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  1. The location of your downloaded files will depend on the type of file you have downloaded and the app that you used to download it. Most of your files are organised within the My Files app, however some files will not appear here
  2. Using Samsung's My Files App 1 Open the App Drawer. Tap the grid of dots at the bottom of the screen
  3. Should your tablet not have a Downloads app, you can choose the download notification to view the file. If prompted, choose an app to use for viewing, such as Gallery or Polaris Office, and then touch the Just Once button. To remove an item from the Downloads list, select its box

Select the Downloads option from the list. All of your downloaded files can be found in this folder. The process is even easier if you're using the Files by Google app. First, open the app on your Android device. Make sure you're on the Browse tab. Tap the Downloads option and then you'll see all of your downloaded. - When signing in, you need to tap on the Menu icon on the upper left and it is three horizontal lines. Then hit the Trash option on the list and you can see the deleted files on the screen. - Now choose the deleted files which you want and click the Restore icon Use a USB cable to connect your Samsung tablet to he computer of your choice. Next, run Dr.Fone toolkit for Android program on your computer and you will see the main window pop up. Follow the directions contained within. Step 2 How to bypass the gallery app and delete files from your samsung galaxy tablet. How to bypass the gallery app and delete files from your samsung galaxy tablet

Method 2: How To Find Hidden Files On Android using Default File Manager. First, open default File Manager. Now click on Menu option and choose Show Hidden Files . Then your hidden files and folders will be seen on Android phone. If you further want to hide any files or folders then click on Menu > choose Hide Hidden Files option 2 From the AutoPlay dialog box, choose the option Open Folder/Device to View Files. If the Auto Play dialog box doesn't open, open the Computer window, then open the Galaxy Tab's icon, and then open the Tablet icon. The folder window you see looks like any other folder in Windows The Samsung Galaxy Tab is one of the most popular Android-based tablets. The Galaxy Tab has a pre-installed application called My Files that allows you to create and manage folders and files. In this article, we explain to you how to do it. How to Create a Folder on Samsung Galaxy Tab. To create a folder, go to My Files in Applications on the. Scan Samsung tablet to find the deleted files After connected your Samsung tablet, the software will quickly scan the device to find all the lost data. You can easily find them by choosing the correct file types in the scanning result. Step 3 More info: https://www.hardreset.info/devices/samsung/samsung-galaxy-tab-s6/Would you like to transfer data from Samsung Galaxy Tab S6? Watch the following t..

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Lost your phone? Don't panic. Find My Mobile will help you locate your phone or tablet and protect your data. You can even use it to unlock if you forget your pattern. Manufacturers normally install a stock file manager app. Tap on this app and find the Downloads folder. This should be easy to do, as file manager apps tend to display folders alphabetically. Once you've located the Downloads folder, tap on it to access the files within. You will need an associated app to open or access the file you.

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Email to a Friend. Report Inappropriate Content. 12-11-2020 06:57 PM (Last edited ‎12-11-2020 06:57 PM ) in. Galaxy Note Phones. go to Samsung group in the app drawer, open my files. nav to internal storage. you'll find the notes folder. 0 Likes activated. FRP requires your Google Account information when resetting to factory settings. For more information, see . Factory reset protection on page 103. Add a Samsung account. Sign in to your Samsung account to access exclusive Samsung content and make full use of Samsung apps. 1. From Settings, tap Accounts and backup > Accounts. 2 Windows 10 will not recognise Samsung galaxy tablet A 10.1 in file explorer but does see it connected. using USB port. As this is my first tablet any help would be appreciated. I was able to connect to my. old laptop which is also running Windows 10. I assume my desktop has something missing Samsung Galaxy devices will allow you to view your passwords in a tab. This can be useful if you have forgotten one or if you need to review changes. This short guide will show you how to find them. Show Passwords on Samsung Galaxy Tab. If you don't want your passwords to be hidden behind asterisks, upon typing them

Every Samsung device has a built-in tools like SysDump, just follow these steps: 1) Open the Phone app in your device and type: *#9900# 2) Depending on how much detailed logs you would like to get change Debug Level and Silent log options (by default Debug Level is Disabled/LOW and Silent Log is turned Off) 3) Click on Run dumpstate/logcat/modem log (should be first option) wait until process. 4 Drag the File icon from its folder on your computer to the Galaxy Tab window. If you want to be specific, drag the file to the download folder; otherwise, you can place the file into the Galaxy Tab's root folder. Try to avoid dragging the file into other, specific folders, which would make the file more difficult to locate in the future

The best thing about this Samsung tablet data recovery tool is that it can easily restore deleted files from Samsung Galaxy Tab E internal as well as external memory. The software comes with advanced scan algorithm that scans the android devices and restores every bit of data from it 3,114,696 people have downloaded it. Step 1: Connecting the Android tablet to the computer. It is required to connect the Android device to the computer. So, first of all, launch the program i.e. Dr.Fone-Root, on the computer. Now, connect the Android tablet with your computer using a USB cable

Your Samsung Galaxy phone/tablet; A computer; Backup files (optional) Android data recovery software (optional) Access to the Internet; First Things First: Stop writing new data to your phone — DO NOT take more photos or videos. If your pictures were stored in a mass memory card, remove the card out of your phone and put it in a safe place Scanning the deleted photos on your Samsung tablet. On its homepage, select Photos option > Click the Next button on the right side to scan the deleted photos on your device. Check Photos Category. Step 3. Select the text messages to recover. After the scanning process finish, all deleted photos will be displayed It is designed for broken Samsung device and helps you to recover your personal files from dead or broken Samsung phone or tablet with ease, such as photos, videos, music, audios, contacts, messages, message attachments, WhatsApp, WhatsApp attachments and many more

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History. We can see all the files which you have downloaded in your phone. In Samsung phones or we can say that in all android phone we can find our downloaded files in a folder called 'My Files' , sometimes this folder is in another folder called 'Samsung' located in the app drawer. You can also search your phone via Settings > Application. samsung is not liable for performance issues or incompatibilities caused by . your editing of registry settings, or your modification of operating system software. using custom operating system software . may cause your device and applications to work improperly. your carrier may not permit users to download certain software, such as custom os

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Step 1 - Connect your Android tablet to your PC via a USB cable. Step 2 - Choose either the SD card or device memory to scan for recoverable files. Step 3 - Preview your files. Use Search to find specific files that you'd like to recover. Step 4 - Click Save and select the path where you'd like to save the files Part 3: Samsung tablet frozen screen. You Samsung Tab is said to be frozen when you are stuck at a particular screen and no matter what you do, your tab won't take any command from you, almost like it got hang. The steps are given below with help you resolve this Samsung tablet problem: First, try pressing the home button for 2-3 seconds

Preview and selectively recover what you want from your Android phone & tablet. Supports various file types, including WhatsApp,Messages & Contacts & Photos & Videos & Audio & Document. When recovering deleted files on Samsung Galaxy, the tool supports only models earlier than Android 8.0, or those rooted Extract the downloaded Samsung firmware Zip file. You can use a Zip archiver like WinRar, 7Zip, PowerArchiver, etc. for the purpose. Open the extracted folder and you'll find 5 firmware binaries including AP, BL, CP, CSC, and Home_CSC.; Make sure you can view the .md5 extension of the files. If you see only .tar, click on the View tab on the Windows Explorer window and check the option that.

Step 2: Set Erasing Method. Before you can permanently erase your deleted files, there's a bit of prep work you'll need to do. For starters, tap the drop-down menu near the top-left corner of the screen and choose whether you'd like to erase deleted files on your internal storage or external storage 1. Synchronize your Samsung device with your computer. Samsung has made it very easy for the users of its smartphones and tablets to photos to a computer. All you need to do is install the SideSync application and then connect your device to your computer through a USB data cable or Wi-Fi. Using SideSync, you can drag & drop files from Android. Then connect your Samsung device to computer with USB cable. Step 3. Check Root Status. The program will automatically detect your device and begin to check the root status of your phone or tablet. If the phone has been rooted, you'll see: If not, click Start to continue. Step 4. Detect & Find Suitable Solution for Your Devic If your tablet has no file manager app, I prefer you to use ES File Manager. 6. Choose the file (s) you want to copy. Tap and hold to select multiple items. 7. Then paste the copied files to the USB flash drive directory. 8. Once you finished, go to Notification Bar and hit Eject before removing the flash drive To queue up files in Google Play Music, find an album or song you want to play. Tap on the triple-dot icon in the corner. Tap on Add to queue. In Samsung Music Player, open the song, tap on MORE in the upper-right corner, and select Add to now playing list. This will let you queue up your files

Fortunately, there are several ways to delete temporary files, app caches, leftover data, and other unused files on your phone or tablet. Tip: There are also junk file removers for computers that will delete temporary files on your desktop or laptop. Use a Cleaning App To Delete Temporary Files How to Check or Find CSC on Samsung Devices. If you do not know the CSC or product code of your Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet device, there are 2 ways to find it. Method 1. You can check the CSC of your Galaxy device by dialing a code on your device's dialer itself. The secret code you need to dial is *#1234# On the Galaxy Tab, open the Play Store and install OneDrive. Set it up to sync all folders. While it is doing that, open the File Manager on the Pro 7 and click on the OneDrive folder and watch your files 'mysteriously' appear

Step 1: Connect your two Android tablets to the computer via suitable USB cables. Step 2: Navigate to This PC and double-click your tablets' names, then open the internal storage or SD card storage of the tablets. Step 3: Drag and drop the wanted files from one tablet to another. Words in the En Here's info on the battery specs (e.g., Use Time, Standby Time, etc.) for your Galaxy Tab S5e. Turn Battery Optimization On / Off - Android™ 6.x and higher (Samsung) heading. Battery optimization helps conserve battery power on your Samsung device and is turned on by default How to remove lockscreen pin of samsung android tablet A6 because i try and didnt give me the options of swipe or none: Solved! how do i take off my password off of my phone if the option none issnt available: Solved! How do I move FILES to the SD card when there is no menu option for move. All I get is details as an option: Tab 3 v: Can no. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Native File Explorer app: My Files package name. I am trying to make a button that when on click will change the view and open up the native file explorer on a tablet. I found a potential solution with code like this: fileBrowseButton.setOnClickListener (new View.OnClickListener () { @Override public void onClick.

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Download and install the Odin flash tool, FRP reset firmware file and Samsung USB driver. Now, set your Samsung smart phone into Download mode.. Power off your phone >> Hold for a while and press the power button and volume down till phone vibrates >> Release the keys which let you enter into Download mode. Later, you could find Cache and choose CLEAR DATA under its category. Now, your Samsung Galaxy S6 starts to carry out your command to clear the app cache. If you are willing to clear the cache of in the whole apps on your Samsung Galaxy S6, you can choose Settings at first. Next, select Storage and Cache Data later Step 2: Easy OTG Checker will take a few seconds to check your Android phone's USB OTG compatibility, and then display the result.Apart from that, the app also displays system information such as the device's make/model, and Android version.Here's the result, as displayed on a USB OTG supported Android device: And here's the result, as shown on a non USB OTG compatible device This video shows you two ways to Factory Reset your Samsung device. One if you can access the homepage and one if you cannot. Feel free to comment or ask.

This is one of a trio of user guides for getting the most out of Microsoft Office Mobile on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Be sure to explore our tips for PowerPoint and Excel to maximize your mobile productivity.. If you've ever wished you could use your Microsoft Office apps as easily on your mobile device as you do on your laptop or desktop computer, you're in luck With your Samsung Galaxy device and Microsoft Office, there's no limit to what you can accomplish. Discover more ways to enhance your mobile productivity with the Galaxy S21 5G series. Then find out how to leverage your mobile ecosystem in a PC-like experience with Samsung DeX in this free guide Here how to do it: Step 1: Install and launch ES File Explorer. Step 2: Slide the Menu drawer right and select Tools. Step 3: Scroll down and you will see the option Show Hidden Files button. Simply, Enable it. You can now view hidden files and folders in your Android mobile

Look in The Downloads Folder. Like most computer, Android does come with a Downloads folder to store all your downloaded files. If you've been using Android for years, this should be obvious to you. To access the Downloads folder, launch the default File Manager app and towards the top, you'll see the Download history option Manufacturers like Samsung and LG include more robust file managers, often named something simple like My Files or Files. However, there's a good chance you may need to install your own file manager app-either your device won't have one, or the included one may not be up to snuff

Download and install it on your computer. 3.Connect Samsung tablet to computer via USB cable. 4.Run Samsung tablet data recovery program and let the program identify your tablet, then hit Start Scan. 5.Preview deleted files, pictures, videos, other documents in the details and restore deleted files on Samsung tablet by clicking Recover A pop-up window with all the photos from your Samsung device will appear. Now select the files you want to transfer and click on the Download button. Within a very short time, all your files will be transferred to your PC. Actually, this is like download files from your Samsung device like an FTP server ZArchiver: The ZArchiver app is one of the best free ZIP file extractor apps on Android.It features an easy-to-use interface and supports over 30 different types of files including ZIP and RAR. WinZip: Easily the most-famous ZIP app, WinZip's official Android app opens and creates ZIP files and supports ZIPX, 7X, RAR, and CBZ file types.Extra features, such as Google Drive support, require a. In the box in front of Model, fill in your Samsung device's model number. You can find the model number by going to Settings > About phone. In the Region field, you need to fill in the CSC of your device. Read my tutorial to find out your Samsung phone's CSC. Now click the Check Update button From my experience, sometimes when your storage is nearly full, or too many audio files are kept from WhatsApp, may cause this. You may go to the My File>Internal storage>WhatsApp>Media>WhatsApp Voice Notes and delete unnecessary files. It won't cause any problem, but hope it helps! 2 Likes

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mebrewsta Member. My recommendations as a Samsung Tech Support agent: +Powercycle (reboot) both PC/Mac and tablet. +Reinstall Kies. +Try connecting to a different computer (even a Mac, if that is all you have) +Purchase a replacement 30-pin USB cable and try that on different systems. +Perform a Factory Data Reset 2.) Old Samsung Galaxy phones! a.) Method-1: Open the settings, over the Samsung Galaxy Home button. b.) Method-2: Open the settings over the Samsung Galaxy applications (APPs). 1a.) Open the settings, over the Samsung Galaxy Home button. To open the settings on your Samsung Galaxy briefly press the Launch the Samsung tablet backup tool. Click the download link from above to install and launch the Assistant for Android on your computer. Pick out a USB cable to connect your Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge to the computer and enable USB debugging on the device to get it detectable by the tool. Step 2. Scan the Samsung tablet for wanted data 1. Enable Bluetooth on your tablet. If you don't have access to the Wi-Fi printer but can connect to one via Bluetooth, follow these steps to enable Bluetooth on your tablet now: Swipe down from the top of the home screen to open the notification panel. Tap the gear at the top-right corner

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To do that: Go to the Find My Mobile service website and sign in using your Samsung account name and password. Hit on the Sign in button to log in your Samsung account. Choose the Lock my screen section on the left panel. Enter a new PIN to unlock your Galaxy screen as it prompts. Click Lock on the bottom of the screen. Wait for a few. Method 1: Recover Pictures from Broken Samsung Tablet with FoneLab. Method 2: Recover Pictures from Broken Samsung Tablet. It is very convenvient for Android device users to transfer media files between computer and the device. You just need to plug it into the computer with USB cable and directly drag and drop files between them I want to put excel files in the folder. I still cant find a way of doing this. I can create a folder in sdcard0 and put them in it but I cannot move it or link it on the desktop/home screen. This means every time I want to access one of my excel files I have to go to apps > My Files > All Files > sdcard0 > Folder I Want To Acces

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This may have worked. Under Storage -> Misc there was a file caled 0 that was 9 GB in size. I took a chance on deleting it, and my tablet seems to be running fine. I hope it wasn't important, but I can't imagine any one file that needs to be 9GB in size. - Questioner Aug 18 '14 at 15:4 How to Create a Folder on a Samsung Galaxy Device. To start creating a folder on your Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet, follow the steps below: 1. From the Application list, touch and hold an application icon you want to put on a folder. 2. Wait for the selected app icon to float on the Home screen. 3

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The first thing to do to update your Android tablet is connect to an active network. The best way to update the device is by using Wi-Fi. The best way to update the device is by using Wi-Fi. Choose amongst the networks the most stable wireless option and once you have connected to it, you can start with the software updates If needed, hit the links above to find out how it can be done using your Samsung phone. Step 2: Enable File Transfer Mode. Now, most people will find the new Developer options menu at the very bottom of their main Settings screen. If not, go to Settings -> System -> Advanced, then go to the Developer options from there


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Scroll to the bottom of the resulting screen then tap Explore: Just like that, you'll be taken to a file manager that lets you get at just about any file on your phone. Android 6's file manager Step 2. Turn on the file options that you want to sync, such as Mail, Contacts, Calendars or Notes, and sync them to your Gmail. Step 3. Turn to your new tablet and sign into the same Google account. Now, you can sync all the uploaded files from your old tablet to the new tablet via Gmail Make sure your Samsung tablet is up to date and running the latest available version of Android. This can help it to deal with bugs or security issues. Check for System updates by tapping Settings and scroll down to Software update. Tap Download and install to see if there's an update. Make sure Auto download over Wi-Fi is turned on so that. Follow the steps given below to flash the PIT file along with the Samsung firmware file with Odin. Boot your Galaxy phone or Tab into the Samsung Download Mode. Launch Odin flash tool on your computer. Connect your device to the computer using a compatible USB cable. The ID:COM port on Odin will be highlighted As we mentioned in the foreword, it only recovers multimedia files such as videos deleted in the last 15 days. In addition, if your device is a Samsung tablet, this feature is invalid. Here, how do I recover deleted videos from my Samsung phone for free from Recycle bin? Steps 1: Unlock your Samsung phone to open Gallery app. Then, click.

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On your computer download the proper Android 6.0 M CM 13 firmware file for the version of your Galaxy Tab 2: for the Tab 2 7.0 with the version numbers - P3100 , P3110 and P3113 , and for the Tab. Step 1: Free download EelPhone Android Unlock to our computer. Click on the Remove Screen Lock to unlock Samsung Tablet screen lock. Step 2: Connect locked Samsung Tablet to the tool via USB cable, and then click on Start to let the unlocker scan Samsung Tablet. Read the Notes on the interface, if you can recept the notes, click on the Start button to go on Here's info on the battery specs (e.g., Usage Time, Standby Time, etc.) for your Galaxy Tab S2. Turn Battery Optimization On / Off - Android™ 6.x and higher (Samsung) heading. Battery optimization helps conserve battery power on your Samsung device and is turned on by default To do this, you will need a file manager with root access. My favorite one happens to be ES File Explorer (just turn on root access in the settings). Access your device's main drive and look for.