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  1. Offstring (4A) Yoyo Tricks Offstring yoyoing is done with the yoyo not attached to the string. This involves learning a new way to wind the string and to throw and bind the yoyo. Once you have the basics down tons of great offstring yoyo tricks like the Offstring Whip are right at your fingertips. With the right yoyo, offstring (4A) tricks are actually not that difficult to learn
  2. The Yoyo Factory Flight is a 4A Off String Yoyo. It's the first yoyo factory yoyo designed for. Was: $24.99 Now: $19.71. Options. Sale. Quick view YoyoJam Fiesta XX Offstring yoyo. The YoyoJam Fiesta XX Yoyo is for the popular Offstring style of play..
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  1. A softer ground is usually nicer on the yo-yo, and you want to be careful about breakable things; a loose off string yo-yo can do a lot of damage! How to wind the string. It's just like a regular yo-yo, just hold the end of the string against a side of the yo-yo and wind away. >>Winding an off string yo-yo - part
  2. Henrys VIPER NEO Pro YoYo (Green) Professional Off String (1A, 4A) Bearing YoYo +Instructional Booklet of Tricks + 75 Yo-Yo Tricks DVD! & Travel Bag! $58.99 $ 58 . 9
  3. Open String Bind Offstring (4A) Yoyo Trick https://YoYoTricks.com We recommend the Flight Yoyo for this trick: https://yoyotricks.com/shop/flight-yoyo/It is.
  4. Recent Posts. Raffle Drawing for Buying KROWN Ti Tasogare June 22, 2021 [National Yo-Yo Day 2021] Review Campaign / Get a 10% off Coupon! June 4, 2021; 2021 South Japan Yo-Yo Contest (SJ) Freestyle Video June 3, 2021 [New arrivals] Turning Point Bacchus, Candy Dice Pro Bacchus, Freehand One AL Special Edition, and Yoshicuda X May 2, 2021; 2021 Central Japan Yo-Yo Contest (CJ) Freestyle Video.
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  6. This 4A yo-yo is the coolest yo-yo we've ever seen and Chang Tzu Wei (張子威) is definitely amazing at it.Subscribe! http://bit.ly/1tLVDYkClick to Facebook: htt..
  7. Different Types of Yoyo String Yoyo TrickOne thing that you probably don't give a lot of thought to until you really get into yo-yoing is the type of string that your using with your yo-yo.By now you should definitely know that there is such a thing as yo-yo string; you can't just put any string on your yo-yo and expect it to work

Offstring yo-yoing (A.K.A. 4A) is a yo-yo playing style where the string is tied to the finger but not to the yo-yo. 1A (string play) yo-yos are often used, as well as dedicated offstring yo-yos. Offstring yo-yos are usually designed with flared body shapes and wide string gaps, to make it easier to catch and land it on the string Flight Yoyo. $24.99 Browse Options. Basic Throw for Offstring Yoyos Yoyo Trick In this video, I am going to teach you how to do the basic throw for offstring yoyoing. When you are doing offstring yoyoing your first throw is really just like your forward toss, which we taught you earlier. If you have not learned that it is a good idea to go find. Off String YoYos. Offstring yoyoing is a style where the yoyo string is attached to your finger, but not to the axle of the yoyo. This allows you to launch the yoyo up in the air completely disconnected from the string, and then catch it back and wind it back up. It's tough to learn, but really impressive once you learn a few offstring tricks

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YoYoTricks.com Flight Yoyo Review. The Flight yoyo for offstring (4a) style play is one of the few yoyos that is great for new players trying the offstring style for the first time, as well as competitive players looking to become the best of the best.. The idea for the Flight offstring yoyo started when we at YoYoTricks.com met with the design team at YoYoFactory with an idea for what we. Off String Yoyo. Changeable Spacer and Excellent Hub Design. High performance 4A yoyo. The ideal size for an offstring yoyo and long time spin. The increased density delivers greater momentum and increased challenge. Specs: Material: POM. Diameter: 58.8mm. Weight: 81.5g 4A Offstring Yoyo Introduction https://YoYoTricks.com Get the Flight Yoyo we recommend for learning this trick: https://yoyotricks.com/shop/yoyo-store/yoyo-b.. The latest release from iYoYo is what they're calling the best offstring yo-yo they've ever made, and after trying it we really can't disagree. This is the Skylight! One of the key principles at iYoYo is simple; If they can improve a yo-yo, they will. Their former offstring model, the iCEBREAKER, received amazing feed

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  1. Buy Henrys VIPER NEO Pro YoYo (Black) Professional Off String (1A, 4A) Bearing YoYo +Instructional Booklet of Tricks + 75 Yo-Yo Tricks DVD! & Travel Bag! Top Of The Range YoYo! Pro YoYos For Kids and Adults!: Yo-yos - Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchase
  2. um 6061 Unresponsive Yo-yo with Stainless Center Bearing and Stainless Axle, M001 Black Yoyo with Yoyo Holster, Yoyo Glove, 6 Replacement Yoyo Strings 4.3 out of 5 stars 40
  3. Subtotal: $ 64.99. Tags: /. $55 to $85 / Advanced / C3yoyodesign / Machined-Plastic / Midrange / Offstring (4A) / Plastic / YoYo. Description. Specs. Reviews. Shotaro Masuda, the first member of Team C3 in Japan, is known for his super unique 4A tricks. He's champion of South Japan Yoyo Contest and every time he brings an amazing freestyle to.
  4. 1. Remove the old string. grab the string close to the yo-yo, letting the yo-yo dangle just below your hand. Looking from above, spin the yo-yo counter-clockwise, which will untwist the string, allowing you to remove the yo-yo from the string. 2. Attach a new string. take the twisted (closed) end of a new string and untwist it, opening a loop

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The Viper Neo XL is an over-sized yo-yo especially for 4A off-string play. This requires bind techniques for returning to yoyo, but features an excellent grease free precision axle bearing and butterfly profile cups. The weight of this yoyo will take some getting used to. Complete with Gecko pad response system, and slick looking anodized hubs Offstring Yoyos (4A) Shop Now. $ 40.00. Japan Technology (PC) WOLTY. Shop Now. $ 170.00. Japan Technology Eagle Eye. Sold out. Shop Now EPIC of string yo-yo tricks (4a) string yo-yo tricks. pubg lite white body config | AKM WITH 6x SPRAY 0% RECOIL MAIN I'D 100% SAF

Yoyo Factory FAST Off String 4A Yoyo. Not seen for years but resurrected for the serious off string yoyo player, the FAST Off String yoyo . $24.99. Options. Quick view YoyoFactory Flight Pro Yoyo. The Flight Offstring PRO yoyo is the best value Offstring model available without sacrificing perfor. This yo-yo from Infinity has been designed for 2 reasons. Firstly it is an ideal, giant first yo-yo. the big flared shape makes landing tricks like trapeze much easier. The Atlas Moth really comes in to its own with 4A (or off-string) play. Used in a similar fashion to a diabolo, this over-sized yo-yo has a wide, butterfly (or 'Atlas Moth') profile which makes it easier to catch back on the. The next style of yo-yoing is called 4A or off-string. This is actually played with the yo-yo we were talking about before made for off-string, so it's a little more durable. It actually comes off the string. This is isn't connected right now. You can actually whip it onto the string and then recall it back 4A Offstring tricks . Offstring (4A) - A different style of trick where the yoyo isn't attached to the string. Full Loop Yoyo Tricks . Full Loop is an alternative style that is a combination of 4a, 5a and a few other styles as well! Full Loop . Back to Top (Two Yo-Yos. Two Strings. Each string must be attached to one hand and one yo-yo.) 4A: Freestyle with yo-yo(s) to which the string(s) is not attached (Tricks are based on moves which are possible because the yo-yo is not attached to the string.) (One or more Yo-Yo(s). One or more string(s). String must be attached to the hand but not to the yo-yo.

3A - Double YoYo (String tricks) 4A - Offstring YoYo 5A - Counterweight YoYo Spin Top. Spin top division consist of 3-minute freestyle to the music of the contestants choosing. All spin top types are allowed (bearing, fixed, one way bearing, etc.). Contestant can use only spin tops they personally bring with them on stage International Yoyo Shop based in Sabah, Malaysia. We produce and supply Singwon Yoyo and also sell a variety of yoyos and yoyo related products... Where the yo-yo is not attached to the string, but the string is tied to the finger. See the offstring article. 5A. Also known as Freehand, counterweight and FH. Where a weight (typically a casino die or small ball) is attached to the end of the yo-yo string that would otherwise be attached to the finger

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The baddest ape in the forest! An all new Offstring yo-yo that will push you to the edges of your performance and drive you to learn more. Packaged with throw glove, spare pads, standard 8 Ball flat bearing, 3 stickers and 2 custom MFD Ape Hangar strings. £ 34.99 These sets have a yoyo that will start you up and ones that you can do professional tricks with all from yoyofactory. Here you find our best yoyo for beginners. These sets have a yoyo that will start you up and ones that you can do professional tricks with all from yoyofactory. Begin to 4A. from 15.00

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Kitty String Nylon Fat (100 pieces) On sale. Shop Now $ 23.0 Cotton yo-yo strings are more fragile, they will last less time but they are softer and allow a better feeling of the yo-yo. Change a yo-yo string: 1 - Take the end of the string where there is no loop. 2 - Untwist the string to create a loop. 3 - The loop must be large enough to pass around the yo-yo. 4 - Pass one side of the yo-yo through the. Yo-yo competitions have the 4A division for off-string tricks. Freehand (5A) In freehand tricks, the yo-yo's string is not tied to the player's hand, instead ending in a counterweight. The counterweight is then thrown from hand to hand and used as an additional element in the trick A basic yo-yo string is actually 2 strands of strong twisted together. There's actually 2 strands. When you want to put a yo-yo string on, you actually just take your 2 fingers and untwist the string like so. You'll see the 2 stands will separate. If you open that up like that you can make a loop. What you do with this loop is you open it, hold.

Manufacturers generally recommend changing the string after about 30 minutes of play time, or if the string becomes frayed. Non-bearing yo-yos will wear out the string quicker. MagicYoyo yo yo String Multi-color, 10 Pieces, 25 Pieces,100 Pieces optional Features: Made of 100% polyester material, durable and comfortable. Rainbow color. Compatible with clothing, dress, home textiles, diy. C3 has launched different offstring yo-yos over the years. In mid-2019, C3 proposed a signature yoyo for Shotaro . At the same time, C3 went to Fukuoka, Japan and personally design with Shotaro. Through the several prototypes and tests. Shotaro finally confirm the design at the end of 2020. Design ideas from Shotaro: Yo-Yo coming apart, string cut, or string detach for 1A, 2A, 3A, 5A (yo-yo and weight both) will be counted as a Yo-Yo Detach (Minus 5). Flying Off - Disqualified. Including 4A and 5A, if any yo-yo jumps into the audience area behind the judges' table, the player will be subject to disqualification. All those deductions are per yo-yo/string

4A style yo-yo trick videos. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are experiencing delivery service delays and unprecedented volume of orders REWIND's Shibuya staff. A strong force within the yo-yo community since the 1997 Hyper Yo-Yo Boom, Jun has made friends all over the world through the power of Yo-Yo. A member of Team YoYoJam from 2002-2015, he won 2nd place at the 2003 World Championship in the 3A division. He runs the Shibuya Yo-Yo Club. He loves music and going for walks

MAGICYOYO high quality professional replacement for your yo-yo. Durable and Made of Pure Polyester material, Each yoyo string is about 110 cm/ 43.3 inches long each, Long enough for all players; Works with all Yo-Yos, Especially for Trick1A,3A,4A,5A; Includes 25 Colorful yoyo strings: blue, yellow, green, white, orange, each color has 5 strings A good Yo-Yo string is essential for getting the most out of playing. Pack with 5 Yo-Yo Strings of Duncan made of 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester. 1,60 €. 13,90 €. 100 Yo-Yo String T6. 100% Polyester MIX COLORS. 100% Polyester strings are back in a bunch of colors you have never seen before The Bulk is a yo-yo released in 2014 by B.W.W. 1 Description 2 Trivia 3 Gallery 4 Videos Like the previous Wwing, the Bulk is a delrin offstring yo-yo manufactured to high standards for competition use. However, it also has a particularly wide (at almost 73mm), H-shaped Step Round profile that makes it much easier for the user to hit whips and orbits. The yo-yo is weighted to its physical size. Shopping for Cheap YOYO EMPIRE at Toys operated stores and more from metal yoyo,yoyo yoyo,classic yoyo,yoyo professional on Aliexpress.com ,the Leading Trading Marketplace from Chin

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Teruo Kameya signature Singwon Yoyo May Weight: 70g Diameter: 59mm Width: 45.2mm Bearing gap: 4.35mm Bearing type: 8-ball CT Axle: 8mm x M4.. Wwing has 2projection (picture4). You can grind on thumb nail, and can put rubber weight. This system is only Wwing. NEW OFF STRING YOYO Wwing. Wwing is first signature yoyo by 4A World Champion Tsubasa Onishi The latest release from TopYo is their most ambitious model yet with some very innovative construction: FROZEN. 133,99 €. In Stock. 39,99 € Add to Compare. Quick view. £ 2.50. Kitty String Nylon 1.5. Kitty String Nylon 1.5 is a special string designed by Ryosuke Iwasawa, creator of IrPads and known as the Laceration King. Nylon 1.5 was bespoke to Ryosuke's playstyle - inbetween Normal Nylon and Fat Nylon, this string is ever-so slightly thicker then standard poly

Hiroyuki Suzuki (鈴木 裕之, Suzuki Hiroyuki, born June 23, 1989) is a Japanese yo-yo competitor and performer. He is a four-time world champion. He has two world records in The Most Eli Hops in 30 seconds and The fastest time to knock off a coin from the ears of 15 participants with a loop-the-loop yoyo trick. Off String YoyoChangeable Spacer and Excellent Hub DesignHigh performence 4A yoyoThe ideal size for an offstring yoyo and long time spinThe increased density delivers greater momentum and increased challengeSpecs:Material: POMDiameter: 58.8mmWeight: 81.5gWidth: 78.9mmBearing Gap: 2.52mmMagic YoYo T1 Captin - POM Plastic (4A) Offstring Yo-Yo (White Pink The events were held in conjunction with Bandai and during the height of the yo-yo boom. 1999 World Yo-Yo Competition 2000-2012 World Yo-Yo Contest Organized by Greg Cohen, owner of hobby shop Infinite Illusions and confectionary Lofty Pursuits. 2013- World Yo-Yo Contest International Yo-Yo Federation: Headed by Steve Brown

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4a. 4- Current collection. I currently own a YYJ go big, but the response on it is terrible and it constantly gets in torque knots and wont come off the string. 5- Purchase restrictions. None. prefer Yoyoexpert though. 6- Design. I don't know much about 4a, please recommend one for me. 7- Size. please recommend I'd also suggest checking out God Tricks first offstring yoyo, the Windforce, saw a video of Petr Kavka using it and it looked nice. I compete in diabolo and yoyos first thing to know 4a != diabolo I suggest a fiesta to start and then the go big for more intricate tricks. The Go Big and fiesta are both fine choices G-Mix / Pisco / YoYoFactory Off String player. Weight 74.6 grams. Gap .085in (2.1mm) Diameter 77mm. Width 59mm. Bearing Large CenterTrac (R) Polycarbonate body. Our finest off string player ever. Not punishingly heave expect a long smooth spin and optimum response for all-round 4a/off the string My guess is that players who both 1A and 4A probably use different kinds of standard yoyo string in the same way different players use different string. I use the neon orange YYE string without even cutting them on my skyhawk and flight, and I use that same string on my Duncan Pro Z and my Speedaholic but I have to cut them to the right length The Original and best selling string yo-yo of all time! A favorite for over 60 years, the Butterfly® offers a wide shape that makes landing the yo-yo on the string much easier. It features a flared shape, steel axle and durable plastic body that can withstand impact. It's great for learning the basics of yo-yoing

Hayabusa Off-string 4A yoyo: A pair of YYJ classic with a size C bearing is very good for 3A at a cost of 450 php each from both Redmantoys and the Yoyo Blackmarket. For 4A Player. Another Unfamiliar Yoyo division for me, (as you can see I'm into 1A) but u think that this is the most enjoyable division to watch. Most of the players here in. Welcome to the YoYoFactory® official page. We make yoyos that make learning easier. We have everything from Easy Beginner responsive YoYo's through to unresponsive really good professional bind return yoyo's. Our staff are YoYo Players and Champions and we are always researching and working hard to make even better yoyos for everyone to enjoy Yo-Yo Sport Ladder Rules. Sports Ladder Looping Tricks; Sports Ladder String Tricks (AP) Artistic Performance; 2012 Seeded Players; 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A and 5A Freestyle Rules. Freestyle Rules for one minute Preliminary; Freestyle Seeding Rules for Preliminary and Finals; Freesyle Rules for Finals; Tops and Diabolos. Top Ladder; Top Freestyle. Long string also is harder to bind. If you're talking about breaking into a new style, I think from longest string to shortest string the list goes 4A 1A 5A 3A 2A. tl;dr If it feels too short, you're probably right where you should be. Keep practicing and you'll get used to it. level 1

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YoyoFactory full line of Yoyos. Everything from Beginner Yoyos through intermediate to Full Professional yoyos - Made out of plastic through metal and Bimetal Off-string fantasista Takumi Hakamada's signature yo-yo is finally here!The FUBER is about to be unveiled. FUBAR Takumi Yasumoto's signature off-string model ANOTOGASTER is now available in two colors: Green and White Blue!ANOTOGASTER Two surprising new products have appeared in the TYPE FACE INSPIRED SERIES.The COMIC SANS, a yo-yo.. YO-YO USA - A YO-YO STORE WHERE World & National Champions Provide You a life with Yo-Yo . THREE FREE STRINGS WITH ALL YO-YO PURCHASES! Off String (4A) (11) Collection Model (19) Bind. Bind Required (132) Tug.

25 Deluxe Black Slick 6 Yo Yo Strings. Price includes 25 black yoyo strings. Our black slick 6 strings are 50% polyester and 50% cotto. $6.95. Add to Cart. Quick view 25 Yellow Slick 6 yoyo strings. Also known as speed string this string is a poly / cotton blend that insures less friction and mor. This hour long instructional video features easy to follow tutorials for all competition styles of yo-yo play (1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A) making it the most comprehensive yo-yo instructional video available! KonKave bearings keep the yo-yo's string centered at all times during play reducing friction against the yo-yo's body. Available in two sizes. The toughest strings ever, now glow in the dark!Each pack contains 10 glow in the dark Kevlar strings. 7,90 €. 6,80 €. Sold out! 82 String. Poly/Nylon. 10 pack. 50% Polyester and 50% Nylon yo-yo strings. Very durable and soft. Each pack contains 10 polyester/nylon strings Recess Intl. is a new manufacturer created by the several times World Yo-Yo Champion Tyler Severance. Taking a look at all the models you will see Yo-Yos designed for a top competition, but Tyler's new creation goes beyond its originals boundaries, the Recess First Base is designed to create true Yo-Yo Champions

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4A Division. No stage will ever be big enough for Sean. My first yoyo was the Journey. I had a little break with yoyo about one year in because I run out of strings :) My first experience with contests and competing on stage was in the Žonglparty 2011. For me, my biggest success was competing on World Yoyo Contest 2014 where the atmosphere. Kitty String. 26,210 Followers · Product/Service. YoYoExpert. 26,695 Followers · Toy Store. Asia Pacific Yo-yo Championships Official Page. 5,053 Followers · Sports & Recreation. Pages Other Brand Games/Toys C3yoyodesign Videos World Yoyo Contest 2017 4A Division. Køb din yoyo snor her hos os - vi har uden tvivl Danmarks største udvalg af yoyo snore og er super skarpe på priserne. Vi har selvfølgelig de mest gængse yoyo snore i både polyester og bomuld, men også nogle helt specielle af 100% nylon, som er håndlavet i USA. De forskellige materialer har hver sine fordele og ulemper - det kan du læse mere om hos os på YoyoWorl WYYC 2014 - Off String Yo-Yo (Explore) World Yo-Yo Contest in Prague. Off String looks most wonderful, I think. In case you are interested to see, what is possible with a yo-yo, you might want to search for WYYC on youtube, or just have a look at this one: youtu.be/jAwRu9YpEV

Off String YoyoChangeable Spacer and Excellent Hub DesignHigh performence 4A yoyoThe ideal size for an offstring yoyo and long time spinThe increased density delivers greater momentum and increased challengeSpecs:Material: POMDiameter: 58.8mmWeight: 81.5gWidth: 78.9mmBearing Gap: 2.52mmMagic YoYo T1 Captin - POM Plastic (4A) Offstring Yo-Yo (White The kit comes with a yo-yo, 3 extra sets of strings, a glove, an extra bearing, and an instruction manual that shows you how to set up and maintain your yo-yo. We like that this yo-yo is made of a dense, durable aluminum composite with a beautiful etched design that will not rust, chip, or fade over time In 4A, the off-string division, some competitors cast the string, like a whip or a fishing rod, and wrapped it around the axle of an airborne yo-yo. The string-on-string friction was enough for.

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About your account on the old web site: You cannot make any new purchases on yo-yo-usa.com (our old web site) anymore. However, you can still to your account. Please and make any necessary copies of your purchase records by the end of January 2020. Eventually, we will close off this yo-yo-usa.com site in a few months, so don't delay The Reflex™ is the easiest yo-yo for new players. It returns to the hand without having to tug the string! In the center of the yo-yo is a centrifugal clutch. As the yo-yo loses spin, this clutch engages around the axle and the Reflex™ automatically snaps back to the hand YoyoWorld is aiming to become the biggest and best online yoyo superstore. We offer low-cost worldwide shipping with everyday same-day dispatch as we want to make sure you recieve your yoyo(s) as fast as possible. We are cooperating with some of the best manufacturers and brands all over the world to be able to offer you the best variety of high quality yoyos - both cheap yoyos and more.

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AIRWAVE is a 2nd generation offstring yo-yo. Its built for the 'NOW' style of offstring play. big whips, big binds. BANGERS. Its made of durable polycarbonate and features steel spacers and a 7075 hub for strength. Play on Weight: 63,70 g: Diameter: 55,60 mm: Width: 47,30 mm: Gap Width: N/A: Bearing: 5 Cuts Bearing (C) Response system: Silicone Pads (19 mm) Material: 7068 Aluminium. String There are 18 products. Made from 100% Polyester Kitty String TALL is simply a LONGER version than the standard Kitty, at approximately 140cm. Fat, as before, is Thicker than the Normal version. Available in packs of 10 or 100. Sochi's Normal Type Polyester String Somewhere between normal and soft string, leaning more towards soft We always recommend not unscrewing or disassembling the YoYo, or at least doing the least amount of times possible; You also should not let the YoYo hit the ground from a tall height; The string length should be appropriate to the player's height and should be replaced accordingly to avoid using broken string;Maintain your YoYo to give it its. In 2010, I had the idea that I wanted to push myself to be a more active yoyo player. Back when I first started playing, and all through my days working for Duncan Toys and then briefly as a tour demonstrator for YoYoFactory, I threw constantly.It was not at all uncommon for me to put in at least 5 - 6 hours a day, and if I was on tour or handling a trade show then it easily became 8 - 10.

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4A Division (Off-string) 4A divisionen er lidt at sammenligne med diabolo, da yoyo'en ikke har snoren siddende fast på akslen. Spilleren kaster yoyo'en op i luften, så den ikke længere sidder fast til snoren, og griber den derefter på snoren, som en diabolo What is the price range for Homelite String Trimmers? The average price for Homelite String Trimmers ranges from $20 to $100. What is the best-rated product in Homelite String Trimmers? The best-rated product in Homelite String Trimmers is the 13 in. 4 Amp Straight Electric String Trimmer Then she gives the string a quick tug. That creates friction between the loop of string and the yo-yo. Friction is a force that resists movement when surfaces rub against one another. You're trying to increase friction to the point where it will be easier for the yo-yo to rotate around the string than to keep rubbing against it, says. Smashing Yoyo Company sOMEThING Unparalleled Vosun X3 Yomega YoyoFactory Yoyofficer YoyoFriends YoyoJam YoyoRecreation Yoyo String Lab Sochi Skill Level Beginner Intermediate Advanced Style 1A / Single Handed 2A / Two Handed Looping Tricks 3A / Triple A / Two Handed String Tricks 4A / Off String 5A / Counter Weigh 2015 World 4A Final 05 Ben Conde. 2015 World 4A Final 05 Ben Conde. games. videos. New videos Next in 00:00. Brand New Videos Next addition in Yo Yo Tricks With Unattached String Watched 799 times. Added to your profile favorites. Add to favourite. Favourited

The HiDRA by iYoyo! Available at YoYo VillageThe Edge by YoYoFactory! Now available at Yoyo VillageLearn how to do the Matrix yoyo trick | YoYoTricks2014 Yoyo Buyer's Guide Winter Spring | YoYoTricksLoop 1080 Yoyo by YoYoFactory | YoYoTricks