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The Ford part number on the box shown at left is on the top line: B8A-9431-A. Other information indicates it was an Engine Engineering Division design, weighs 9 pounds, provides information on the quality control inspection, and the date packed. A typical Ford part number looks like this: C5SZ-1005-A. Here's how this number is decoded Ford's part number convention generally follows the format of a four digit casting code, followed by a four digit basic part number, which will be 6015 for an engine block, followed by the revision version. The important digits are the first four and last one, two, or even three digits, in some cases 312's can have the following block casting numbers ECZ-6015A, ECZ-6015C,EDB-6015E, B9AE-6015F. Of these ECZ-6015A and ECZ-6015C are by far the most common 312's and are likely to be a 312. Some 312 replacement blocks were C2AE-6015C. Any of these numbers can also be a 292 General Description: The Small Six (or Falcon Six), overhead valve, inline 6-cylinder engine was introduced in 1960 with a cast iron block and cylinder head. All US cylinder heads incorporated an integral one barrel intake manifold, more commonly known as a log intake. The crankshaft and flywheel are dynamically balanced, and the crankshafts are fitted with a harmonic damper, which is often.

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  1. First generation The first-generation Ford six-cylinder engines were all flatheads. They were the G- and H-series engines of 226 cu in (3,703.5 cc) used in cars and trucks and the M-series of 254 cu in (4,162.3 cc) used in larger Ford trucks and for industrial applications. 22
  2. Sep 12, 2005. #1. I just purchased a used WoodChuck Chipper with a Ford inline 6 Cylinder with the block casting of EBP-6015-L on the left side, drivers side, of the engine. I am told it is a 223 but WoodChuck didn't start making chippers until 1969
  3. Casting numbers are foundry marks, cannot be cross referenced to Ford part numbers. Bronco was not available with the 300 I-6 until 1980, and this is not a 300. Intake manifold cast as part of the cylinder head, it's either a 200 or 250 I-6 from a 1977 Ford or Merc 'mid-sized' Passenger Car
  4. With the FE engine, there is no way to tell based on block markings if it is a 390 or 352. You will have to measure the stroke (352=3.5, 390=3.78. The intake and other parts may be specific to a 390, but unless you have owned it from new, you don't know if the short block was changed. FE casting numbers are notoriously misleading, especially.
  5. Given the list of casting numbers on the preceding pages and a wire brush, you can identify any 4 or 6 cylinder Chev engine made before 1984. The numbers are different for the engines made in Canada but the physical characteristics are the same for the respective year. Australia and Europe used Canadian blocks

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Tech Tip #197: How to Identify Your Ford Industrial Model Year. This Dr. Diesel™ Tech Tip helps you to unscramble a Ford Industrial engine's serial number to determine the production year. Foley Engines has long supported Ford Industrial engine owners by stocking both new and remanufactured Ford Industrial engines and parts Joined May 14, 2009. ·. 948 Posts. Discussion Starter · #1 · Dec 12, 2012. Hey guys. I'm looking at getting a set of reman'd heads for my truck with the casting number 1855613c1. How can I tell if these will work with my 2004 6.0? I know I have the 18mm dowels and so do the reman'd heads. Also my truck has the newer 6.0 in it Casting Crank Forging Head Casting Crank Kit No. 26 FORD & MERCURY 4, 6 & V6, Continued SEE NOTE AT END OF FORD & MERCURY 4, 6 & V6 SECTION 1993-91 140 2.3 3.780 M OHC, E.F.I., Roller Rockers, Mustang, 8 Spark Plugs 192600 192610 E89E-AD E89E-AB 2D E89E-AB E97E-BA F27E-A11B 24116A 24122A 1992 140 2.3 3.68

For starters all date codes are alphanumeric - containing both letters and numbers. A 'casting date code' provides the exact date when the component was produced at the foundry. A casting date code can be found, for example, at the rear of the engine block, usually above the starter, or between spark plugs on a FE cylinder head Location. Generally, on both 8 and 6-cylinder Ford engines, the engine number is towards the rear of the block on the passenger side. On 8-cylinder engines, it is where the starter bolts onto the bell housing and the starter may have to be removed to locate it. On 6 cylinder engines, it will be below the exhaust manifold NOTE: All numbers and specifications are as reported in the 1965-1972 Ford Car Master Parts Catalog. All engines for 1965 and subsequent model years include an engine identification tag. This tag describes C.I.D., mode year, year and month of production, and change level number. On 8-cylinder 260 and 289 engines the tag is located under the. Also see: 1965-1972 Ford Car Engine Identification Tag Codes A complete listing of all engine ID tag codes for '65-'72 Ford cars. 1973-1979 Ford Truck Engine Identification Tag Codes (at FORDification.net) A complete listing of all engine ID tag codes for '73-'79 F100/500 truck

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The 221, 260, 289 were originally designed for the Fairlane and produced only in the Cleveland engine plant from 1962-1965. The 1964 289 casting number for all 289s was C4OE-6015-C (later an F suffix) Ford's part number convention generally follows the format of a four-digit casting code, followed by a four-digit basic part number, which will be 6090 for a cylinder head, followed by the revision version The actual Ford serial number is stamped into the cylinder block casting on a machined PAD located on the right side of the engine near the front of the engine (behind the fuel injection pump on Dorset and Dover engines), just below the seam between the cylinder head and the cylinder block as pictured directly below and. The casting letter may indicate the bore more than anything else. Note that the four engines with the A casting code (1.5 V-4, 1.7 V-4, 2.3 V-6 and 2.6 V-6) all have the 90mm bore. 4.1.3 Part Number: The part number should be cast into the block on the left side

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6 cylinder. Ford was late to offer a six-cylinder engine in their cars, only introducing a six in 1941 after the failure of the 1906 Model K. The company relied on its famous Flathead V8 for most models, only seriously producing six-cylinder engines in the 1960s The casting numbers on the block of a Ford engine help identify the specific engine. The numbers are often useful in mating cylinder heads, determining when and where the block was manufactured and into which mode of Ford it was installed. Locating the casting number is relatively easy if you're physically fit and have some dexterity casting numbers all over the engine, a 332 2barrel FE. 428 powered Fairmont drag car, Best ET: 10.03@132.11MPH, best 60 ft: 1.29. 59 Meteor 2 dr. sedan 332, Ford O Matic. 74 F350 ramp truck 390 4speed

Ford tractor, truck and industrial diesel engine serial numbers shown above are stamped into the cylinder block casting on a machined PAD located on the right side of the engine near the front behind the fuel injection pump, just below the seam between the cylinder head and the cylinder block as shown on page 7 of the Lehman Marine Diesel. Engine Families. This article covers a number of Ford V8 engine families. They are: Y-Block small-block: Produced in the US from 1954 until 1964, the Y-Block was the small block replacement for the Flathead V8 and is where this article starts. Common factory displacements ranged from 239 cubic inches to 312 cubic inches To identify a Ford motor, start by checking valve cover bolts on the top of the engine for Ford markings. If the bolts are unmarked, look for an ID tag for manufacturer information. Tags can be found under coil attaching bolts for 6-cylinder engines and some 8-cylinder engines, or under the dipstick attaching bolts on other 8-cylinders

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This was the first 5.0 engine based on a punched out 4.6 DOHC Cobra engine. It was capable of horsepower ratings over 400 and torque of 365 ft-lbs or more. The engine features a Ford Performance 356 alloy aluminum block, high-flow cylinder heads, and 12-mm-lift camshafts Y-BLOCK CASTING NUMBERS. ALL BLOCKS HAVE 6015 in the block casting number. This is found on all blocks and is Ford's number for an engine block. Example- EDB 6015 E. BLOCK I.D. CODES NOTES. CEBY 256-272 cu in Cast in Canada. Export block. Used in Canada, Australia, South Africa. CECK 292 cu in Cast in Canada The casting number and date code tells you what year the block is. E = 1980s T = ? (6 = 6th year, 7 = 7th year, etc.) T = Truck E = Ford Engine Engineering Division (The casting number only tells you what the part was originally designed for, not what it was in. Ford shares parts across many model lines.) 6 = 1986 A = January 27 = 27th da Hey, I'm heading out to pick up an old Ford 144 w/ Fordomatic trans for a back up power plant for the Ranch. But the guy has a FORD 250 I6 for sale too. I need some info on casting numbers so that I'll know if it is a 250 or a 200. I've gone to FordSixPerformance and they have casting numbers but only on motors from 69-74

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ENGINE: YEAR: DESCRIPTION. CASTING # Part # w/camshaft: Part # w/o cam Ford Products Inline 6 Cylinder: 170: 69-72: Integral intake manifold, 1 1/2 carb throa Ford Inline Six, 200, 250, 4.9L / 300 - Identifying my inline 6 - Ok, I know you all will think this is lame but I need to find out what 6 I have in my 58. Think it's been swapped since the guy said so. Not sure where the numbers are and then where to go to decipher it. I have searched the net and haven't found..

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Text below the first crank says its for a '63-'64 200 six cylinder engine AND '60-up 144 and 170 six cylinder engine. The 2nd crank says it is for a '65-up 200 and and 250 six cylinder. If you look at the chart at the top you will see they have two different part numbers for the 200, C30Z -A is for the 4 main crank and C50Z -A fits the 7 main. Re: GM- L6 Enginne Block Casting Numbers. by DanTheVanMan Thu Dec 30, 2010 8:19 pm. Matt, Keep in mind that The Chevy 292 was an inline, six-cylinder engine with a bore and stroke of 3.875 inches by 4.125 inches and a compression ratio of 8.0-to-1. It achieved a maximum 165 gross-horsepower at 3,800 rpm and netted 147 horsepower at 3,600 rpm

All US cleveland type engines cast after that were 400s or 351Ms. Ford H/D commercials have a different kind of chassis number to a Falcon, so your engine number starting with A is correct for an F-series. The last digit on the engine/chassis number should tell you what engine it is (pre- or post- ADR36 V8) The easy way to tell these two versions apart is by the engine block casting number. Ford engine block part numbers always have 6015 in the middle, so we can ignore that part. The last two numbers were used to indicate the displacement (BA means 1600cc, AA means 1300cc), so we just focus on the first few digits 70HM6015BA is the block casting number. YEAR designed 1970, 122 CI, LITRE 2.0, BORE 3.57. 6015 is an engine part number. The stamped number above the casting number and below the exhaust port as shown in Matts photo is the official engine number that you list on the rego and helps to decode the car the engine was originally installed into. This. Ford 4.6 and 5.4 cylinder order to help if you have a misfir You need to check the bore and stroke, check the date code under the block at the oil filter, and check the casting numberon the block, on the right side of the block towards the front. It will say somthing like, for example C6ME-A Ford only gave a few clues as to ID ing their engines

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Make LTR/CID CYL Year Description Casting Part Cost; Ford: 1.3 - 81: L4: 89-97: Mazda Engine: B301: CH12903: $335.00: Ford: 1.6 - 1597: L4: 87-88: Mazda Engine. They are available on the FR500 crate engine. They are available through Ford Racing Performance Parts under part numbers M-6049-T46 and M-6050-T46. They are bare heads, but Ford also offers camshaft kit (cams, valves, springs, retainers and rockers) under part number M-6550-T46. Year Casting Number Description 1993-2001 F50E (VIN V) Aluminum DOH A basic part number is included within the casting number and indicates what the part is, not what it was made for, or when it was made. An example could be a master cylinder - most master cylinders have a basic part number of 2140, but there a number of different master cylinders for different Ford vehicles Decoding Ford casting part numbers. Essentially though, most of the casting numbers on that engine will start with F4, F6, F7, etc. The F designating the decade of 1990, and the next digit representing the year; F4= 1994. Also, having a part number with a casting number year of F4 does not mean that it came from a 1994 vehicle, just when it was.

The Ford Pinto engine was the unofficial but generic nickname for a four-cylinder internal combustion enginebuilt by Ford Europe. Introduced by Ford in 1970, the Pinto was one of the first production engines to carry the cam on top of the head, driven by a toothed belt. In Ford sales literature, it was referred to as the EAO or OHC engine and. 1954 - Canadians and others used 8BA for last year, no USA flatheads. Here is the 221-239-255 cube flathead block story with pictures, to the best of my knowledge and ability to collect pictures so far. In the beginning of this story it is 1931 and Chevrolet has a 6 cylinder car. Henry Ford had to upstage them The casting date code is the one that tells exactly when it was cast. I have many Ford engines with early 70s main casting #'s but with late 70's casting dates. Also some late 80's engines with early 80 casting numbers as well as 60's blocks that follow suit. The date code would read something like 6C12 Ford also built some trucks with the 300 cubic inch (4.9 L) engine coupled with the Ford C6 transmission and the Ford E4OD transmission as well as the Mazda built M5OD 5 speed manual transmission through the mid-1990s. This combination is a durable truck powertrain. The 4.9 liter 6 cylinder was built in Cleveland, Ohio. See also. List of Ford.

5) Lower horsepower number is for the Ford truck engine version. Engine Colors: Ford engines were generally dark blue in 1949 and changed to bronze in late '49 production through 1951. For 1952 and 1953 the Ford engine was either tangerine red or green. The Ford truck engines were red from 1948 through 1951, and then changed to green for 1952-53 All 4.6 L 4-valve engines featured aluminum engine blocks with 6-bolt main bearing caps, with the only exception being the 2003-2004 SVT Cobra which had a 4-bolt main cast iron block. The 1999 and earlier engines featured an aluminum block cast in Italy by Fiat subsidiary Teksid S.p.A Farther down on the block just below the starterare the numbers 1326229 31. On the head there are two sets of numbers 7-18 toward the front and either 1616823-17 or its [6] 6823-[7.... I cant tell if those are numerical 1's or a divider between numbers..... help if you can. Philift Engine Part Numbers.doc

Ford Flathead engine identification - Part II. Part II of the Ford Flathead identification article. After we handled all 21 stud engines, the 60 HP and the monster 337cui engines, we'll look closer to all 24 stud engines in this part. The american Ford V8 24 stud Flatheads where build from 1938 to 1953. The displacement is 221, 239 or 255 cubic. Model Identification Chart Ford & Mercury. 1928 through 1953. Passenger - Commercial - Truck - Bus. Click on the camera to see model pictures 1928-2

Ford Mustang Model Specific Forums. Classic Mustang Forums. Classic Tech. 1965 mustang 6 cylinder, Cylinder Head casting number. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 9 of 9 Posts. C. Chris's Mustang · Registered. Joined Oct 25, 2010 · 28 Posts . Discussion Starter ·. One simple characteristic of a Ford Flathead is the number of head nuts per cylinder. If someone is talking about a 24-stud, he means an engine with 24 head nuts (or 24 studs in the block). Ford has build several cylinderheads, but only 4 different heads in count of the head nuts: 17, 21, 24 and 27. If the count is 17, you have the smallest of. 1963 FORD ENGINES. Base 6 Cylinder (Serial No. Code S) (Falcons) Cast-iron, Overhead valve design. 144 cubic inch displacement. Compression ratio: 8.7:1. 85 brake horsepower @ 4200 rpm. Bore: 3.50 Stroke: 2.50 inches. Holly one-barrel carburetor. 4 Main bearings Head # - Cylinder head casting numbers. Block # - Cylinder block casting numbers. Variations in production practices, foundry sources and OEM running changes are quite common and it must not be assumed, nor guaranteed, that a casting number as listed is complete for all models shown. Do not attempt to use this manual as an interchange manual

All engines are stamped with an engine ID code, consisting of assembly plant code, production date and suffix code. V8 codes are stamped on a pad just forward of the right side (passenger) cylinder head. 6 cylinder engines are stamped on the passenger side of the block behind the distributor I'm putting together a 1975 T Bird with a 460 engine and I want to do it right but I also would like to understand what the casting numbers mean. The heads are stamped with D3VE-A2A, the intake manifold is stamped D5VE-9425-A3D, and the tag on the right valve cover reads FK469AA. If anyone know.. The Numeric Engine Code Mystery. I am working with a client located in Ecuador on his project and requested the VIN number so I could properly identify the engine in his 1965 Mustang, he promptly emailed it over to me for review; you guessed it, it had a number in the position of the engine code 00-06 Ford 3.0L 7mm valve stem new bare cylinder head. C#F6DE Ranger,Sable,Taurus Free shipping, best prices 818 767-660

The cylinder head casting numbers are located on the outside of the head, along the valve cover mounting rail and between the 3rd and 4th exhaust ports. The are visible simply by raising the hood and looking at the engine. You should be able to find a cast-in alphanumeric number, possibly one of the following For 2020 Ford introduced the 3rd Generation 6.7L Power Stroke diesel, rated at an impressive peak 1,050 lb-ft of a torque and 475 horsepower. While the revised engine features a number of significant changes, the most noteworthy is likely its new piston design. For 2020, the Power Stroke utilizes a steel piston with a relatively short overall. This article works with our 6 Cylinder Bell Housings article. The Ford In-line 6 cylinder used in passenger cars and Econolines came in 3 sizes in the '60s and '70s: 144, 170 & 200 c.i. displacements. Also used in various vehicles were 240, 250 & 300 c.i. displacements. The focus of this article does not include those engines

1964 FORD ID NUMBERS. In 1964 Ford coding system is described as follows: In this table, the ID number is in the left column reading down. The right column is the explanation. Z=St. Louis. 66=Galaxie 500 2 door Club Victoria (5 pass.) 72=4 door Country Sedan wagon, 6 pass. 74=4 door Country Sedan Wagon, 9 pass R F Engine. Store Hours of Operation. Monday - Friday 8:00 - 5:30 EST and Saturday By Appointment Only. Call Toll Free 844-944-0353. 1445 E. Lansing Rd. | Morrice, MI 48857. All comments and suggestions about our site are very welcome, appreciated and a valuable source of information. Your Information. * First name. * Last name

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2012 F350 Lariat ultimate 6.7 PSD LB CC SRW Fx4, 67 F-250 Project truck, currently in a billion pieces 70 F-250 4x4 (highboy) Past trucks: 07 F-350 xlt 6.0 PSD LB CC SRW 4x4, black on tan, A/T, 5 exhaust w/4 downpipe, SCT livewire :ford: Traded in 04 F-250 xlt 6.0 PSD SB extcab 4x4, 6spd, all stock and 97 F-250HD xlt 7.3 PSD extcab LB 4x4, 5spd, Superchips tuner, 4 turbo back exaust, K&N. The only other attempt before that was in 1906 when the Ford model K was introduced with a six-cylinder engine. Unfortunately, the model K was a disaster in quality control and the engine along with the car was shelved by 1907. By 1941 Ford had gotten it right with the 226 flathead and because of that sales flourished This block stayed in service until 1999 when Ford eliminated the main cap jack-screws, which gave it a new casting number (seen above the oil pan rail on the left side of the block). Below are two pictures of those casting numbers, the left being the '96-'98 F6LE block - with a jack-screw visible - and the right showing the '99 XR3E block The only numbers i find on the engine is a casting number whitch is 367727R2. 300 c: cylinder..sure# on block is 05TE-6015-AA can I get info on eng. I have a chipper with ford 6 cylinder eng looks like 300 ci but don't know for sure # XXXXX block is 05TE-6015-AA can I get info on eng from this number. We have a list of the small block Ford casting numbers used and this should help you determine what you are working with. Just click the attachments under this message and find your number. Answer ID 634 | Published 10/04/2001 08:18 PM | Updated 12/18/2018 07:58 AM. Attachments. File Type jpg. SBF Block Casting.jpg (36.78 KB