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eQSL Authenticity Guaranteed [email protected] eDX100 Mixed. eDX100 SSB. ePFX300 Mixed. ePFX350 Mixed. ePFX400 Mixed. ARRL Member. DXCC Phone. DXCC Mixed. DXCC 20 Meter The Electronic QSL Card Centre. List of hams whose eQSL cards are 'Authenticity Guaranteed' [] [ eQSL.cc - The Electronic QSL Card Centre. * If you have a new callsign, DO NOT keep uploading * New, less expensive alternative to walnut eAward p... * When uploading ADIF logs, take care to only upload..

We will visually inspect it to verify that it appears to be a valid license issued to the same callsign as the user's callsign. Then we issue an Authenticity Guaranteed certificate and put the Authenticity Guaranteed logo onto each outgoing eQSL. This is the equivalent of a digital signature eQSL, does essentially the same, this is the Authenticity Guaranteed service eQSL provides. This insures that both services are actually sending information to the actual ham involved in starting an account. The ARRL takes the step a bit further, and forces it's users to digitally sign the upload. This signing takes a few more steps, and is.

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With ever more stations worldwide using the eQSL.cc service to do their QSL confirmations in place of tradition mailed cards or LOTW, this poll is to see how many amateurs would recommend ARRL change this policy and allow eQSL.cc authenticity guaranteed QSLs to be accepted for awards by the ARRL especially WAS and DXCC. Jun 8th 2014, 15:19 eQSL.cc Authenticity Guaranteed. Le mie attuali eQSL. current e-qsl - clik on image. current e-qsl(qrp) - clik on image. current e-qsl(OD5) - clik on image. Every account has it's own eQSL design and it's own mailbox. If you have your account AG (Authenticity Guaranteed) qualified you can request that for other accounts as well. When making a new account you just fill in the form that is below the My Accounts list. Make shure the call is the one you used like PE4BAS/M - /P or /QRP

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The Final Courtesy of a QSO is an instant eQSL. eQSL.cc has no control over the accuracy of logs supplied by the users of this system. Under no circumstances shall eQSL.cc be liable for any damages caused by your use of the information collected in this system. In particular, no warranties are expressed or implied with regard to information. Update eQSL AG Membership button. enabled if the eQSL AG database is present in DXView's Databases folder or in DXKeeper's Databases folder; click to set the eQSL Member item to 'A' in all QSOs in the Log Page Display whose callsign is an Authenticity Guaranteed member of eQSL.cc . LotW Ta If the eQSL AG Database is installed, then DXView will indicate that a callsign is an Authenticity Guaranteed member of eQSL.cc by coloring the backgrounds of textboxes in the Search and DXCC panels when you strike the Enter key in the Callsign textbox or when you click the Go button. The colors used differentiate callsign

On-Line Confirmations CQ accepts electronic confirmations for all awards for contacts confirmed via eQSL.cc (limited to confirmations from eQSL Authenticity Guaranteed members). See details below excerpted from CQ magazine. CQ also gives award credit for contacts confirmed via the ARRL's Logbook of the World (LoTW) system for the WPX and (effective April 2018) WAZ Awards DD8IU Germany. Primary only for: DD8IU/P. Login is required for additional detail. QSL: VIA BUREAU, DIRECT OR EQSL - AUTHENTICITY GUARANTEED FOR EQSL AW Email: Login required to view Ham Member Lookups: 548

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  2. The Electronic QSL Card Centre. The Electronic QSL Card Centre! Authenticate via LOTW Get Authenticity Guaranteed using Logbook of the World Friday, July 30, 2021 04:26 UTC Callsign: FAQ Contact Us: MFJ Enterprises Welcome New User; KO4GEQ Bruce G Eash Jr from USA.
  3. Once the documents are received by eQSL, they will decide whether or not the information is adequate and will designate your account as [Authenticity Guaranteed] or not. Additionally, it appears that eQSL also is able to authenticate your identity by checking to see if you have been certified already by the ARRL Logbook of the World program

Of course in award to participate in their awards programs you have to be Authenticity Guaranteed (AG'd) and be at least a Bronze member. AG'd is eQSL's way of providing security and proof that you are who you say you are, much like the certificates with LOTW. Fortunately, with eQSL, the AG process is much more simple than the certificate stuff. Gold Membership To qualify: Must have made donation(s) totalling at least $300 (it was $200 before August 1, 2011) at any time in the past, and you must have Authenticity Guaranteed status. The Gold membership is essentially a life-time membership. (You can set up a PayPal subscription of $25 a month, and 12 months later you'll have made $300 in donations.

By opting out of EQSL, the other station will see a message directing them to send me a paper card via direct or bureau. Perfect! I don't intend to bring up the whole debate about EQSL, just wanted to inform those who may have been in the same situation as I -- spending time logging on every once and a while to check for new cards, etc.. HRD & eQSL lookup. Discussion in ' Ham Radio Deluxe - HRD ' started by AC2MM, Apr 25, 2018 . AC2MM Premium Subscriber QRZ Page. This may not sound like a QRZ question, but I'm told it is. I'm using HRD, latest version. If I type my callsign in the corner of the HRD Logbook, it comes up with LOTW - Yes eQSL - No. But that's not true 1. authenticity guaranteedを行いたいので、貴局のご回答を拝見させていただきましたが、eqsl.ccのメニューのページの右側にauthenticity guaranteedというlink先が見当たりません eQSL.cc Authenticity Guaranteed for HS7WMU mail_forwarding@eqsl.cc. Congratulations! Your application for Authenticity Guaranteed for HS7WMU has been approved. 73, Dave Morris, N5UP Webmaster, eQSL.cc . แบ่งปันสิ่งนี้ eQSL - The Final Courtesy by Dave Morris, N5UP, Founder and Webmaster, eQSL.cc February 5, 2001 The world's first and only eQSL exchange centre, www.eQSL.cc, started the year 2001 with a bang. Only a few weeks earlier, on the first of December, it had blown through the 1 million card mark, and now 2 million cards were in the central database

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  1. Authenticity Guaranteed (AG) member of eQSL: pink background; LotW participant and eQSL AG member: cyan background; decodes QSX and grid square from spot notes; sorts in real-time; filters in real-time. unworked bands or modes only; specified callsign only; specified DXCC entity onl
  2. For those unacquainted with eQSL, it is an electronic way of exchanging contact cards, known as QSLs. I have received eQSL cards from 32 countries AG. This means Authenticity Guaranteed - ie that the person who is sending the card has shown that they are a licenced operator by sending their licence to eQSL
  3. The Electronic QSL Card Centre. The Electronic QSL Card Centre! Favorite eQSL Designs These are our members' favorite eQSL designs Latest Authenticity Guaranteed: MFJ Enterprises Community; Charter Members: AD6FR,EA1BPO,EA6SK... Earliest QSOs in the databas
  4. The Sync eQSL.cc QSLs function remembers the date and time at which the last QSL reported was uploaded to eQSL.cc; A - known to participate, authenticity guaranteed. You can direct DXKeeper to update the eQSL Member item of each QSO in the Log Page Display
  5. カード交換の為にJARLへ入会するのもアクティビティが低い私には少々勿体ない気がするのでeQSLに登録することにしました だいぶ前に登録だけはしてありましたが、まだアワードに使用できるAuthenticity Guaranteedがされていませんでした

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そこでeQSL.ccでは、届いたeQSLが確かに本物であるという保証のために「本人確認(Authenticity Guaranteed)」というプログラムを設けており、皆さんにこの手続きを踏んでいただくようお願いしています Latest Authenticity Guaranteed: MFJ Enterprises Community; Charter Members: AD6JF,EA7CN,G3PGA... Earliest QSOs in the database Some of our members' ancient QSL card collections! Advertising Opportunities; If you have a ham radio oriented business, take a look at our advertising opportunities! Amateur Radio Product A fourth domain, eQSL.CO has been pointed there for some time already, and is guaranteed to work. The problem with not doing an orderly and methodical migration is that any user graphics uploaded after February 16 are not on the new system. If you uploaded your license for Authenticity Guaranteed, and you still have not received it, your.

About eQSL.cc (a div of Air Wave Productions, LLC) Purpose eQSL.cc is the first and only global electronic QSL card exchange for amateur radio operators and SWLs. It is designed to be the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to exchange QSO confirmations, eliminating the cost and time that regular QSL cards have required for the past half century eQSL についての JH8JNF の投稿 (同じコールサインの必要はあるかもしれないが)複数のコールサインでAG(Authenticity Guaranteed)になる。(eg. JH8JNF, JH8JNF/1はすくなくとも新たに証明を提出しなくてOK). WL7E, WL7E/W7, and WL7E/KH6 logs have been uploaded to eQSL.They are Authenticity Guaranteed. I do not use eQSL but provide this as a courtesy for those that do. If you do not find a match for an electronic confirmation, please feel free to email wl7e@arrl.net with the qso information and I will do my best to research the contact data

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I need your eQSL for an eAward, and your eQSL does not count unless it is has Authenticity Guaranteed status. There are 3 different ways to get AG status. Have you looked at the Authenticity Guaranteed page to see how easy it is? 73. 英語の理解力に乏しい私. Authenticity Guaranteed = AG の察しはつい The Electronic QSL Card Centre. The Electronic QSL Card Centre! Country List Here are some of the countries represented on eQSL.cc Sunday, July 18, 2021 02:35 UTC 2 The AG column indicates how many users in that country have Authenticity Guaranteed certificates (Note:. eQSL.ccからのメールどのようにすれば止められますか? eQSL.ccに登録しているメールアドレスを変更するには、どうすればよいですか? eQSL.ccのサポートデスクに問い合わせるにはどうすればよいですか? InBoxの反応が遅すぎて使い物になりません。 InBo eqsl. 5 followers dasboostin (180 dasboostin's feedback score is 180) 98.2% dasboostin has 98.2% Positive Feedback. Hello everyone, this is Norm, KB9YGD. I've noticed that there are many hams that will join EQSL and never go back or become AUTHENTICITY GUARANTEED, which is not hard to do and doesn't cost anything. Many hams have several hundred EQSLs waiting for them but wont go and confirm the cards or do nothing

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  1. eQSL.ccの登録は簡単でした。無料で使えるのですが、5ドルだけ寄付してブロンズ会員になり、東京スカイツリーの写真を使ってみました。ツリーとコールサインの配置がちょうど良かった。 eQSLアワードで使用するにはAuthenticity Guaranteedマークが必要です
  2. eQSLにはAuthenticity Guaranteedという区分とnon AGの区分があります。これはおそらくなりすましを防止するため、発行されたQSLが正当なものであることを証明するためのもので、AGでないと獲得できないAwardが存在することとなります
  3. I am a long time computer geek and prefer doing things electronically whenever possible. Have used eQSL for a couple years and like it a lot. I am not in it for formal awards, but I am working on my WAS in PSK31 for my own satisfaction. I also use LOTW. My experience is over 80% return on eQSL from users who are Authenticity Guaranteed
  4. Authenticity Guaranteedを貰う方法も大したことではありません。 自分の局免をスキャナで取り込むかデジカメで写真を撮り、eQSL.ccサイトの 「Authenticity Guaranteed Program」のページからUploadするだけです
  5. Rating: 2010-12-06. Winning the race with LoTW. Time Owned: more than 12 months. I upload 100% of my QSO's to both LoTW and eQSL. Recently decided to take a run at 100 DX entities - PSK only. To date I've had QSOs with 56 entities, 33 Authenticity Guaranteed confirmed on eQSL, but only 17 on LoTW

My 144 Mhz station (1974-2000) I am Michel, I was Born in Strasbourg in 1951. I started Short Wave Listening in 1965. I was Licensed as Amateur Radio since 1974. I working on 144 Mhz from 1974 to 2000. I Stop Amateur Radio Activity from 2000 to 2016. I working now on 14 Mhz since August 2016

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