to use online format, every baseball card and baseball card set ever made in history. From tobacco cards through one-of-one inserts, Baseball Almanac is going to create the ultimate baseball card database Card Lists,You can view lists of all Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG cards contained in different Packs or Boxes (Products, Perks, etc.). The latest info will become available starting from their release date. The Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Card Database is an official Konami Site for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game The most important post-war card in the hobby, price movements of the 1952 Topps #311 Mickey Mantle baseball card are often seen as an indicator of the health of the sports card market overall. The card is key for three main reasons: 1) 1952 was the first year Topps entered the sports card market so the set itself is wildly popular and even common cards in mint condition can fetch over $1,000 1970 Topps Base Set Baseball Card Values. Card Description NM EX/NM EX VG GOOD; 1970 Topps #1 World Champs. Mets: $5.32: $11.59: $15.5

Fan custom golden black metal pokemon no, Charizard1999 POKEMON 4/102 CHARIZARD HOLOGRAPHIC HOLO FOIL BECKETT

2019 Topps National Baseball Card Day (stadium giveaway) 2019 National Sports Collectors Convention Bowman packs. 2019 Topps Pro Debut Baseball Checklist. 2019 Topps Star Wars Authentics Autographs Blind Pack. 2019 Topps Star Wars Authentics Autographs Blind Pack Series 2. 2019 Topps Star Wars Black & White: The Empire Strikes Back Base Cards Finalized Core Set 2021 cards; Versions 2.19. Added Jumpstart (preview) Updated suspended list; Versions 2.18.1. Fixed incorrect rarity on Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths common dual lands; Versions 2.18. Added Core Set 21 (preview) Updated banned/suspended list; Added missing Invasion set symbol; Made changes so decks that contain only candidates. That base Fleer set was, in my opinion, stunning with its green card stock, high-quality photos and large names (normally not a fan, but it worked for 1992 Fleer), and the 1992 Fleer Ultra set was. 1999-2000 Base Set - The 1999-2000 Base Set was a variant that was issued for the UK market. The cards tend to be a bit lighter in color and carry the 1999-2000 copyright date at the bottom of each card