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  1. The Williwaw Nature Trail follows the creek then joins the Trail of Blue Ice to create an approximately 2-mile loop around Williwaw Campground. Williwaw Campground (mi 4.2 Portage Glacier Road) is paved. Portage Lake/Begich, Boggs Visitor Center (mi 5 Portage Glacier Road) is located at the east end of the Trail of Blue Ice. Getting Ther
  2. Trail highlights. Portage Glacier. The Portage Glacier is located on the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska and makes up part of the Chugach National Forest. In the 1800's the Portage Glacier completely smothered the lake below however, it began retreating throughout the 20th century and exposed the 600 foot deep lake that lay beneath it
  3. Summary. We chose to try the Portage Glacier Trail on 10 Jul 2013. The hike goes up a nearly continuous inclined for a 750 ft elevation change, then back down (more gently) the full 750 ft to reach the portage glacier lake. We found the hike on the National Park Service map (NPS Portage Glacier Trail). This page is useful, but someone dated.
  4. There are also great hiking trails along the Portage glacier road from the Seward Highway to Whitney. Read more. Written July 21, 2021. This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Kecia R. Columbia, MO 39 contributions. 0. Portage Glacier Tour
  5. 3062. 29452. 9/6/2018. 9 photos. We discovered the Trail of Blue Ice on the way to the Portage Glacier Cruise. The 5-mile (one way trail) offered a well-maintained mix of gravel paths with boardwalks and bridges at sections. Throughout our walk on a beautiful Alaska summer afternoon, we enjoyed the spectacular views of the blue ice glaciers.

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  1. Take a left on Portage Glacier Road (milepost 78.9) approximately 48 miles out of Anchorage. Travel 5 miles to fork in road; take the right-hand fork and travel a 1/2 mile. Turn left at the Portage Glacier Cafe (401 Portage Lake Loop) to purchase tickets. 1500 Byron Glacier Road, Girdwood, AK 9958
  2. From Portage Pass, it is another mile downhill to Portage Lake. There will be a sign that says Portage Lake. This is the end of the trail, but it was fun to wander around the lake edge. If you think you can make it to Portage Glacier without getting wet, you can't. There is a good-sized creek between the trail's end and the glacier
  3. Hikers, bikers, skiers, skijourers, and snowshoers will form a 3 mile trail out to Portage Glacier. This trail is appropriate for children. For younger children, they can be easily pulled in a sled if you so desire. Starting at the Begich Boggs Visitor Center (Near Byron Glacier Trailhead), there will probably be a trail on the lake already
  4. Go early in the morning to have it nearly to yourself. It's easy to find: from the Seward Highway, look for the Portage Glacier Road, drive that road about 5 miles to the Byron Glacier Road sign. The parking lot for Byron Glacier is only 1/4 mile from the Portage Glacier Road and is the second parking area on the Byron Glacier Road

There are many hikes and sights (including Portage and Byron Glaciers) to see in the area! Begich, Boggs Visitor Center is built upon the terminal moraine left behind by Portage Glacier in 1914. The Visitor Center offers an unique opportunity to learn about the Chugach National Forest, America's farthest north national forest A t the head of Portage Valley, about fifty miles south of Anchorage, at the end of scenic Turnagain Arm, lies the Begich, Boggs Visitor Center and the beautiful Portage Glacier. Portage Lake is deep enough to submerge an 80-story building. The Begich,Boggs Visitor Center was built by the U.S. Forest Service in 1986. However, Portage Glacier can no longer be viewed from there Trail of Blue Ice. Forest: Chugach National Forest District: Glacier Ranger District Description: Travelling the length of Portage Valley, the Trail of Blue Ice offers many spectacular views of glaciers, wildlife, salmon, scenery, and of course wildflowers!The five-mile long trail (one way) is an easily accessible, flat and wide gravel path with boardwalks and bridges Behind you, views of the mountains above Portage Lake start to spread out before you and get better as the trail climbs closer to the glacier. The trail runs along Byron Creek as it continues to climb into the glacier valley. As you approach the end of the trail, the trees and shrubs give way and you emerge on the valley floor Portage Glacier Map. At the head of Portage Valley, about fifty miles south of Anchorage, at the end of scenic Turnagain Arm, lies the Begich, Boggs Visitor Center. Portage Glacier Map - Portage Valley, Alaska

Portage Glacier Trail I've heard that during the season you can enjoy Portage Glacier Cruises or follow Portage Glacier Trail through the mountains on the north side of the lake. But I was doing this hike at the end of winter which meant there were no boats, kayaks or even tours going The Begich Boggs Visitor Center at Portage Lake is 55 miles south of Anchorage and Portage Pass Trail in Whittier is 60 miles south of Anchorage. This is the best and cheapest option. By train - The Alaska Railroad offers service from Anchorage to Portage and Whittier on the Glacier Discovery Train The Portage Glacier used to fill the entire Portage Valley, a vast 14-mile-long valley in the Chugach National Forest south of Anchorage, Alaska. That was hundreds of years ago, and unfortunately now only a fraction of the glacier remains. The Portage Glacier can only be seen now via boat across the Portage Lake or a two-mile out-and-back hike. The Portage Glacier Highway, or Portage Glacier Road, is a highway located in the U.S. state of Alaska.The highway is made up of a series of roads, bridges, and tunnels that connect the Portage Glacier area of the Chugach National Forest and the city of Whittier to the Seward Highway.Most of the highway travels through mainly rural areas just north of the Kenai Peninsula, with the Anton.

Portage pass trail was a very beautiful, easy to deal with, day hike that can take anywhere from an hour, to several hours, depending on how long or how far you want to explore. Hike up through a green valley and at the pinnacle of the hike, you catch great views of the Portage glacier 8 reviews of Portage Pass Trail Outstanding trail. It has everything you want to see in Alaska- soaring peaks, colossal glaciers, icy rivers and waterfalls, berries for forgaing, trees and tundra alike, and views of Prince William Sound to die for. And that's all in the first mile. Granted that first mile is entirely uphill... it takes my fat ass well over 90 mins to make the 800 foot. Portage Pass Trail is located on the Whittier side of the Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel. From the Seward Highway, take Portage Glacier Road through the tunnel. Once you exit the tunnel, take the first turn to the right — it is marked with a trailhead sign. The trailhead is a short distance up the dirt road

The Portage Glacier Cruise is one of the best ways to view the glacier. Naturalists aboard the mv Ptarmigan, the only boat operating on the Portage Lake, will tell you about the glacier while you cruise within 300 yards of this frozen monolith. The lake was created by the glacier. As the glacier began receding, Portage Lake was born The trail is wide but lined by alder and some pine making the scenery not much to look at. Once you get above the alders, you get some fantastic views looking back towards Whittier. Upon reaching the top of the pass, climbing around 800 feet in a mile and a half, Portage Glacier and Portage Lake come into view. Of course, it really is an awe. Another view of Portage Glacier is waiting on the Whittier side. The trip up the 3-mile Portage Pass Trail gives hikers a great view of the glacier from the summit and lakeside. Getting There. Many day tour companies include Portage in trips beginning in Anchorage, and visiting Girdwood and the glacier The Portage Glacier, in south-central Alaska, is viewed by thousands of visitors annually who come to the U.S. Forest Service Begich, Boggs Visitor Center located on the road system between Anchorage and Whittier, Alaska. During the past century, the terminus of the glacier has retreated nearly 5 kilometers to its present location (fig. 1)..

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The trail starts at Portage Pass Trailhead and starts out with a steep, but short, uphill climb. Keep looking behind you, as the strange little town of Whitter gets smaller and smaller. Once you reach the top, you'll have eyesight on several hanging glaciers in the mountains and Portage glacier below. A lot of people stop here, making it a. A portion of the Buckeye Trail passes along the east shore of the Nimisila Reservoir portion of Portage Lakes. Winter Recreation. Under the proper winter conditions, park guests can enjoy ice skating, ice boating, and ice fishing. Snowmobiles are only allowed on the frozen water of Portage Lakes; they are not allowed on park roads or trails

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Byron Glacier hike is what my family would consider a stroll. It's flat, well marked, and a wide trail. The view at the end is pretty good of the glacier and when you're heading back you get a view of other glaciers in the area as well Or, float at the face of Portage Glacier just minutes after leaving the dock. Listen for the cracking sound that builds to a rumbling crescendo as ice shears off the face of the glacier and crashes into the water below. Glacier cruises in this part of Alaska range from one hour to a full day Alaska State Parks Trail Guides provide a variety of information about a particular trail or trails. Guides provide access, difficulty, length, and use information. A trail profile illustrates the changes in elevation along the trail. A trail description and image describes the character, special features of the trail, and safety considerations

This scenic hike in Alaska is located just through the infamous tunnel to Whittier on the right hand side of the road. There is about a 800 ft elevation gain throughout this five mile round trip (in and out) trail. Hikers can enjoy phenomenal views of Portage Glacier along with trail with Prince William Sound's Passage Canal in the distance A little farther down the road, Portage Pass trail is a 4-mile round-trip hike with glacier views. During the winter, frozen Portage Lake is a popular spot for skiers and bikers traveling to the. Portage Glacier, is located in Portage Valley, a 14-mile isthmus that connects the Kenai Peninsula to mainland Alaska. Glacial remnants that can be seen today are Explorer, Middle, Byron, Burns and Shakespeare glaciers. Portage Valley is also home to the Begich Boggs Visitor Center, a world-class visitor center with a full-time interpretive.

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star-5. 9. Portage Glacier is one of Alaska's most accessible glaciers and is easily visited on a day trip from Anchorage. With this tour, you'll enjoy the freedom to explore Portage Glacier at your own pace while also enjoying convenient round-trip transportation from Anchorage and a boat cruise to the face of the glacier 6 reviews of Trail of Blue Ice Trail of Blue Ice is a 4.7 mile-long trail that spans from Portage Lake to Moose Flats near the Seward Highway. It is an exceptionally scenic area and can be walked, or more popularly, biked. On the south side of the trail, you can see three hanging glaciers: Byron, Middle, and Explorer which make for some good photo stops

Mile, Resurrection, and Glacier Creeks drew a reported 3,000 people into Turnagain Arm. Most arrived by steamship or sailing vessel, precariously navigating the treacherous tides of the Arm in order to dock at the log cabin communities of Hope and Sunrise. Several hundred other miners took the Portage Glacier route At Portage turn left on the Portage Glacier Road and drive 6 miles to Portage Lake. Park in the visitors parking lot on the west end of the lake. Best time to go: Crust skiing on Portage Lake can occur anytime of the winter when the lake has ice that is thick enough to be safe. But usually the best time to crust ski here is between mid-March.

We didn't originally plan on riding over Portage Pass to Whittier - why would we? At two miles long, the Portage Pass Trail is shorter than the paddle across Portage Lake to get to it. The original plan was to spend a few hours packrafting to Portage Glacier, but then camping was mentioned Prairie Duneland Bike Trail. Ride Distance: 22.4 miles round trip, 30 feet of elevation gain, 0% average grade, 0% maximum grade. Ride Time: 2 hours. This rail trail links several cities and other rail trails together. The western trailhead is in downtown Hobart and connects to the Oak Savannah Bike Trail. The eastern trailhead is in Porter and. Portage Glacier and its lake were opened to kayaking in 2009 by the National Park Service. It's also close to Anchorage! Floatation devices are a necessity: it's glacial water, super cold, and full of silt. This means swimming without dry suits is not an option, even in emergencies. Even in dry suits, silt can weigh material down

Portage Pass Anchorage, Alaska. Jacob Smith. Hands down, this is the most spectacular short trail anywhere near Anchorage. Less than a mile on a rocky old Jeep trail gets you up to the top of 800-foot Portage Pass, with the tiny seaside town of Whittier gleaming behind you and Portage Glacier in the distance, on the far side of Portage Lake. To get up close to the glacier, take an hour-long sightseeing boat cruise on Portage Lake, or hike on one of a number of foot trails that lead to the glacier. Also in the area is the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, a non-profit organization that provides refuge for orphaned, injured and sick animals Hike along Portage Pass Trail to reach the glacier itself or park along the Portage Glacier Access Road and touch the chunks of icebergs that wash ashore. Embark on a one-hour boat tour to cruise through the iceberg-dotted Portage Lake or paddle to the face of the glacier on stand-up paddleboards or in a kayak

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The train runs from Anchorage to Grandview with stops in Girdwood, Portage, Whittier, Portage, and the Spencer Glacier and is great to discover parts of Chugach few experience. Continue south on State Rt. 1 over Turnagain Pass, a mecca for snowmobiles and cross-country ski enthusiasts, to Bertha Creek and Granite Creek campgrounds Byron Glacier, only 50 mile southeast of Anchorage, can be accessed from the Seward Highway. At mile 79 of the Seward Highway, turn north on the Portage Valley Road. The trailhead is located just past the Begich, Boggs Visitor Center (about 5 miles down the road) near Portage Lake. An easy 1.4 mile trail leads to close-up views of the glacier Anchorage > Girdwood > Portage > Whittier > Portage > Spencer > Grandview. Departing from Anchorage, the Glacier Discovery Train travels much of the same route as the Coastal Classic, with the addition of a turn off the main line to the tiny port town of Whittier and a turnaround point of Grandview. With many more stops than the Coastal - some in areas accessible only by train - the. Byron Glacier Trail Byron Glacier is one of the easiest to access glaciers in Alaska thanks to Byron Glacier Trail which starts a few hundred yards from the Begich, Boggs Visitor Center. Hikers are immersed in the natural wonder of rugged mountains, pristine forests, and spectacular views as they journey along this trail

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Beginner bike trail in the Moose Flats Recreation Area in the Portage Valley. If you have kids, make sure you check out the fish viewing platform. Bike Friendly Trail 10 Miles Round Trip add another 4 miles if going to Bryon Glacier. 10 Mile drive south of Girdwood As we explored the area around Portage Glacier, we were intrigued to visit the port city of Whittier.It was a turnoff at first that you have to pay to even get into the city (to go through the one lane tunnel), but it was totally worth the $13 round trip fee to find this secluded paradise of Whittier Alaska 7. Valdez Glacier. Before the Valdez Glacier was a tourist destination, it was a stop for prospectors during the Gold Rush of the late 19th century. Today, you can visit the Valdez Glacier in the Chugach Mountains to the east of the town of Valdez. The glacier is 20 miles long and feeds the nearby Valdez Glacier Lake Portage Glacier is located about an hour south of Anchorage, via the Portage Glacier Road at Milepost 78.9 of the Seward Highway. A 5 ½ mile access road takes you through the Portage Valley to the National Forest Service's Begich, Boggs Visitor Center at Portage Lake A return journey to Portage Pass. [by Lisa Maloney] I had heard a rumor of a new trail —one where there hadn't been a trail before, leading from Whittier up to Portage Pass, then down the other side to Portage Lake and Portage Glacier. I had done the same route almost a decade earlier, lookin

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Janine with her backpack at the top of the Portage Pass Trail, Whittier, Alaska. Last Sunday night we hiked the Portage Pass Trail to Portage Glacier and Portage Lake, where we spent a wonderful night listening to the calving glacier while watching the changing light illuminate fields of fireweed. It had been 9 years since I last hiked this trail Portage Glacier is one of Alaska's most popular attractions, and rightly so as it's a towering relic of the last ice age that is sure to take your breath away. Portage Glacier Cruises takes you within 300 yards, right to the face of the glacier, on the MV Ptarmigan, which is the only boat licensed to operate on Portage Lake Other Things To Do Near Byron Glacier. Portage Glacier Lake Cruise: Book your Portage Lake & Glacier cruise here. Visit The Begich Boggs Visitor Center: Learn about the surrounding glaciers and Chugach National Forest.Admission is $5. Hike Over Portage Pass: Hike this 2.2 mile trail to the top of Portage Pass with views of the glacier next to it. Drive Through The Tunnel And Visit The Town Of.

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Follow the packed trail under a couple Alaska Railroad bridges to reach the frozen lake. From here, choose your own route across to tour ice bergs frozen in the lake and the ice wall of Spencer Glacier. You'll be riding on the frozen lake and not on the actual glacier, which is not recommended. Also note that the ending climb shown on the route. Seeing all the best of Alaska has never been more affordable! Ak Finest offers a variety of Alaska wildlife tours. Alaska tours are not just the tour of wildlife and cruise, it's all about the beauty of nature The Glacier Discovery train service is not year-round. Trains operate from late May to mid September. You can check their schedule here. The train departs Portage Stop 2 at 1:25 PM and arrives at Spencer Glacier Whistle Stop at about 1:45 PM daily. The train that comes from Anchorage and connects to the Glacier Discovery departs Anchorage.

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Byron Glacier Trail. The trailhead is in the Portage Glacier parking lot about halfway between the Beigich-Boggs Visitors Center and the boat dock. The trail is an easy hike and will get you up close to the glacier with great views of the surrounding mountains Length: 10.3 miles Trailhead: Follow the Many Glacier Road straight ahead until you see clearly marked signs for the Grinnell Glacier Trail. (Boat rides across Swiftcurrent Lake and Lake Josephine can shorten the hike to about 7 miles. Please note that there is a fee to ride the two boats.) The first two miles follow the north shores of Swiftcurrent Lake and Lake Josephine. Then the trail. For more information, reservations on these trips, and Glacier Discovery train tickets, please give us a call at 1-800-266-8625, email info@alaskatrain.com, or to book online visit the Alaska Railroad Spencer Glacier Day Trip page on our sister site AlaskaTravel.com. Your experienced raft guides will meet you at the Spencer Glacier Whistle Stop Spencer Glacier - Grandview Spencer Glacier - Grandview Day Trip. The Glacier Discovery train leaves Anchorage each morning during the summer and heads south along the Turnagain Arm stopping in Girdwood and Portage before traveling through the tunnel to Whittier. In the evening the same train offers this service in reverse, traveling from Whittier back to Anchorage

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The Portage Pass Trail makes for a glorious 2-mile hike, with only some moments of rough terrain. Generally, the Portage Pass Trail is rated as easy to medium in difficulty, which allows less experienced hikers to enjoy the trail, too. Make sure to bring proper hiking boots, clothes made for freezing temperatures, and extra dry clothes in your. Sea Kayaking and Portage Glacier Trail - Whittier, AK. Wednesday July 5, 2006. Paddlers: Jodie, Pat, Kelly (guide), another couple, and a family of three. Weather: 60ºF, Cloudy with breaks of sun. We had called from the ship and booked ourselves on the 1:00pm Alaska Sea Kayakers tour, so we had a bunch of time to use before the tour Portage Glacier may be hard to see but it's much easier to see where it has been.In the last few years the glacier face has begun retreating from the lake it created. A small section in the center has exposed bedrock but much of the glacier face is still in the water and extends down more than 100 feet into Portage Lake

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Alaska's natural beauty (and wildlife) should be a wake up call to help preserve and conserve the Earth's health. It's absolutely amazing how mankind fits in.. Reservations can be arranged by calling 907-783-3111. Black Bear Campground is located at mile 3.0 of the Portage Glacier Road. Black Bear Campground offers 12 campsites, water and toilets. There is an excellent view of the glaciers hovering above in the canvases of the mountains that radiate an awesome ice blue hew that is well worth viewing The adventure Lupe was on her way toward was the trail to Portage Pass to see the Portage Glacier. Only a few days ago, Lupe had seen Portage Lake and taken a nearby trail to see the Byron Glacier. However, Portage Glacier long ago receded from view from the NW end of Portage Lake where Lupe had been One of the most popular glaciers in Alaska, Mendenhall sits just 12 miles outside of Juneau.The West Glacier Trail, a roughly four-mile jaunt, is the easiest way to get there. However, it's not the best maintained trail, so going with a guide could save you from getting lost (bonus: they'll have all the tools you'll need to hike safely on the glacier and know where the best ice caves are)

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The Portage Pass Trail is a good day hike for all ages and provides spectacular views of the Passage Canal and the surrounding mountains and glaciers. Something a bit unusual and a bit farther North is hiking on the Matanuska Glacier Membership is Mammoth. Join the Ice Age Trail Alliance, today! 2021 Reconnect Season banner designed by Brooke Wentland. 2021 Trailbuilding and Stewardship Events. Join us on the Trail! Storm clean-up efforts on Old Railroad Segment. Photo by Dave Caliebe. Trail Alerts. Check Trail Alerts or Submit a Report Package prices may vary from the published rates with hotel and tour selections. All prices are subject to change without notice. Cancellation policy for Glaciers, Rails & Trails: 59-35 days prior, 50% fee; 35 days or less, non-refundable. Please call for quote: 800.544.0552 Two hanging glaciers - Explorer Glacier and Middle Glacier - can be seen at the right during the six-mile drive to the Begich, Boggs Visitor Center beside Portage Lake. Portage Glacier has begun to recede from the further shore of Portage Lake although much of its face still extends 100 feet down into the lake