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Name Price of Durian Contact Delivery Information; 1. Durian Plantation: Red Prawn Old Tree (400g) - $19.80 Golden Phoenix (400g) - $26.90 Tangkak D13 (400g) - $17.8 Name of Durian Stall Price of Durian/kg Contact Minimum Order for Delivery Address; 227 Katong Durian: Mao Shan Wang: $23/kg Red Prawn: $15/kg Hu Lu Wang: $15/kg D1, D13: $13/kg: Website WhatsApp: 83189924: Minimum order $30 Delivery Fee: $12 for same day, $10 for next day onwards: 227 East Coast Road Singapore 428924: 99 Old Tre Considered a regular durian variant, you can expect the D13 durian price to range much lower than the mentioned durian species. Depending on its origin, quality, seller, and demand, the price of D13 durian can range from $16/kg to $18/kg. Meanwhile, the table below was created based on our overview to give you a better outlook of the durian. 2. King Fruits Durian Singapore. King Fruits Durian Singapore shared on Facebook that durians will be priced from S$5 on June 21. However, it is unclear what cultivar they are referring to in. Regular price. $299.40. Sale price. $235.00. Other Sizes. 6 Boxes - S$235 3 Boxes - S$123 1 Box - S$41. 6 Boxes - S$235 - $235.00 SGD 3 Boxes - S$123 - $123.00 SGD 1 Box - S$41 - $41.00 SGD. Add to Cart. Full details

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Durian Lobang King. Singapore. Regular Price $55.00 Sale Price $45.00. Add to Cart. Delivery from 25 Jun Quick View. 猫山王 Mao Shan Wang Jumbo Pack 900g. Regular Price $95.00 Sale Price $82.00. Add to Cart. Delivery from 25 Jun Quick View. 黑金猫山王 Black Gold Premium MSW Durian Buy premium AAA grade durians at best online prices. We provide durian delivery from a reputable and honest durian seller in Singapore. Same-day delivery Origins: Pahang The Mao Shan Wang needs no introduction. Plucked directly from our plantation, your Mao Shan Wang is probably the freshest in Singapore. Bitter Sweet, complex taste. Less bitter than our old tree MSW. Portion Recommendations Prices is per 800g pack, de-husked. 800g of durians comes from roughly 3.2kg of durian with husk. 800g is good for 1-2 pax. Durian Taste Profile: Sweetness. Started by a group of durian lovers, this establishment offers an extensive variety of durians, such as Old Tree Black Gold and D101. Enjoy free islandwide delivery for purchases above S$180. For orders below S$180, there is a minimum order of S$80 with a flat S$15 delivery charge. WhatsApp or call +65 91452860 / +65 6291 2383 to place an order. 94656160 / 91596160. Email. ahsengdurian@gmail.com. Operating Hours. 12pm - 9pm (during season) Ah Seng Durian has been serving delicious as well as high-quality durians to durian lovers in Singapore and abroad. As a result, Ah Seng Durian has established a reputation as one of the best durian retailers in Singapore

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Fresh Durian. Straight to your doorstep. Durians. Bundle. Fruits. You can count on us. Competitive Price. Premium Quality. Same Day Delivery © 2020 by The Durian Prince Durian Price Singapore There are a lot of people out there who absolutely LOVE durian, but the problem is that the fruit itself can be hard to buy in large quantities. For example, if you are having a family party, it is great to have such a refreshing fruit but at the end of the day, you know that you just can' Durian 36 at Geylang Road is also totally not affected, said owner Alvin Teo, 34, but noted that prices were definitely cheaper than before. Teo mainly sourced his durians from Johor and receive about 800kg of them at 3pm every day. Fans of the Red Prawn can get their durian fix there at S$5 each Based on the price list stated on Durian Delivery Singapore, these are the current price estimates per kg for the common durians in Singapore. The lowest prices are what you can get during the durian season, while the higher prices are what you typically pay for when the fruit is not in season. D24: S$12 - S$14; D101: S$14 - S$1

Started by durian lovers, Kungfu Durian markets themself with reasonable and transparent prices. Their de-husked durians are charged at a fixed price based on 800g boxes. View this post on Instagra Videos. Looking forward to Malaysia , to provide us with the best durians and best price. Thank you for all your great support. Combat Durian Balestier-Singapore will never fail you all. Once again , thank you. Linda Ang Combat Durian Balestier-Singapore 92789928. 69

While this is indeed good news for fans of the fruit, it can't beat the time that a couple of sellers in Singapore straight up gave their thorny wares away for free last year, also due to a substantial drop in durian prices caused by an oversupply from Malaysia. During that time, one fruit stall alone reportedly gave away roughly 1,300kg worth of durians to over 500 people in just a single. Durian Harvests specializes in Malaysia's Musang King Durian variety which is also known as Mao Shan Wang or D197. Musang King is the most sought after and expensive Durian variety due to its appealing texture and flavour. Prices for Musang King Durian in the key markets of Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and China are provided below for. Durians prices hit low of $13/kg for selected breeds. Based on the Facebook post, the reason for the dip in prices is due to prices reductions in Muar. The following breeds went for: Mao Shan Wang - $18/kg. Golden Phoenix - $18/kg. Black Pearl - $15/kg. XO - $15/kg. Kuwang - $14/kg. D13 - $13/kg Prices have been slashed during the opening weeks of this year's durian season, with shops in Singapore selling the famous Musang King, or Mao Shan Wang, variety for as low as S$15 per kg A trader for 717 Durian told Shin Min Daily News his prediction that MSW prices can go as low as $10/kg by the end of Jun. According to 99 Old Trees Durian, a stall located in Pek Kio, the season is expected to peak between 28 Jun and 14 July before possibly ending in August

After Ah Seng Durian, Combat Durian is probably the next best known durian seller in Singapore. Their durians seem a little more expensive - although today's price is quite competitive at $18/kg for Mao Shan Wang, it was $20/kg yesterday, which was considered slightly steep Ah Seng Durian, Ghim Moh, Singapore. 53,356 likes · 194 talking about this · 624 were here. Ah Seng Durian @ Ghim Moh Outlet: 9465 6160 @ Alexandra Outlet: 9159 6160 Newly open durian cafe @ Durian.. 1pm to 7pm, 7:30pm to 10pm. Durian Express Delivery. $80. $9.50 (normal delivery) $13.50 (express delivery within 1 hour) 11am to 12am (excluding 5pm-6pm) Durian Delivery Singapore. $100 SINGAPORE — Fans of the king of fruits are in for a treat this season, as durian sellers here, faced with a supply glut, are slashing prices to woo customers. Thursday July 29, 2021 Singapore

Bingo! It's the Smell! The #1 concern for Fresh Durian Delivery is the always the smell especially if you're receiving it at public places say your office. We at Durian Bear has a solution for it. Introducing Sealed Zip Lock Pack. We're 100% confident that our packing is Smell-Proof. Try it in your car, your office or any public place And just like dating a princess, feasting on durian comes with a relatively steep price. In other news durian season 2020 is back! Here's a bit of good news for all durian lovers: the durian. Durian 26 is currently selling the Musang King at S$22 per kg, with smaller, grade B durians going for between S$15 and S$18 per kg. Advertisement. He said that the price will definitely go. Mao Shan Wang / Musang King Durians AA+. $78.00 $90.00. Mao Shan Wang (猫山王), also known as Musang King, is known to be the richest and best tasting durian ever bred. Hand-picked from our plantations in Malaysia, our durian farmers select only the best of the best Musang Kings before vacuum sealing these creamy yellow-gold durians into our. About Kungfu Durian. Thanks to our delivery services in Singapore, you can enjoy some juicy and succulent fresh durians in the comfort of your own household! We offer delivery services in SG islandwide. Spend more than $98 and you can enjoy free delivery at any available 4-hour time slot of your choice

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At 99 Old Trees Durian, we import the best durians from Pahang daily. Get high quality durians delivered to your doorstep today. 99 Old Trees is your most reliable durian delivery service in Singapore 227 Katong Durian Delivery Charges: $10 for next-day delivery, $12 for same-day delivery. 227 Katong Durian Minimum Order: S$30. 227 Katong Durian Delivery Hours: 2PM - 10.30PM (Order cut-off at 7pm) Delivers Islandwide: Yes. Order here Best Durian Delivery in Singapore. All Fresh Durians. Plucked, transported to Singapore, de-husked, packed and delivered to your door-step within 24 hours. Daily Fresh Durians Guaranteed. 100% Replacement Guaranteed. Buy Durians Online Now

Premium Durian Flavored Coffee. $13.90. Reusable Air Tight Durian Zip Lock Storage Bag. Regular price. $11.90. Short Sleeve Durian T-Shirt Women. Regular price. $37.90 $27.90 Sale. Silicone Cling Film Wrap For Durian Fruit Storage Fresh Maoshan Wang have just landed in Singapore! DurianBB is proud to present our very own premium harvest all the way from Raub, Pahang. Grab them while stocks last daily. Order Now. 6'' Cakes To Share. 10 %. OFF. Wishlist. King-on-King MSW Durian Burnt Cheesecake If you are looking for a place to buy Mao Shan Wang durian at a reasonable price, Kungfu Durian is the place to do so. We have a full stock of fresh and frozen Musang King durians at affordable prices. Take a look at our catalogue today! MSW Durian Trivia. The term Mao Shan Wang literally translates to Cat Mountain King from Chinese to. Durian Buffets Singapore 2019: Price List of 7 All-You-Can-Eat Durian Buffets. The post Durian Delivery Singapore Price Guide 2020 appeared first on the MoneySmart blog. MoneySmart.sg helps you maximize your money. Like us on Facebook to keep up to date with our latest news and articles Address: 88 Rangoon Road, #01-07 Rangoon 88, Singapore 218374. Contact: 6291 2383 / 9145 2860. Price: From $22/KG for Premium MSW. Fruit Monkeys website. 3. Durian Mpire by 717 Trading - Serangoon Road. A roadside durian place with honest and top-quality mao shan wang. ADVERTISEMENT

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  1. Butter King Durian sweet, softer, buttery, and strong taste , The flesh is often eaten when it turns to a gorgeous yellow. The durian have the stronger the luscious aroma becomes. The flesh turns bitter adding an extra wonderful dimension to the sweetness. Each packet is packed in a 20cm x 13cm Styrofoam box sealed to enhance its freshness within. All durians are packed and delivered within.
  2. Simply the best in town. Ordered the durian 2 days in advance via telephone booking. Picked up the durian to be enjoyed at comfort of home. The 2 durians were packed, sealed in vacuum tight boxes. $22 per box of Maoshan Wan Durian (King Cat Mountain Durian, 猫山王). Prices varies depending on market rate. Refrigerated overnight. Served chilled
  3. But 99OldTrees expect that prices will fall by 25-40%, though not as low as 60% that is reported elsewhere. Grade A Mao Shang Wang will be priced between S$15-17 at season peak, then go up to S$19-24 in the early stages and the end of the season. FYI, durian seasons typically start from April to August and peak in June
  4. Mao Shan Wang durian prices are currently fluctuating between $18 and $17 per kg, depending on the day's supply. Their durians are super in-demand, so if you want, make sure to go early. The durians arrive at 1.30pm and 6pm daily. Address: Blk 20 Ghim Moh Market #01-119 to #01-122, Singapore 270020

Image credit: Lele Durian Singapore. For more than 30 years, Lele Durian has been selling durians at Ghim Moh. They specialise in MSW durians, with a flat $10 delivery fee. Order more than $120 worth of durians and your delivery will be free. Text your orders to 9694 8584 Mao Shan Wang prices can go down to as low as $12 per kilogram or as high as $28 per kilogram depending on the seller and the seasons. Golden phoenix durians in Singapore can cost between $17 and $28 per kilogram, while durian prices for other varieties such as the Red Prawn, D1, D13 and S17 can cost between $10 and $15 per kilogram DURIAN UDANG MERAH. MAS PAHANG. Welcome, our durian fans! Welcome to our durian website! Best durian in town! Our best lot of durians has just arrived! Come, come, bring your friends and family, and let me serve up our tasty ever king of the fruits! Ah Wai. Best durian in town

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Get your fresh durians and durian cakes in Singapore today! Get Your Durians from Duriandelivery.com.sg today! Duriandelivery.com.sg delivers durians to you on the same day, fresh. 100% Quality Guaranteed or Money Back Durian as far as the eye can see Image credit: Durian Kingdom SG Durian Kingdom Singapore is a humble home business that has a loyal following for their durians - just check out the reviews on their Facebook page.For prices of their available durians, drop them a message on FB Messenger and you'll receive an automated price list About us. Established in 2016, we started the frozen premium quality durian distribution business in china. In 2019, with the aim of sharing the premium quality durians especially MSW from the high altitude durian plantation in Pahang Raub with our friends and customers in singapore, we have decided to start a retail shop here in Singapore to focus on supply and sale of quality durians from. As such, the price of durian reflects its status—high. Hence, many durian lovers' cravings go unsatisfied. Entering June, durian has reached its peak season. A month ago, the retail price of durian was about 80 Yuan (USD 11.76) per kg. The price has dropped by more than half, to below 40 Yuan (USD 5.88) per kg

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2. D13. Known as a 'kampung' breed, the D13 durian is another household favourite. With its bright orange flesh and sweet, fragrant taste, D13 is a delicious sticky treat for those who enjoy less pungent flavours. 3. Tekka. If you're a true durian connoisseur, the rare Tekka durian is a must-try Singapore News - Durian lovers have been keeping away from their favourite fruit after recent reports of an expected hike in prices, said some durian vendors. It was reported that weather.. 5 of 25 The 10 contenders. Among our 10 contenders are famous durian stalls Combat Durian, Sindy Durian, 717 Trading, 818 Durians, Dempsey's 'carpark durian stall' Wan Li Xiang and Geylang.

Block 117 Aljunied Ave 2 #01-142. Singapore 380117 the.durian.prince@gmail.com Tel: +65 8789 828 Whatsapp/Call - ☎️9088 1253 to enquire/ reserve your durians now!. See More. The Durian Prince Singapore. 12 hours ago. GOOD DEAL MUST SHARE!! ASSORTED DURIANS FROM $5/- PER PC!!!. See More A durian stall outside Sheng Siong's outlet at Bedok Central is selling a variety of durians, with prices starting from just S$2. The stall has piles of durians displayed outside the supermarket, including Mao Shan Wang (Musang King). There's a S$5 per durian option Three durians for S$20 or S$10. Date: 25th June 2021 Onward. Available at GEORGE TOWN: Good news for durian lovers as the price of Musang King has plunged by between 20% and 50% due to Covid-19 and oversupply in the market

According to Oriental Daily, the price for Musang King is expected to drop further to RM20 per kg as supply is more than demand at the moment. In fact, even though we are supplying durians over to Singapore, the prices for Musang King there have dropped to as low as S$15 (RM45) per kg compared to the same time last year where the same durians. Another reason for durian price hikes currently is China. China china china. They are having a bout of durian-tooth and have been snapping up all available fruit in the market, causing a shortage in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Seems the Chinese love durians so much that they've imported 300,000 tonnes, US$568 mil (RM2.4 bil) in value from Malaysian and Thai farms The demand for his durians is so good that he even arranges for his durians to be delivered to Kuala Lumpur a few times a week. Lee, who took over the business from his father about five years ago, has a durian orchard covering 60 to 70 acres in Balik Pulau that can produce between 2,000 to 3,000 kilogrammes of durians per day at the peak of the durian season in June Style / News & Trends Singapore and Malaysia but banned in hotels and on public transport in many countries across Asia Covid-19 has had a significant impact on durian prices, as it has. Durian Culture is one of the oldest and most successful durian establishments in Singapore. The brothers started with a wholesale durian delivery business in 1969, supplying durian to supermarkets and other durian stalls. Around the time I was born (Mr. Lim couldn't remember the date) they opened the Geylang outlet

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  1. Durian Black Thorn Price @ Harga Durian Black Thorn. Being a new breed of durian, Black Thorn is still not available in most farms, thus it will be slightly more expensive. Another factor to its high cost is the high demand of durian lovers who are waiting to try the durian
  2. Malaysian durian trade battered as Covid-19 lockdown bites. Wednesday, 17 Feb 2021 01:06 PM MYT. The trade in durians has exploded over the past decade, largely driven by China's growing appetite, with prices of the once cheap fruit selling for RM60 or more a kilo. — Picture by KE Ooi
  3. In 2012, a new durian hybrid made its name for being the champion of a durian competition in Penang. It is called 'Black Thorn' or 'Ochee' and it beats other durian varieties such as Musang King, Red Prawn and the rest. Black Thorn Durian is a hybrid durian so it is created for a new variation of taste and marketing too
  4. The durian fruit is infamously known for its string smell, which some find pungent and foul. Latest Singapore News and Headlines, Top Stories and Alternative Perspectives

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批量交货. Throw a durian home party! For purchases above $300, . safe carriage for the King of Fruits to your doorstep is on us. Order Leh. Fresh Durians Puree for Baking. 新鲜榴莲果泥烘焙. Whether for hotel, bakery or family, Durian Culture's fresh durian puree. makes creating excellent durian confections a breeze FAMA is targeting RM50mn (US$12.1mn) worth of Musang King exports to China this year, a 67% increase from RM30mn (US$7.2mn) last year. This is despite reports that the price of the highest grade Musang King durians have already dropped from RM60 (US$14.50) per kg to RM30 per kg since the viral outbreak and orders from China supposedly 'dropped.

Parkway Durian. Golden Phoenix (金凤) 10kg for $170. XO, Black Pearl & Golden Phoenix are Small seed. Delivery fee: $8, Singapore islandwide. Free delivery for orders above or equal $110. Last order at 9pm. For more information/order, Facebook message us or contact us at +65 83444687. Look forward to hearing from you Latest Singapore News and Headlines, Top Stories and Alternative Perspectives. 'Durian war' erupts at Chong Pang pushing prices to 20 cents per fruit Home New

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Red Prawn Durian. $ 63.80. Not available. Fresh from the farm. 800g of fresh durians will be packed straight into the box after dehusking the durian. Tightly seal up to ensure maximum fruitiness and aroma are kept. Free delivery for orders above SGD120 The price of the wildly popular Musang King in neighbouring Singapore hit a high this year, said Charles Phua, who manages some durian speciality shops in Singapore The D24 durian is also known as Sultan Durian and is one of the well known durian species alongside Musang King. The flesh is golden yellowish in colour, creamy texture with a bittersweet taste---A Heavenly Combination! D13. Unlike the other species mentioned above, the D13 durian is brown orange in colour. The flesh is sweet, less fibrous.

Most diehard durian lovers in Singapore today will tell you they started their durian eating journey with the D24 Durian. This is one of the most popular types of durians out there, with a yellowish-green fruit and thick creamy flesh Singapore 059567 Reach us at: +65 9025 2524 Disclaimer: Durian Whisky is a beverage crafted from the blend of : 1) The fermentation of Durian Musang King Flesh which at the end produces an alcoholic liquid base. We then add this with a pure whisky base. Gold Price Today in Singapore in Singapore Dollar (SGD) Gold prices in Singapore are updated at Wednesday 04 August 2021, 10:01 am, GMT (Wednesday 04 August 2021, 06:01 pm, Singapore time) 1 Ounce Gold = 2,448.13 Singapore Dollar 1 Gram Gold = 78.72 Singapore Dollar . Currenc How to get to Combat Durian on Belastier Road . We walked to Combat Durian from our Liberty Coffee, where we had spent the morning working, because Singapore is a nice place to walk. Also it's nice to burn some calories before a durian meal. The closest bus station is at Belastier Towers and serves the 124, 125, 130, 139, 145 buses

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Operated by durian veteran Mr Ang (seriously, he has been selling durians for over 50 years), Combat Durian is the place to go for their signature Wang Zhong Wang (王中王) which had been made popular by Mr Ang himself. Combat Durian. 249 Balestier Road. Singapore 329708. Combat-Durian-Balestier-Singapore Durian mooncake price While the prices for our durian mooncakes may not be the lowest in Singapore, our offering is definitely value for money and totally worth your while checking them out. Just take a look at the variants we have on this page

Marrying technology today with a network of durian planters throughout Malaysia, Tip Top Durian is able to bring to you doorsteps a variety of durians of the highest grade ranging from the highly sought after Musang King grown along hills of Raub to the bittersweet Green Dragon grown only on the coast of Balik Pulau Musang King durian farmers are starting to chop down trees in Raub, Pahang as an act of protest against the takeover of their land. In a recent post that has gone viral in the Facebook group, Durian Blowing Water Station, a durian farmer can be seen cutting down a huge durian tree with a chainsaw Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: https://sc.mp/subscribe-youtubeDurian lovers in Singapore may have to wait a little longer this year. The cou..

Php.45.00. Arnel Jojo Raakin is a third generation descendant of Abondia del Puerto Raakin, or Lola Abon, who made durian sweets a must-have pasalubong item for every visitor to the city, as well as a well-loved everyday item for the locals. It was back in the early 1950's that Lola Abon started making pastillas Still waiting for durian prices to drop? Now you don't have to with this all-you-can-eat durian buffet deal. Only at Majestic Durian located at Bedok North St 4, the popular durian stall is currently offering durian buffet at $38 per person.. On unlimited servings of XO and D24 durians Celebrate Singapore's Birthday with a soft fluffy cake with layers generously filled with pure Mao Shan Wang durian and light cream. As if that wasn't enough, we've topped it off with more Mao Shan Wang durian and lightly coated it with a soft cake crumb.*comes with topper*6 serves ~6-8 pax (900g)8 serves ~12-16 pax (1500g

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KUALA LUMPUR Feb 8 ― Malaysian durian prices have reportedly fallen over the past two weeks, as demand from China slowed down due to the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak that started from the country. Singapore news agency CNA reported that the disruptions to China's logistic industry, city-wide lockdowns and change in consumer. Tracing its origins to a durian fruit stall on T Road, Four Seasons Durians began turning out delectable cakes, durian puffs, crepes and more in the late 90s. Today they've got a flagship restaurant at Jewel and dessert counters across the island The Penang origin durian Black Thorn beats Musang King in a durian tasting competition in 2012. With the new durian types, the prices of durian are pushed to record high in this few years according to their popularities. Hence, with bad weather and high demand from China and Singapore, the popular durian types have never been pricier And according to a durian expert, the Musang King has dropped from RM60 per kg to RM30 per kg. Your econs prof will come in again and tell you that it's a 50% drop.. While the lower prices might not have reached Singapore yet, we're 2,000% sure that soon, we'd see the same reduction right here in Singapore National University of Singapore researchers have developed durian wine. There is a popular expression to describe the durian's creamy yellow flesh: it tastes like heaven but smells like hell. Known as the king of fruits, the spiky delicacy has such a pungent smell that it is often barred from public places. But it boasts a loyal legion of.

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  1. Regent Singapore is also making available a Durian snowskin mooncake flavor this year. The box: An elegant red & yellow box with floral motif that can transform into a lantern. Prices: From S$78 (4 pcs baked) / from S$80 (8 pcs snowskin) - 15% discount for UOB cards. Dates: Now until 1st October 2020. Order here. Four Seasons Singapore
  2. The heat is on, and that only means one thing in the world of food—at least here in Singapore. The dry, hot spell also spells durian season, and Goodwood Park Hotel has returned with its annual Durian Fiesta 2021.Back with all-new durian delights, I'm so thrilled and fortunate to have a sampling of their brand new bites just at the start of this delicious season
  3. Qoo10 - durian Search Results : Furniture & Deco,Sports Equipment,Collectibles & Books Items now on sale at qoo10.sg. Incredible shopping paradise! Newest products, latest trends and bestselling items from Singapore, Japan, Korea, US and all over the world at highly discounted price
  4. 290. 290. N ose pegs at the ready musang king durians are now on sale in the UK. The infamous durian - regarded the king of fruit in much of south-east Asia - is best known for its pungent.
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  1. The run-up to exams is a stressful period for university students everywhere, and now unfortunate scholars in Australia have had their preparations disrupted by an unlikely culprit: the durian fruit
  2. Durian buffet at Goodwood Park Hotel. Goodwood Park Hotel 's Durian Dessert Buffet is the highlight of the year for some of us, and it's back again this 17 October to 15 November 2020 at the hotel's Coffee Lounge!. Image credit: @goodwoodparkhotelsg Fans of the thorny King of Fruits will be pleased to know that there are a total of nine different durian-based treats, made either with.
  3. Food scientists from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) have made an antibacterial gel bandage using the discarded husks of the popular tropical fruit, durian