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Soak the peach gum in clean water for about 6 to 8 hours until it turns soft. Remove the unwanted impurities on peach gum and cut it into small pieces. Next, cut the pear into bite size pieces. Cut the red dates in half Yen Can Cook: Pear & Peach Gum Tong Sui 雪梨桃胶糖水 January 24, 2019 Choi Yen 9 comments Peach gum also know as peach resin, peach blossom tears, or its scientific name, Prunus Persica, is one among dozens of products that classify as natural gums

Firstly, Immerse 20g peach gum, 20g gleditsia sinensis for 12 hours. The peach gum will become times larger after immersing. So please use the big bowl to immerse it We call this the refreshing bowl of goodness a.k.a Tong Sui Amped it up with our #QraRecipes and made our very own bowl of Snow Fungus Peach Gum 襤 Here's what you need: - Chai Huat Hin Amber.. Recipe:You may add as much or as little ingredients as you like, just adjust the sweetness according to your taste.Ingredients:Peach gum (soak overnight and.

Today I'm going to share a quick and easy Tong Sui (Chinese dessert soup) cooked with snow pear, snow fungus and peach gum. The dessert has strengthening and beauty-boosting properties which is suitable for the whole family. Ingredients (Serve: 3-4) 20g peach gum (can be purchased from Chinese medicine shop) 2 snow pears, peeled & cut into wedge Peach Gum With Milk And Snow Swallow Peach Gum With Milk And Snow Swallow is a sweet Chinese Soup (also called Tong sui) that also provide many benefit to our body. For example, It has a more magical effect of lowering blood sugar. Peach gum is a reddish-brown or yellow-brown colloidal substance secreted by the bark of peach trees

Peach gum is actually the resin from the peach tree (prunus persica). It comes in the form of amber-hued crystals. It's also contain antioxidant agent and na.. Latest reviews, photos and ratings for Tong Sui at 927 E Arques Ave #151 in Sunnyvale - view the menu, ⏰hours, ☎️phone number, ☝address and map

The soup is a treasure trove of health-giving ingredients: fungus and peach gum (桃胶) enhances one's complexion, while lily bulb (百合) nourishes the lungs. For his recipe for Sweet Soup, he prefers to use Japanese lily bulb as they are larger and thicker, which gives a greater textural contrast to the soup I came across a post by Yummy Keto By Charine on Facebook page where she whipped up a Low Carb Chinese Dessert or Chinese Tong Sui - Goji Berries Peach Gum Collagen Dessert. Peach gum has been rather popular in the recent years for its nutritional properties. Peach gum is the resin from Chinese wild peach trees that are sold in small little. Made a nourishing & collagen booster desert. Peach gum 桃胶 is rich in collagen for beautiful skin & wrinkle-free, cleanses blood and clears acne and prevent urinary tract infections with regular consumption. Once cook, it's jelly-like stuff texture is soft and tasteless. It's mouth-feel can comparable to bird's nest. Best when consume it chilled. So refreshing and yummy. As the name tells. The peach gum tong sui was a lot more generous with ingredients. Best of all, it was barely sweet, just the way I like it. In the tong sui there were white fungus (I am not a fan of this), papaya (hey, it's nice!), red dates (I used to dislike this, but now I am ok), longan and some bits and pieces of chewy peach gum (first time I am having this)

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Tong Sui. Call Menu Info. 927 E Arques Ave Sunnyvale, CA 94085 Uber. MORE PHOTOS. Menu Coconut Pudding. Each. Signature Coconut Pudding $7.95 Steamed Milk with Peach Gum $8.95 Taro & Ube Sago $6.95 Grass Jelly Bowl with Beans & Taro Balls $8.95. chinese dessert tong sui (Sweet Soup) ; peach gum, snow swallow and saponin rice. Sweet gum tree seed pod from Liquidambar styraciflua, commonly called American sweet gum a deciduous tree in the genus Liquidambar native to warm temperate areas. Formosan Sweet Gum, Fragrant Maple, Beautiful Sweetgum (Liquidambar formosana Hance). 7. Ding Xiang Tong Sui. Started originally as a biscuit house, one corner of the place has now been converted into a Tong Sui corner. They offer a variety of classic Chinese desserts with some of the most-in options like taro balls, pudding and peach gum. If you're up for it, do drive in for a quick desserts fix

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Yen Can Cook Pear Peach Gum Tong Sui 雪梨桃胶糖水 Mimi S Dining Room . For more information and source, see on this link : https: Peach Gum Can Potentially Serve As A New Edible Coating To Preserve Peach Fruit News Postharvest Fruits Vegetables And Ornamentals Tong Sui can choose from Longan Tofu, Longan Osmanthus, Herbal Jelly. Smoke Duck Poke Bowl + Tong Sui. Ginseng, peach gum, longan, red date, snow fungus slow cook with rock sugar. Peach Series. Ginseng Peachgum Soya. Ginseng, longan, red date, snow fungus slow cook in soya Author: reginelim Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Glutinous rice flour (Erawan Brand), Readymade lotus seed paste or red bean paste, Shreded cheddar cheese, Portugues tart skin, Egg, Black sesame seed kare-san sui Stock Images by nateskate66 1 / 36 businessman pushing button high quality green check Pictures by Imilian 2 / 9 Chinese Sui Mai in Bamboo Steamer Stock Photography by green308 2 / 257 composition on a wooden floor vintage globe with old leather sui Stock Photography by alexkich 1 / 4 Handsome business man portrait Stock Photo by Ostill 2 / 30 Handsome business man phoning. Tong Sui. View delivery time and booking fee. Enter your delivery address. Location and hours. 927 E Arques Ave #151, Sunnyvale, CA 94085. Every Day. 11:00 AM - 07:30 PM. Dessert: Other • Comfort Food • Snacks • Local Eats

Tong Sui or Tang2 Shui3 is a term for any sweet warm dessert, usually served after a meal. This recipe using snow fungus, peach resin, gingko nuts and lotus seeds has a good mix of chewiness, crunchiness, mushyness, melt-in-your-mouth goodness all in one sweet spoonful! Recipe for Snow Fungus Dessert (Tong Sui) Ingredients. 200 grams of gingko nut Rumah Tong Sui Homemade Tong Sui Desserts. Bubur Cha Cha, Peach Gum Snow Bird Nest, Barley, Red Bean & more! Pre-Order 1 day in advance for next day delivery by 3pm. rumahtongsui.co Tong Sui is Cantonese for sugar water, which describes any Chinese dessert that is sweet, and usually in the form of a warm soup or custard. These desserts are usually served at the end of a meal in Cantonese cuisine, and there are many varieties in various Cantonese-speaking or Chinese communities in many parts of the world

Yen Can Cook: Pear & Peach Gum Tong Sui 雪梨桃胶糖水 - Mimi's Xanthan gum is a substance used in making some foods and medications.It has different effects in these products: It can add thickness, keep textures from changing, and hold ingredients in plac DOL Natural Wild Peach Gum Edible Peach Blossom Tears Tao Jiao Peach resin 滋補抗皺 桃膠 food additives free 3 LB. 4.7 out of 5 stars. 12. $54.99. $54. . 99 ($1.15/Ounce) 5% coupon applied at checkout. Save 5% with coupon

7 resep peach gum snow ala rumahan yang mudah dan enak dari komunitas memasak terbesar dunia! Lihat juga resep Setup Jamur putih/salju ala peach gum enak lainnya Tong Sui Peach Resin Soup. Here at The Double Happiness, you have a choice of 8 different 'tong sui' to pick from. Be sure to not leave without trying a bowl of their 'tong sui'. Bring your friends and family along so you're able to order a variety of 'tong sui'

Peach gum Tong sui Mushroom Wood ear Pear. More Questions: Why is Quorn bad for you? The chunks of imitation meat are nutritious, but the prepared foods in which they are used may be high in fat or salt. Some consumers are sensitive to Quorn products, resulting in vomiting, nausea, diarrhea Good grade peach gum will expand a lot and has very little trance of impurities. It saves you a lot of time and trouble to clean it. it also reduces a lot of wastage. Many agreed that our peach gum can just soak and cook, don't have to pick out those dirt. There are many ways to enjoy it. Commonly is to boil ''tong sui'' (糖水) Home Restaurant Food 소공동 순두부. 【소공동】 소공동 순두부 24oz- (해물,소고기,돼지고기, 햄&치즈) Previous product. ★ [Tong Sui] Signature Coconut Pudding in the Glass Jar 8oz $ 8.49. Back to products. Next product. ★경일 쌀조청 1.5kg (Korean Rice Syrup) $ 22.00 Chilled Ginseng Tong Sui with Peach Gum -- $15+ for 10pax Incredibly refreshing and cleansing. There was actual ginseng(!) but no need to worry if you're not a fan of the premium root, as ingredients like longan, red dates and the peach gum gave balance to this chilled dessert

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  1. Tong Sui; Instant Food. [Tong Sui] Rosewater Peach Gum Coconut Pudding in the Glass Jar 8oz $ 11.99; Home Restaurant Food Alexander's. Show sidebar. No products were found matching your selection. Search An online grocery store in Sunnyvale, California, to provide customers with online shopping convenience. We do our best with fast delivery
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  3. Tong Sui 糖水 • Tong Sui 糖水 Topped with premium rosewater, peach gum - tear of the peach tree, and organic honey. $11.95. 05. Matcha Coconut Pudding with Red Beans in the Glass Jar. Premium Uji Matcha coconut pudding with sweet red beans aside. $10.95. 12. Coconut Durian Sag
  4. Menu, hours, photos, and more for Kowloon Tong Dessert Cafe located at 393 7th Ave, San Francisco, CA, 94118-2321, offering Dinner, Chinese, Asian and Dessert. Order online from Kowloon Tong Dessert Cafe on MenuPages. Delivery or takeout.

Tong Sui. Red Bean Soup 红豆沙 Pumpkin Sago Soup 金瓜西米露. Papaya with Snow Fungus and Longan 木瓜雪耳龙眼. Peach Gum with Red Dates and Goji Berries 桃胶红枣枸杞. Pour in sago seeds and lower heat. Let it simmer for around 10 minutes. Stir gently occasionally to prevent the sago pearls from clumping and sticking to the pot. 2. After 5 minutes of simmering. Notice that the water has turned slightly cloudy. Keep stirring gently. 3. After 10 minutes of simmering, turn off the heat For all the fancy desserts like gelato, bingsu and soft serve, the good ol' tong sui (which literally means sugar water in Cantonese) is far from oblivion. In fact, there are still plenty of places you can satiate your sweet tooth with a bowl of piping-hot or icy-cold tong sui.We have rounded up 8 Best Places To Enjoy Tong Sui Desserts around the Klang Valley area

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Peach gum tong sui from Eunice After drinking a bowl of peach gum soup (courtesy of Eunice), we washed up with pipe water near the trail head, before changing into a set of clean clothing and bid goodbye to each other, promising to meet again next time Aloe Vera and Peach Gum Dessert; Barley and Gingko In Soy Milk; Bee Koh Moy / Bubur Pulut Hitam (Black Glutinous Rice Dessert) Bubur Cha-Cha ; Fu Chok Yee Mai Pak Kor Tong Sui (Dried Bean Curd, Barley & Gingko Nuts Dessert

Last time, whenever we buy Lok Mei Tong Sui (六味糖水) which is also known as Leng Chee Kang (Lotus Seed Tong Sui) or Cheng Teng aka Ching Bo Leong 清汤/清补凉, they would have Pang Da Hai in the tong sui but nowadays the Pang Da Hai have been replaced by peach gum which is just as tasty. Here is a recipe for the Cheng Teng Tong Sui. Warm spices with buttery vegetables makes our Sweet Potato and Ginger Dessert Soup an ultra satisfying way to end the day. It uses only 4 ingredients and is a healthy alternative for those quick sugar cravings. All you have to do peel, boil and simmer, then enjoy it hot or cold We were also served tender and springy Soy Noodles with Shredded Chicken and Dried Shrimp (RM65), and a bowl of sweet Double Boiled Fig with Crystal Pear & Peach Gum Tong Sui (RM18 per portion) Find the perfect snow peach stock photo. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. No need to register, buy now

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Find Snow Swallow Gum Dark Gray Dessert stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day Tremella Sweet Soup With Peach Resin And Snow Swallow Good Food. Recipe Tremella Papaya Soup Home Cooking Recipes. Peach Gum Tremella Soup Stock Photo Dashu83 227205346. Recipe Yangyan Jujube Papaya Tremella Soup Home Cooking. Recipe Purple Potato Tremella Soup Home Cooking Recipes

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Chinese Cuisine Tong Sui Congee Tremella Fuciformis Recipe Png Papaya Tremella Snow Fungus Soup 木瓜雪耳湯 You Tremella lotus seed soup recipe from the frontier college recipe tremella lotus seed soup peach gum sugar water snow fungus soup china sichuan food why you should be eating more snow fungus yangon life. Share. Tweet. Google+. Download Sweet gum tree images and photos. Over 268 Sweet gum tree pictures to choose from, with no signup needed. Download in under 30 seconds 258 Sweet Gum Tree stock photos on GoGraph. Download high resolution Sweet Gum Tree stock photos from our collection of 65,000,000 stock photos Peach gum is the solidified resin from peach trees, which has been popping up in Chinese soups in the last few years because of it's supposed health benefits and collagen properties. The peach gum doesn't have much taste and its mostly a textural experience

chinese dessert tong sui (Sweet Soup) ; peach gum, snow swallow and saponin rice. Jatoba do cerrado - West indian locust fruit sement tree - Hymenaea courbaril with a hammer in the background. Macro of Carob tree (Ceratonia siliqua) twig with first new leaves over blue sky background Find the perfect saponin stock photo. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. No need to register, buy now

Packaging & Shopping Experience I'll start by showing the packaging A Healthier You's products arrived in. My first package included a wide selection of products, so it arrived in this big and bright red box wrapped with white ribbon, it felt like Christmas came early Healthy Food For Smoggy Weather 1. READ Budweiser Select 55 Beer Nutrition Facts. Tremella Sweet Soup With Peach Resin And Snow Swallow Good Food. Snow Fungus Soup China Sichuan Food. Chinese Collagen Snow Fungus Beauty Tonic Recipe Celestial Peach. Tremella Fuciformis Congee Jujube Soup Png 800x800px. READ Pieology Nutrition Crust The Chengyu, in Chinese 成语, are four character expressions that express a particular meaning, taken from the stories of classical China.There are lots of Chengyu in the Chinese language and they get used quite a bit. When a foreigner manages to master the Chengyu - along with idiomatic expressions - both in written and spoken language, it means they have reached a very high level in. Hungry now? Order your next meal online from Wishever Cafe! We provide delivery & pickup services A sweet ending of Chilled Sea Coconut with Longan & Peach Gum ended our meal on a high. I'm usually not a fan of a chilled sea coconut dessert but I did enjoy the inclusion of peach gum (with a jelly-like consistency that's actually the resin secreted from the bark of the Chinese peach tree) in this tong sui

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With the flu and chilly weather that's been going around in Hong Kong lately, it only seems opportune to cook up some nourishing sea coconut tong sui (糖水). Literally sugar water, tong sui is a Cantonese specialty - not a toothache-inducing syrupy bog per se - but rather a lightly sweetened broth of nutritional goodness. In Hong Kong, tong sui is a proper dessert, served hot or cold, a. Search 254 Jiao Posters, Art Prints, and Canvas Wall Art. Barewalls provides art prints of over 33 Million images! Wholesale prices on frames Feel free to add other ingredients. Ingredients: 30 grams peach gum 30克桃胶. 10 grams snow birds nest gum tragacanth 10克雪燕. 10 grams snow lotus seeds 10克雪莲子. 30 grams dried longan 30克龙眼. 10-12 medium size red date (remove pit) 10-12粒红枣. 120-150 grams honey rock sugar (adjust sweetness to your taste) 120-150.

Method. Soak the peach gum solids in warm water overnight or for 12 hours till it expands. Use your hands to remove the seeds. Tie your pandan leaves. Boil a pot of water. Add in the Lo Han Kao, dried longan, sugar and the soaked peach gum. Lower heat to a gentle simmer. After 40 minutes of simmering, it will be ready Peach resin is natural hardened sap from the peach tree. To prepare it, all you have to do is soak it in water for 24 hours at room temperature. Check on it periodically to make sure it has enough water and room to expand Our food menu starts from RM2.5 for nasi lemak/economic fried noodle. Our sweet soup (tong shui) menu prices between RM3.5 to RM4.0. And we don't charge any service charge nor SST! Tasteful and fresh from kitchen. Our food is freshly prepared from kitchen with love on daily basis by our culinary team with over 40 years of experience. Cashless.

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  1. Established in 1985 in Los Angeles' Chinatown, Wing Hop Fung has become the premier and trusted retailer of Asian products in Southern California. Born from generations of herbal and tea wisdom, we take pride in offering the best in Chinese herbs, premium loose teas, ginseng, Asian delicacies, housewares, and fine win
  2. s. Remove the pandan leaves and discard. Put the snow fungus, nan xing, bei xing and rock sugar into the pot and boil over medium heat for about 35
  3. People with oral allergy syndrome may have an itchy, tingling mouth and throat after eating certain foods. Here are some tips to avoid this discomfort
  4. Order delivery or pickup from Tong Sui in Sunnyvale! View Tong Sui's April 2021 deals and menus. Support your local restaurants with Grubhub! Rosewater peach gum we use premium rosewater and the tear of the peach tree. Served in the glass jar. $10.95. 05. Matcha Coconut Pudding with Red Bean

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  2. Throughout the floor-to-ceiling windows, you can enjoy 180-degree sea view of Victoria Harbour, giving you a sense of relaxation and comfort. The decoration of the restaurant is also very playful and full of modernity; it focuses on innovative Chinese dim sum, such as Abalone Pastry, Snow Mountain Barbecued Buns, Crispy Chicken with Black Truffle and Scallion
  3. Gingko barley tongsui (白果薏米腐竹糖水) is a very common sweet dessert (tong sui). It's really easy to cook at home and I believe many don't... 2,851 views 0 comments. Post not marked as liked. Peach gum 桃胶 is rich in collagen for beautiful skin & wrinkle-free, cleanses blood and... 44,115 views 0 comments. 2 likes. Post not.
  4. Mar 29, 2015 - White Fungus, Red Dates and Dried Longan Dessert Drink (Tong Sui) If you are not going out during this crazy hot weather, do boil.
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  1. Special thanks to Sweet-i Dessert House for extending this food review invitation. Sweet-i Dessert House (甜在心糖水屋) has recently moved from Taman Lip Sin to a new shop at D'Piazza. Tracing its humble beginnings as a roadside stall in 2005, this dessert shop specializes in tong sui (糖水) desserts
  2. Jul 1, 2021 - A collection of Asian food recipes and images! Contributors, please submit beautiful images that inspire others. NO LONG/COLLAGE IMAGE please. There is no limit for the # of pins you can submit; however, pins that do not qualify in this board will be deleted. Thank you!! *This board is by invitation only (currently not accepting new contributors).*
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  4. Guang Ci Tang® Jin Gu Die Da Pian (Bruise Mender™) 40 grams in 200 mg 200 tablets @ 5:1 strength. At a true 5:1 concentration, this product represents the most potent form of Jin Gu Die Da Pian (Wan) on the market. One tablet is equal to 1 gram of raw herb
  5. บอร์ดที่ดีที่สุดของ . สาว ศรีสะเกษเว้ากันตง
  6. TONG SUI (糖水) ~ Barley, Ginkgo Nut and Beancurd Soup. ~ Bo Bo Cha Cha (摩摩查查) ~ Bubor Terrigu - 椰浆大麦露. ~ Cheng Teng - 八宝清汤. ~ [Healthy Version] Bubur Terigu - 大麦. ~ Double-Boiled Snow Frog Jelly. ~ Ginkgo Barley with Beancurd Sheet. ~ Green Bean Soup With Sweet Potato

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See what Jo Neo (sunsh1n3s) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas Find Dim Sum Restaurant, Food & Dining places in Hong Kong at OpenRice Hong Kon (Dummy PY: Yao Yu Heung Gong Ge Joe Gum Tong My Lau Tie Gwai, Yen Chi Ho Door Geet Jor Fun Tong Sarm Sup Sui Yee Seung Ge Yen Ying Yeen Tong Fu Mo Ju) - Because there is police brutality, so people are very upset. - 由于有警察濫暴,因此啲人好唔開心。 (Dummy PY: Yao Yu Ging Chat Larm Bow, Yen Chi Dee Yen Hoe Um Hoy Sum

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Peach Gum and Pear Dessert. Refreshing and nutritious peach gum and pear dessert. A delicious beauty tonic. Posted 2 years ago soothing and cooling water chestnut egg dessert - it's the perfect easy and quick cooking tong sui (Ch. Posted 4 years ago souperdiaries.com. Yam Rice (Taro Rice 芋头饭) Delicious and flavorful one-pot yam rice. Mixed Flavors with Coconut, Matcha & Strawberry. 10pcs per jar. $9.95. S09. Taro Mochi Coconut Pudding. $10.95. Limited Chinese New Year Desserts Combo. The combo includes red beans mochi coconut pudding, sweet tangerine coconut pudding, and lucky bag cake. Please keep refrigerated and store for up to 2 days A nourishing combo of peach gum, white fungus and lotus all in one bite. Made with premium grade peach gum and white fungus, this collagen boost is guaranteed to please as one enjoys this dessert in a flaky traditional Teochew pastry 189 Người theo dõi, Đang theo dõi 570 người, 28810 Ghim - Xem những gì Le Anhbao (lanhbao) tìm thấy trên Pinterest, ngôi nhà của những ý tưởng hay nhất thế giới

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TONG SHUI ~ LEONG'S SWEET DESSERT FOOD TRUCK AT BUKIT JALIL KUALA LUMPUR.Hi foodies! Guess what, I just found a new place to satisfy my cravings for Tong Shui or Sweet Chinese desserts kicks ~ right here at Bukit Jalil, near my home. LEONG'S SWEET DESSERT is a food truck stall located right in front of 7-Eleven at Jln Jalil Jaya 7, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur Folks, check out this latest hot deal at Iconic Hotel in Seberang Perai. By quoting the code COL_STBD, you can enjoy 20% discount from usual price RM 98 nett (adult/child/senior citizen) for their Surf & Turf Buffet Dinner that happens every Friday & Saturday. This buffet features a great range of delicious dishes, such as spanner crabs, tiger prawns, half shell mussels, Sashimi, Japanese Live. Jin Yu Man Tang is located at Katong, and some of its specialties include the Ginger Milk Pudding 姜撞奶 ($4.00), Shun De Double Layer Milk 顺德双皮奶 ($3.60), Peach Gum with Milk 桃胶鲜牛奶 ($4.50), Mango with Mini Rice Ball 芒果小丸子 ($5.00), and Deep Fried Milk 炸牛奶 ($5.50)

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The humble-looking dessert shop brings about a selection of traditional hot and cold desserts - some with modern twists, ranging from White Chendol ($4.00), Mango Sago, ($4.20), Black Sesame Paste ($3.50), and Peach Gum with Milk ($4.50). I was recommended the White Chendol ($4.00), also available in Red Bean and Durian versions ($4.50, $5.50) Mar 30, 2021 - Explore Mars Bars's board Chinese Medicine on Pinterest. See more ideas about chinese dessert, sweet soup, chinese soup recipes

Yen Can Cook ~ Peach Gum Water Chestnut Dessert – Mimi'sTong Sui Po 糖水铺 @ Jalan Seang Tek, Georgetown, PenangTong Sui – REACh Charity Foodfair On WheelsDouble Boiled Peach Gum with Red Dates & Dried Longan

Home - Hockhua Tonic. EVENTS & NOTICES. 20 Dec 2019. New Outlet @ Great World City. Venue: #B1-116/117 @ Great World City. 10 Oct 2019. New Outlet @ Clementi West. Venue: Blk 727 Clementi West St 2 #01-244 Singapore 120727. 19 Sep 2019 520 iF Cha Dessert Bar. $ • Desserts • Bubble Tea • Coffee and Tea. View delivery time and booking fee. Enter your delivery address. Location and hours. 133-53 37th Ave, Flushing, NY 11354. Every Day. 02:30 PM - 10:29 PM Mid-Autumn festival is fast approaching. We were extremely privilege to be invited yet again to preview Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur's exquisite and delectable spread of baked and snow skin mooncakes. Ee Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur Tel: 03-7628 7338 Taking centre stage this year are these rich in taste, yet light and fragrant tea..