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  1. Like the M1 helmet, if a WWII-era liner has post war parts, e.g., headband or nape strap, or chin straps they would need to be replaced to accurately represent a WWII liner. But unlike the helmet, this is much easier and does not require specialized tool, unless replacement of the suspension or repainting is needed.
  2. WWII helmet liner manufacturer markings. As the war progressed, so did the washers that retained the liner's suspension. The earliest helmet liners exhibited non-painted rectangular washers. In mid-1942 manufacturers switched to A-shaped washers
  3. There were official orders on how to paint the MP markings, along with the letter size, on 26 November 1943 and that's pretty correct as the earliest I've seen MP marked helmets was on a 1943 reel recorded in Italy. Some policemen were stationed away from the front lines and had access to quartermaster equipment, which appears to have result in.

The P1917-A1 helmet would be the first helmet to see combat with American forces in World War II. It would be the helmet worn by the China Marines while they stared down the Japanese at Soochow Creek in Shanghai in 1941. It was the helmet of Peal Harbor , Wake Island, Guam, and the Fall of the Philippines The white bar was a very limited time-frame option, and I believe out of practice after the Normandy operations started winding down. You see them rarely in documentary films by the Signal Corp after 1944 in either Europe or the Pacific Theater. Happy Trails, Clint. brndirt1, Mar 19, 2012. #2 Below you will find our range of American WW2 headwear including the iconic M1 Helmet, Officer Service Hats, Visor Caps and the various different American WWII Field Caps and Garrison Caps as worn by US Army GI's during World War Two. We also stock US helmet covers, and a wide range of helmet accessories including chin cups and chin straps

The M-1 helmet with fixed attachments for paratroopers (1941 - 1943) There is another variant of helmets for paratroopers. This is the helmet in which the standard chinstrap has been replaced by a parachutist type chinstrap. The M-1 helmet with mobile attachments (1943 - 1944) From 1943, the QMC decided to modify the fastening system One of the distinctive forms of insignia worn by the 101st Airborne in WW2 was Helmet Stencils. After the chaos of an Airborne landing, with personnel of various sub units mixed together on the ground, quick assembly by units was essential for carrying out a mission Store > WW2 Helmet & Hat Accessories >WW2 USA Helmet Parts: WW2 American M1 M2 M1C 'D' Bales, Nets, Scrim, Stencils, Chincups & Parts: Helmet & Cap Stencils, Cap Badges & Crickets The M1 helmet is a combat helmet that was used by the U.S. military from World War II until 1985, when it was succeeded by the PASGT helmet. The M1 helmet has become an icon of the US military, with its design inspiring other militaries around the world

World War II helmets and hat bargains. WWII American helmets and hats have unique designs and colors. Some affordable WWII helmets and hats display the soldier's number. Other hats worn by officers, aviators, and gunners have their names or rank divisions imprinted. These numbers or names authenticate the headwear's year and owner wwii us m1 helmet with hand painted french flags. most likely used by free french soldiers who utilized american and british uniforms. front seam, fixed bale, heat stamp 463 early 1943. outer liner id'ed with name and serial number. (hg-55) wwii us m-1 helmet w/ camouflage. early war, heat stamp# 268a The American shell is heavier. The British helmet is made from 21 gauge steel, while the American helmet is made from 19 gauge steel. The color of paint used by both the British and American manufactures do show some similarity. Some American helmets tend to be a darker olive color, while others have paint identical to their British counter parts A World War II period helmet clearly showing the front seam. The M1 can boast of being the most successful combat helmet of all time, with a service history spanning forty years, from the early 1940s until the mid-1980s, when it was replaced in favour of the PASGT composite helmet, In fact the M1 was so successful as a helmet system that many countries chose to adopted it and even produce. The Rawlings Pattern tank helmet, which would become the iconic American tank helmet of World War II, was essentially another generation of the basic design that started in 1936 with the cavalry style tank helmet. The cavalry and infantry style tank helmets are considered by collectors to be two of the rarest and most desirable of American helmets

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Individual units permitted other color schemes, paint and markings, although drilling the helmet to attach insigina was prohibited after drilling was found to weaken it. By February 1918. 700.000 American made M1917s had been delivered. By the end of WW I, on 11 November 1918, more than 2,700,000 American M1917 helmets had been produced During World War I, the letters US or U.S. were used to identify vehicles of the American Expeditionary Forces.Formation signs and War Department vehicle identification numbers were painted on the sides.: 56 United States Army Ambulance Service vehicles carried a red cross and the Caduceus symbol which had been adopted by the U.S. Medical Department in 1902 WW2 American M1 steel helmet History, technical sheet and photo. American M1 steel helmet history. When the Second World War broke out in Europe, American soldiers were still equipped with the 1917 flat helmet, the M-1917 A1, entirely inspired by the British model Top Pots owns and operates three original WWII era shuttle looms for producing M1 helmet shell chinstrap and liner HBT suspension and A strap webbing. We are the only business in the world who can lay claim to this, as shuttle looms were phased out of existence in the late 1940s. Webbing. The only source for historically correct M1 helmet webbing

The M1 helmet was a unique and practical solution, compared to its contemporaries. A separate lining system had many advantages. Being light weighted it could be used without the steel shell for guard or ceremonial duties, whilst the shell itself could also double up as a wash basin in the Field. Brought into service in 1941 the M1 liner. 5 Factories produced in German combat helmets during World War II and each helmet has its factory marking stamped in the shell. The Maker stamp together with the helmet size stamp are found on the wearers left side or for a mid to late war helmet the maker and size stamp are found above the lot number on the back The markings on the helmet are also very interesting. Two weeks before D-Day, the 101st Airborne Division held a staff conference to discuss methods to facilitate the quickest possible assembly of units once on the drop zones of Normandy The 101st in WW2 used various symbols to identify its organic units Club = 327th Glider Infantry Diamond= 501st PIR Heart = 502nd PIR Spade = 596th PIR Dashes around the symbol indicates the battalion: 3 o'clock = 1st Battalion, 6 o'clock = 2nd Ba..

About these WWII combat helmets. The M1 helmet was a combat helmet used by the United States military during WWII and for a few decades afterwards. The M1C helmet was designed especially for paratroopers. Unlike many of today's bicycle helmets and other sporting headgear — often made with lightweight materials such as fiberglass and polystyrene — this helmet was heavy Unlike the M1917 and the later M1917A1, The American helmet of the second world war consisted of a two-piece design, an outer protective steel shell and an inner fiber liner. Both components were one-size-fits all. It was the removable headband which allowed for a specific fit to the wearer's head

German WWII M40 Helmet Black SS Reproduction 3 Sizes. Our German WWII M40 Helmet Black SS Reproduction is a replica of a German WWII M-40 Stahlhelm and will appeal to WWII military collectors and re-enactors. Heavy gauge steel, Rolled edges, Pressed Air Vents and 3 Sizes. Sku: 69-102096. Price: $99.00 M1C M1D PARATROOPER HELMET WEB CHINSTRAPS-OD#3. $ 16.95. FIELD GRADE REPRODUCTION WWII US M1D M1C PARATROOPER JUMP HELMET WEB CHINSTRAP. OD#3 KHAKI WEBBING. PERFECT FOR THAT EARLY TO LATE WAR HELMET RESTORATION

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  1. It allowed the placement of foliage onto the helmet and it assisted in breaking up the shape and texture. A quick guide on camouflage. The 5 S's of Camouflage Shape: Shape can be something that can break your camouflage. You should always try to b..
  2. um Liner Dated 1943 hkp 66. Price: $785.00. Original German WWII M40 Single Decal Luftwaffe Helmet hkp64. Price: $865.00
  3. Other US Army designations include. RA = regular army. AR = army reservist. US = draftee. NG = national guard. The starting digit 5 also indicates a post-war draftee. During the war a draftee's number started with a 3. Quite possibly the helmet saw service in WWII and was later recycled to a new soldier after the war
  4. A very nice late WWII Imperial Japanese helmet with original combat cover. The helmet is a late war type 90 military helmet. The cover is a textbook combat style cover with foliage loops. The helmet shell and cover both have number 9 on them. Click on the picture below to see more images. $3895
  5. It is, I believe, the mark identifying the manufacturer of the shell. There is a list(s) of the various manufactures of M-1917 helmet shells. I have tried to match up the markings on my small collection of M-1917 helmets but none of the initials, unlike the position with British helmets, bear any relation to the known manufacturers

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WW2 M1C American 82nd Airborne Helmet. Notice in the two pictures below I have aged the markings less as these would not have been exposed to general wear and tear as much as the shell. Pic 13 - Genuine M1C USA WW2 Helmet - Liner & Stars . Pic 14 - Genuine M1C USA WW2 Helmet - Liner & Officers Stripe. The M33 helmet (more formally, Elmetto Mod.33) was the standard helmet of the Italian army during WWII. It was designed in the early 1930s to replace WWI-era helmets. Made of 1.1mm heat-treated steel, the M33 was said to offer triple the protection of the French army's then-current Adrian helmet (Italy expected France to be it'

Learning about mission symbols painted on aircraft during World War II has proved to be somewhat difficult but interesting research. Mission symbols, also known as mission marks, kill markings and victory decals, are the small symbols painted on the sides of planes, usually near the cockpit or nose, which are used to show the successes of the. basically a description of how the ww1 mki brodie evolved into the ww2 mk2 steel helmet,via the inter war mk1* version..and how to tell them apart...each hel.. Canadian Helmets. The Mk.II helmet was the standard Canadian Infantry helmet, as used throughout World War II being a modification of the Mk.I helmet what was introduced in April 1916 and used during the First World War. Production of the Mk.II began in 1938 and the first units were delivered to the armed forces in 1939 World War II American M1 Steel Helmet ,World War Military Equipment Replica Helmet with Mesh Shield. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. $59.99 $ 59. 99. FREE Shipping. Military Outdoor Clothing Previously Issued US GI OD Green Canteen Set with Suspenders. 4.4 out of 5 stars 302. $57.50 $ 57. 50 To see our complete inventory of American WW2 items Click Here. C054483 U.S. M38 TANKERS HELMET. C052482 U.S. M1C PARACHUTIST COMBAT HELMET. C013584 U.S. NAVY FIXED BALE M1 COMBAT HELMET. C013084 U.S. FIXED BALE M1 COMBAT HELMET (With Camo Net). C116064 U.S. WWII HELMET NAPE STRAP. C116364 U.S. WWII HELMET NAPE STRAP. C116564 U.S. WWII.

Helmet Scrim- 4 Color Burlap Strips $ 4.75 Add to cart; Cover, Helmet, Winter Camouflage- Reproduction $ 8.75 Read more; Nape Strap, Helmet Liner, Post-Korean War $ 6.00 Add to cart; Steel Pot Chin Strap Hardware -WWII Reproduction Set Sale! $ 15.95 $ 6.95 Add to cart; Cover, Helmet, Kevlar, DESERT STORM Chocolate Chip Size Med/Large $ 15. WWII M40 Q62 German Luftwaffe Camo Helmet. Item H624: Exterior consists of a typical French hedgerow camo of Grass Green and Brick Red. The camouflage is 100% painted from the WWII period. However, the insignia is post war applied. This is a 100% genuine WW2 camo helmet. Take note of the Luftwaffe decal under the camo paint on the left side I plan on using this as my new motorcycle riding helmet, accompanied with My Father's World War II Style bomber jacket and a pair of goggles that I will be later getting here on Amazon. Read more. 8 people found this helpful. Helpful. Report abuse. Thomas Auanger. 5.0 out of 5 stars Looks great

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Our WW2 German Helmet category contains a mix of helmets from all branches of the German military in WW2, including Kriegsmarine, Heer (army), Luftwaffe (air force), Luftschutz and more. German Helmets have always been an desired WWII Collectible for collectors to showcase. With so many helmet styles produced by Germany in WW2, such as the M42 German Heer Helmet, which was the last wartime. The markings consist of several letters and two numbers i.e. ET64. The letters are the helmet manufacture. The numbers are the interior circumference of the helmet shell in centimeters, which are as follows: 60, 62, 64, 66, 68, 70 & 72. The Liner. The liner has an outer band size and an inner band size Epic Artifacts LLC, Buys and Sells WWII German Helmets, as well as All Other Insignia, Headgear, Uniforms, and Awards of the Third Reich 22274 WW2 .50 CALIBER AMMO CAN W/ORIGINAL MARKINGS (GRADE II) - This is a very nice WW2 style .50 caliber ammo can with about 80% olive drab paint remaining and good yellow stencil markings 105 CAL 50, LINNKED AP M2, REPACKED LOT SL.L 91767 and also has a lot card printed on cardboard that was inside with similar information and 10.

May 3, 2018 - Explore 34th Infantry Division Assoc.'s board 34th ID Uniforms and Gear on Pinterest. See more ideas about infantry, wwii uniforms, ww2 uniforms Apparently, the first use of medical markings on steel helmets took place in N. Africa (NATOUSA Theater) around mid-1943. During Operation Torch (Invasion of North Africa, 8 Nov 42) and subsequent field activities, it had been noted that quite a lot of medical aid men suffered regular casualties Sn 18125:5 - 18125:5. The Brodie helmet is a steel combat helmet designed and patented in London in 1915 by John Leopold Brodie. A modified form of it became the Helmet, Steel, Mark I in Britain and the M1917 Helmet in the U.S. American troops were issued with M1917 helmets to deploy in France late in 1917 The M1 is indeed an iconic helmet seeing service with the US military from the early 1940s up until its replacement by the Fritz or PASGT composite helmet in the mid 1980s. The M1 was so successful as a helmet system that many countries adopted it and even began to produce their own clones In this article we will talk about German helmets of the WW2 period. German helmet (Stahlhelm) M16, M17, M18 . Model M16, as its marking says, started being produced in the 3 rd Reich in 1916 and was actively used by the Germans in WW1. M16 was made of a solid steel sheet with a forged method. M16 has a recognizable form - it has a large peak.

Original WWII German Heer (Army) ex-wire camouflaged helmet featuring splotched green paint over ordnance tan base forming a cool pattern where a wire or net was once on the helmet at the time of painting. The base helmet is an M42 produced by maker ckl (Eisenhüttenwerk Thale / Herz) in size 64. The helmet features an original Heer (Army. WW2 US Model 1910 Shovel with US/Ames/1943 dated markings. Nice mid war date and hard to find with markings as most T-handles are with just the generic US markings only. $125.00 00358

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Two American MPs patrol the streets of Wiesbaden, Germany in the immediate post-WW2 period. Both WLAs have High Ammo Boxes and are equipped with both Legshields and Windshield. The Windshield Aprons have been painted white and bear black MILITARY POLICE markings WWII American Helmet Net OD#7 (Dark Green) with Drawstring. Helmet net that is good for the M1, M2 or M1C. M40 Helmet has ET64 1168 Markings . Missing one liner rivet on left front. Comes with nice original 57 c.m. M31 liner and leather chin strap Open to offers. Payment plans available A majority of German WWII combat helmets will fall under one of the following organizations: Heer (Army), Luftwaffe (Air Force), Kriegsmarine (Navy), Waffen-SS (Paramilitary Force), or Feldgendarmerie (Combat Police). The Wehrmacht was the united armed forces of Germany from 1935 until 1945. The Wehrmacht was comprised of three main branches. Helmet Clad Doughboys Receiving Decorations. During the fall of 1917 production was begun on the M-1917 helmets. By the end of November 1917, the first deliveries of large quantities of M-1917 helmets were being made to the United States Army. On 17 February 1918, approximately 700,000 M-1917 helmets had been produced I have often noticed in movies and photographs of American soldiers of WWII that there are sometimes a white horizontal or vertical bar/stripe on the back of their helmets. Can anyone shed some light onto the significance of these markings? Also were these markings used by all branches of the service? All theaters of operation

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  1. Rankings on helmets in WW2? For the D-Day invasion, all American units used some system of white bars to identify the officers and NCOs. Officers had a single white vertical bar and NCOs had a horizontal one, although this varied from officer to officer. Some officers actually painted the rank on the front, but most removed it altogether to.
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  3. There are no markings found in the helmet. If you have an interest is seeing other American military headgear, The value for the US WWII helmets and other military antiques and collectibles is provided as a means to educate the collector community and individuals who have a general interest on the field. The following is an estimated value
  4. The official regulations for unit identification markings on vehicles and equipment were specified in the publication AR 850-5.The regulations provide the basic structure of unit identification markings, however photographs show many units' vehicles were not strictly marked according to the regulations
  5. WW2 Italian helmet In the beginning of 30's an Italian army was equipped with known French Adrian helmet models of 1915 and Italian models of 1916. However, increased requirements to the battle suit under the conditions of modern mobile war made an Italian command initiate the production of their own new model
  6. Andrew H. & Gale V. Lipps P.O. Box 165 Camden, SC 29021-0165 USA Email wartime@wartimecollectables.com ph. 803-463-6935 (It is much easier to reach us via email!) If you reached our website through a search engine or bookmark, you might be pulling up an outdated listing!Start at the home page and refresh or use control/f5 to ensure you have the latest update
  7. g market (scales 1/87, 1/100, 1/280 and 1/300) but some of their offerings for 15mm-20mm scale may be suitable for 1/72 scale armour, especially if the modeller is looking for markings smaller than the normal 1/72 scale offerings (e.g. turret numbers, vehicle slogans/names) from other manufacturers

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SHOP THROUGH OUR COLLECTION OF AUTHENTIC WWI AND WWII ERA STEEL HELMETS, BACKED BY OUR LIFETIME GUARANTEE FOR ORIGINALITY! Filter by. All Steel Helmets Army Helmets Camouflage Helmets Helmet Decals & Accessories Luftwaffe Helmets Paratrooper Helmets Police Helmets SS Helmets US Helmets WWI Helmets. Sort by. Featured Alphabetically, A-Z. Original WWII British MKIII helmet, as used by the Canadian Army in Normandy and NWE. Includes a nice Canadian multi-tone net that fits snug on the helmet. The base helmet is standard 1944 British MKIII helmet with 1944 BMB liner in size 7. Any helmet markings in the steel are too faint to read under the factory texture paint MKI brodie and tommy helmet markings. Article about: Hello everyone! As you may know, I accidentaly posted a thread on the wrong formum (Identifying a British or American helmet in the WW2 forum) where I asked for help identifying an unusual &. 05-20-2021, 05:47 PM #1 Posted on October 1, 2013. by airbornejumpjacket. This paratrooper helmet liner belonged to a WW2 member of the 326th Airborne Engineer Battalion, 101st Airborne Division. It is a standard World War Two Westinghouse airborne paratrooper liner that has had unit and rank insignia painted on it during the war Pictured here from the homefront of Grand Rapids, Michigan is the typical Office of Civil Defense steel helmet of WWII. The generic CD insignia is a slide-on water transfer. Although many US M1917 helmets were recycled for the Civil Defense role, these OCD helmets were unique and had, as evident here, a much deeper bowl than the tin lid.

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Italian Paratrooper Helmet M41-42 Post-War. Italian M39 Elmo Galea or Elmetto Galeanico helmet replica. This is a replica of the shell of a helmet from the M.V.S.N Legion. They were seen in old photos, used in parades or as guards of the palace in Rome. It would use the same liner as the M33 helmet. Regia Marina Talker Helmet M33 Marking for World War II British 79th Armoured Division which operated the special purpose armoured vehicles. Shown is an original helmet transfer (decal) from WWII. The vehicle transfers were the same, only larger. (Author's Collection.) TYPICAL MARKINGS FOR A CANADIAN ARMY JEEP IN FRANCE IN 194

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GERMAN HELMET HEER EAGLE DECAL - SINGLE. $2.95. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. LATE WAFFEN SS SECOND PATTERN DECAL -SINGLE. $2.95. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. GERMAN HELMET TRI-COLOR SHIELD DECAL - SINGLE These helmets remained in use alongside increasing numbers of American WWII-surplus M1 pots. In 1949, a large buy of M1s was made and beginning in 1950, these generally replaced all other Argentine military helmet types except the Swiss, which served alongside it until the early 1970s WW2 Civil Defence Uniforms, Insignia & Equipment is an extensive resource covering the uniforms, insignia and badges, helmet markings and personal equipment used by British Air Raid Precautions (ARP) Wardens, the Civil Defence Services and the Fire Guard & Fire Watchers service during the second world war. Included are photographs of original items and a regularly updated blog

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Home / American / World War II / Helmets & Headgear / World War II Helmet Liner with Regimental Markings. World War II Helmet Liner with Regimental Markings $ 150.00. This is a World War II era Helmet Liner. This helmet liner is in very good condition externally and has a slightly damaged badge / marker of a Pennsylvanian National Guard regiment German WWII M35 Helmet Green Reproduction is a replica of a German WWII M-35 Stahlhelm and will appeal to WWII military collectors and re-enactors. These helmets are painted in the correct color and have 2 sizes. Sku: 69-102009. Price: $89.00 WW2 German Helmet Manufacturer Stamp. Our M35s, M40s and M42s all benefit from a very similar manufacture. All 3 designs are made from a tough steel, 1.6mm thick like the originals, and have a slightly different field grey as was common at the time. On the inside of the helmet we have included a manufacturer mark as well, just like the originals M1 HELMET LINER OD3 COTTON WEBBING LEATHER SWEATBAND CLIP ON FIRESTONE INLAND. EUR 82.88. EUR 16.85 postage. or Best Offer. WW2 US M1 HELMET M1 ORIGINAL, FRONT SEAM, SWIVEL BALE. WITH LINER, WESTINGHOUSE. EUR 64.13. 6 bids. EUR 45.89 postage The M1 helmet is a combat helmet that was used by the United States military from World War II until 1985, when it was succeeded by the PASGT helmet. For over forty years, the M1 was standard issue for the U.S. military. The M1 helmet has become an icon of the American military, with its design inspiring other militaries around the world. The M1 helmet is extremely popular with militaria.

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Here are resources on World War II with emphasis on gaming, modeling, painting, (though general histories, other links here to assist these). This is for non-biased study and simulation of the military aspects of the war New Made Item: Simply put this is the very best reproduction M1942 helmet available anywhere. It is exclusive and has been in development for over a year. It was copied exactly from an original. Germany entered WWII with the M-35 helmet as standard issue (WW1 M-16 & M-18 helmets were also in use) US M38 Tanker Helmet & Panzer goggles - 1st Armoured division Old Ironsides This reproduction helmet is exactly like our new version but has been made to look used and aged. It is perfect for US Armoured collectors, Helmet Collectors or makes a great present for Armoured Division veterans or relatives! www.warhats.com #warhat The helmet is a small head size approx. UK size 6 and has no visible WD model, maker or date markings. The helmet comes with an original pair of WW2 RAF MK VIII Goggles with which the helmet was found. Considered the ultimate RAF flying goggles of WW2 and in fact the last used by the RAF before switching to fibreglass helmets with wrap around.


Quick View. German WWII Turret Numbers White Outline 56WOL New 1/87 Water Slide Decals. $6.99 $5.99. Compare. Add To Cart. Quick View. German Army License Plate Markings TL Decals 1401 New 1/87 Scale. $21.99 $19.99. Compare Answer: Every WW1 German helmet is marked with a maker and size mark on the inside rim at wearers left. The maker mark will be a 1, 2 or 3 letter code followed by a number 60,62,64,66 or 68. That number is the size of the helmet in centimeters as measured around the inside dome at the level of the three split-pin holes WWII US Marine Corps Carbine Pouch. $45. EE-3824 WWII US Marine Corps Depot made lower pack with 1942-43 dates. $110. EE-3823 Clean 1944 dated US Marine Corps Lower pack. $90. EE-3821 WWII Marine Corps lower pack. scarce ealy 1942 date. $100. EE-3817 1944 dated Pick Mattock and carrier. $75 WWII German Combat Luftschutz Helmet - Some of the helmets have markings stamped in the inside of the rim. The markings provide information such as the serial number, name of manufacturer, helmet size, etc. If you have an interest is seeing other American military headgear, you can do so by going to our WWII German helmets.

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The regiment's Company E (Easy Company) actions during World War II were featured in the 2001 HBO miniseries Band of Brothers (supplied by IMA). This is remarkable! A genuine WWII U.S. Paratrooper M1 Helmet with front seam and swivel bales with Westinghouse parachutist liner named to a CAPT. HELMIG. Period painted with 506th PIR spade on each. Markings 1945. Markings U.S. Box. Sideview of the box. Manual. Lenses manual. Another pair of M44 goggles. Description of the M44 goggles from the book Doughboy to GI: US Army Clothing and Equipment 1900-1945. Add a photo to this gallery