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Click in the row immediately above the unwanted line. If there is any text immediately above the line, select the entire row above the line. 2 Drag the cursor to the row immediately below the unwanted line If you want an alternative method to insert a horizontal line in Word, and one that is more obvious to delete, here's how: Click where you want to place the line. Go to the Home tab in the Ribbon. Within the Paragraph section, click the dropdown arrow next to the Borders icon and select Horizontal Line horizontal lines in Word 2019 Cannot delete them. I tried many times to delete the horizontal lines that appear with footnotes or endnotes. Word has a procedure to do this, it does not work. Supposed to press No Borders but it fails to work. I called MicroSupport and she removed my footnote numbers and the lines, so I had to add the numbers again For quality business and academic presentation of a table, correct formatting is essential. Learn how to create a professional table for presentation Choose the Toolbars option from the View menu, and make sure Tables and Borders is selected from the resulting submenu. Click on the Eraser tool on the toolbar. This is the one just to the right of the tool that looks like a pencil. Click and drag to select the table lines you want to erase

I want to remove horizontal lines from my HTML table. I have tried using CSS like border-bottom and border-top and set the value to 0 but that didn't change; whereas border-right and border-left working perfectly 1. First, go to Insert tab and click the drop down arrow of Table button. 2. Drag the mouse to select the numbers of horizontal and vertical rows. 3. When the table is completed, go to Design tab and click the drop down arrow of Borders. Note: if the table is already in your document, just follow the step above directly

There are a few methods for either undoing or removing the horizontal line or preventing Word from automatically creating it. The first method is to press Ctrl + Z right after typing the characters and pressing Enter to undo the automatic creation of the horizontal line. The line is removed and your characters remain In the document you will remove its footnote or endnotes separator line, click View > Draft. 2. Then click References > Show Notes as below screenshot shown. 3. If there are both footnotes and endnotes in your document, a Show Notes dialog box will pop up, please select an option as you need and then click the OK button If you want to remove all horizontal lines in the document, it's tedious to remove them manually. VBA can make it easier, do as follows: 1. Press Alt+F11 to open the VBA window in Word

Remove a horizontal line Place the cursor immediately above the horizontal line. On the Home tab, click the arrow next to the Borders and Shading button, and click No Border. For more on how lines work in borders, see Add, change, or delete borders from documents or pictures Select any table cell. Click the Layout tab that appears at the top, and then click on Properties on the far left. In the Table Properties window that appears, click the Row tab and uncheck.. If my cursor is above the thick line at the end of line 4, pressing the Enter key simply moves the horizontal line down. If I create some space above and below the bold line, select the area above and below the line with my mouse and then delete the entire area, it sure will delete the line In the Table section of the Layout tab, click View Gridlines. The gridlines now display on the table. To turn off the gridlines for the table, simply select the table and click View Gridlines again. NOTE: The View Gridlines option either shows or hides the gridlines for ALL tables in your document. Also, you cannot. Google Docs is quite a bit simpler. Simply click Insert then Add Horizontal Line! To remove the line, click on the line just after the horizontal line and press Backspace until the horizontal line is removed. isabel106

On the ribbon, go to Home > Paragraph and click the arrow-down button on the Borders button. Then select your preferred border line. An alternative method is to right-click on the table you've created and click the arrow-down icon on the Borders button. Just like when using the Ribbon, use this to select a preferred border line option Re: Unwanted horizontal line. The line is not selectable. It is a line looking the same as a border line and is positioned exactly on the gridline between two rows. It does not occupy any area. If I place the cursor in the column anywhere above or below the line and insert a column, the mystery line gets longer In MS Word, paragraphs can have their own borders. To delete a horizontal line, position you cursor just above it. On the Home tab, look for the 'Paragraph' toolbox. It's the one with the bulleted and numbered list buttons

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Every time when you insert a page header to the Word document, a horizontal line will appear under the number or text. If you want to make the page more concise, you can try these steps to remove the line in header area I am using a Word 2007 legal pleading template in Writer. horizontal lines are added, which appear to be equally spaced about four inches apart. How can they be removed? I have checked to see if somehow borders or tables got inserted but there are none. I even tried adding borders and then removing them per an earlier post, but no luck Word 2013 and above: On the Design tab, in the Page Background group, click Page Borders. In the Page Borders dialog, click on the preset picture for None, then OK. Horizontal lines In the Borders or Page Border dialog of Word 2010 and earlier (see image above), you may have noticed a button marked Horizontal Line If you click. That's a little different. That line/s is coming from the Vantage table styling. To remove, try adding the following to Appearance > Custom CSS: /* Tables */ .entry-content table { border-bottom: none; } Let me know how that goes. We can also turn that table into a more conventional one with lines between each cell I like Fireworks. And previously, the tables it created worked fine. Since my source images live on smugmug, and I can say what size I wish to display, I can pick any image I have on Smugmug, and using MarsEdit, I can create a template that wraps around that image source url, so that is all I have to do

Place the cursor where you want to insert the horizontal line. Type three of the characters listed here, and then press Enter. The line is inserted for the full width of the page. When inserted into a column, the line is inserted to match the width of the column. To add text above the line, put your cursor where you want the text and begin. With you table created, you can easily erase any of the lines that make up your table. The result is a table that looks just the way you want it. To erase table lines, follow these steps: Create your table as you normally would. Choose the Toolbars option from the View menu, and make sure Tables and Borders is selected from the resulting submenu Click on the line above the horizontal line. Make sure you're on the Home tab. Look for the window looking logo (see the gif below). Click it. Click No Border. Google Docs. Google Docs is quite a bit simpler. Simply click Insert then Add Horizontal Line! To remove the line, click on the line just after the horizontal line and press Backspace. Word 2013-2016. Choose Table Design. Tip: If you want to delete multiple lines or connectors, select the first line, press and hold Ctrl while you select the other lines, and then press Delete. Click on th

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Re: How to remove horizontal lines from inside table cells? right cklick on the table border select borders and shading select cutom from first column in box that pops up and then on the right side slect all but horizontal lines attached is a image of the menu as selected for no horizontal lines if you dont want top or bottom borders either. modene1. I have a MS Word document with numerous horizontal lines going all the way across the page (Mac). 1. Select them. 2. See them in Show non-printing characters. 3. Select a range from above to below and delete/cut. When I hover over them, the move icon appears (two parallel horizontal lines with arrows pointing up and down) Regarding the How to remove the horizontal line from MS Word problem. One Word makes this problem different for many. That word is FOOTER. When the horizontal line is in a footer it is more of a *censored*. But it can be done! Read on The behavior is different when trying to remove the horizontal line. In Writer, the bottom border has to be manually removed from each paragraph. In Word 2000, manually removing the border from the the bottom paragraph automatically removes the border from the preceding paragraphs, so in Word, the horizontal line doesn't move up like it does.

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First of all select your table: place the cursor in a table cell and then click the Layout tab (in the Table Tools contextual tab)> Next, click Select > Select Table. Now that the entire table is selected, we can remove its boders. Click to the Design tab and click the down arrow to the right of the Borders button, in the Table Styles group Here are the steps to delete it. 1) Open the document. 2) Select all text with Ctrl+A (Note: his can also be done on individual paragraphs without selecting all text) 3) Click on Format-> Paragraph. 4) Click on the Border Tab and uncheck all borders AND the checkbox Merge with next paragraph. 5) Now you can go manually and remove or add.

If your blank Word document is displaying a pattern of vertical and horizontal lines all throughout the document, then you might be looking for a way to remove gridlines in Word 2013. While those gridlines can be helpful when creating certain types of documents, they can be distracting for other types When you send your document to others, you cannot control whether they see your table gridlines or not. You can turn off all borders in a table by clicking inside the table and hitting Ctrl+Alt+U, or click inside the table and (from the menu) choose Table Select Table, then Format Borders and Shading, click on the Borders tab and choose None This didn't remove your mystery line? Try: Open the header, use Ctrl + A to select all then click 'Delete' on the keyboard. Repeat the same steps for the footer. Click in the content area, use Ctrl + A to select all then click 'Delete' on the keyboard. If any of these steps moved the line, then you know where the line is - that is.

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To get rid of it: Place your cursor into the paragraph immediately preceding the line. Go to Format, Borders and Shading (Word 2002-2003) or click the Border drop-down in the Paragraph section of the Home tab of the Ribbon (Word 2007 and up) Click None (or No Borders) to turn off all the borders Remove Horizontal Scroll Bars from Table. 09-04-2018 12:54 AM. Hi, I have a table with word wrap switched on so all the data fits within the tile. However, the horizontal scroll bars still appear at the bottom (despite not needing them). Please advise how I can remove these - they are driving me mad Delete Rows: deletes the row of the active cell or selected lines. Delete table: deletes the table. The Delete cells options, displays a dialog box in which you specify how Word must reorganize the rest of the table: Shift cells left: the cells to the right of the deleted cells will shift to the left to fill the empty space Matt:King Diamond Product Expert. 10/30/19. Recommended Answer. Relevant Answer. This is an old thread apparently, with a new post on it. Sounds like a frozen row. From the menu bar click View>Freeze>No Rows. Hope this helps AutoFormat: Type the three characters for the desired line style (see the table below), then press Enter.; Horizontal Line tool: Go to the Home tab, select the Borders drop-down menu, then choose Horizontal Line.; Shapes menu: Go to Insert, select the Shapes drop-down menu, then choose a line shape from the Lines group and drag it across the page

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As a result, I was able to remove this horizontal, dotted line that you can see below: Problem. However, the bold line, which splits table rows in random places, still appears: What CSS should I use to remove this? google-docs google-workspace css. Share. Improve this question. Follo I just cannot remove this horizontal line which word 2003 has inserted in my document. I also can't seem to highlight it. I have switched off auto format as you type 'border lines' but it doesn't make any difference. I have also tried highlighting it (though it never seems to be selectable) and going to borders and shading ,and clicking no border, but it still doesn't work It sometimes happens that while using Microsoft Word you hicave to transfer copied table to normal line - you need to have your words in one line separated by let's say commas. While this procedure would require lot of clicking and manual deleting, Microsoft Word possesses a function that allows you to do this automatically, disregarding how many words you need to transform

Open Word. Place your cursor where you would like to insert a horizontal line. Click the Design tab. Click Page Borders. In the Page Border pop-out window, click Horizontal Line. Select the Style of Horizontal Line you would like to insert. Press Insert. You have now successfully inserted a Horizontal line into your Microsoft Word Document Often known as the horizontal rule, it provides a visual way to separate the content. It may indicate a thematic shift (like a change of topic) between paragraphs or parts of the story or just be a simple graphic separator to help organize the content. # Demo. To insert a horizontal line in the demo below, use the toolbar button Second: setting up your table. You could convert all of your lines to a table at once. Select all of the lines. Click on Insert tab > Tables group > Tables drop down > Convert text to table. At bottom of dialog, click on Separate at tabs. This will reset number of columns to 2. Click on OK to create the table Place your cursor where you want to insert the line. Click the Home tab and then click the dropdown arrow for the Borders option in the Paragraph group. From the resulting list, select Horizontal. Select the table. Right-click the table and select Table Properties. In the Table tab, under Text Wrapping, click Around. Click the Positioning button. Under Horizontal, click the drop-down arrow.

Step 1: Open the word document and place the cursor on the document where you want to insert a line. Step 2: Go to the Home tab and click on the Bottom border option in the Paragraph section. Step 3: The following menu appears on the screen in which click on the Horizontal Line. Step 4: A horizontal line appears on the screen Re: grey horizontal lines appearing in writer document by RoryOF » Mon Jun 22, 2009 6:11 pm In the Stylist and Format window (F11) try selecting the paragraph format for the para just above the line(s) and right click on it to modify

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  1. Here's a solution using booktabs and getting rid of of the vertical rules, which leads to a prettier result imho. Have a look at the introduction of the booktabs documentation, which offers some insights in basic table design.. The benefits of booktabs are: Much better table spacing, and \toprule, \midrule and \bottomrule, where \midrule is thinner than the other two, which looks nice
  2. Method 1of 3:Drawing a Line on Windows. Open Word. Click or double-click the Word app icon, which resembles a white W on a dark-blue background. If you want to draw a line in an existing Word document, you'll instead double-click the Word document to open it and skip the next step. Click Blank document
  3. If you want to change the alignment of only part of the document, select the text you want to vertically align. Select the text you want to vertically align. Go to the Layout tab (or Page Layout, depending on the version of Word). In the Page Setup group, select the Page Setup dialog launcher (it's located in the lower-right corner of the group)
  4. Table of Equations in Word made simple; Make a Table or list of Tables in a Word document; Adding Captions in Word; Two Columns or more. Standard Table of Contents/Figures/Equations take up a lot of unnecessary horizontal space. All the tab leaders (the dots etc across) fill up the page. Usually the ToC can fit into two columns more effectively.
  5. There have been several good replies here, but I've been asked to answer also so I'll offer an alternate method. But first, I think the best way is to avoid using the underscore key and placing lines the typewriter way. This only causes problems w..
  6. Position - Horizontal - Alignment - Right - Relative to - Column. For an image on the left: Text wrapping - Wrap Text - Right only. Position - Horizontal - Alignment - Left - Relative to - Column. If you have multiple columns, sometimes you'll want a larger image or table to span all the columns

In Microsoft Word, the horizontal line works to separate different areas of the documents like diagrams, chapters, and appendices. It is easy to choose a line style in Microsoft Word so you can use different ways to insert a horizontal in a word. You can easily ensure that the line is perfectly straight or appropriate for your document Adding a horizontal line in Google Docs is accomplished from the Insert menu, as indicated above. If you want to delete a horizontal line in a Google Docs document then you can place your cursor on the line below it, then press the Backspace key on your keyboard

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  1. Go to Insert>Illustrations>Shapes. A library of shapes will show up. Look for the line shape and then click on It. Click and drag Vertically to draw a vertical line at any location within the Word document. If you couldn't drag the shape well, you may not get a perfect vertical line. In such a case, click on the edges of the line to re.
  2. Select the cell or cells in the table and type your text. Click inside the cell with the text, then go to the new Table Tools > Layout tab, in the Alignment group, click on the Text Direction to align the text vertically. As you keep on clicking on the Text Direction button the text in the active cell will keep rotating by 90 degrees
  3. I am having difficulty removing a horizontal line in the middle of a Libre Office document. The line was created by automatic conversion of three special characters (hyphens) into a paragraph style border (lower edge). I have tried suggestions from previous forums: Going into Format - Paragraph - Borders and hitting Set No Borders. When I do, the line just moves up to the previous paragraph.
  4. I had the same problem with this horizontal line. It just appeared out of nowhere, when I was adding borders to a table. I managed to remove it by selecting a small part of the line and then removing page borders (paragraph -> borders and shading -> page border). After doing this the line shortened a bit, and I was able to select and delete it
  5. Stop the Annoying Horizontal Line in Word. January 17, 2009 at 3:45 AM Anonymous said... Seriously, has't Microsoft not received enough complaints about that stupid, annoying horizontal line (the words I used in google to get this page) to have a user-friendly means of getting rid of it e.g. highlight and delete
  6. - the line remains - if i delete the blanks hoping to delete it too then all it does is shift the line up or down. Now not only can't i get rid of a line, but it's also now right on the border of a table cell so I can't even move the line upwards off the border because there's no space after the line to put the cursor
  7. You can use the Table Tools Design tab in Word 2007 to change the appearance of lines, or borders, in your tables. After you add lines, you can format their styles, weights, and colors. You can also remove unnecessary lines. For example, you could create a one-column, two-row table to put a picture and its [

1.Click to place your cursor above the line. 2.Click on the Home tab at the top of your screen. 3.Click on the drop-down arrow next to the Borders button toward the middle of the Ribbon in the Paragraph group. 4. Click on No Border. Here's how to make it so this Word doesn't do this again: 1 Word has a set of AutoFormat shortcuts that make horizontal lines, here's how they work, how to change them, color the lines and how to stop lines when they get out of control. Line shortcuts. There are six horizontal line shortcuts. For each one type the same character three times at the start of a new line then press Enter

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  1. 1. Open Word. Click the 'File' tab, select 'Open' and browse to the document with the vertical lines to remove. Double-click the file name and the document opens in anew Word window. 2. Slide the zoom bar at the bottom-right corner of the Word workspace so the first vertical line is large on the screen, which makes it easier to click on.
  2. Transpose function of a table in Excel. Step 1: Open your MS-Word document that contains the table you want to reverse. Now, in the document, locate the table you want to act upon. Step 2: Select the entire table by clicking on the plus ( + ) like sign on the top-left corner of table. Press Ctrl + C to copy the content of table. Step 3
  3. Remove vertical lines for table. Ask Question Asked 9 years, 8 months ago. Active 4 years ago. Viewed 55k times 26 10. I am trying to implement the following K-map with a table See how that horizontal line comes quite close to the tops of those numbers? The booktabs package sorts out the spacing

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This is how you insert a horizontal line in Microsoft Word using the Horizontal Line Tool. Editing a horizontal line: Also, since we are on this topic, there is also an option to edit the horizontal lines according to your preference. You can double click on the horizontal line that you have just inserted and a pop up window will appear allowing you to adjust the line as per your requirements And if I navigate to the 'Insert' menu and click on Horizontal line, that produces a line that runs the length of the page, but that produces an extra large amount of space between the text heading and the line, and that doesn't look acceptable. The line needs to be nearly flush with the bottom of the text heading The Alignment toolbox has nine buttons for aligning text in a table in Microsoft Word. From left to right, and top to bottom, the buttons let you align text to the right, and top, center and top, and left and top. The second row lets you align text to the right but center it from the top, center the text from the right and the top, align text.

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  1. Click the line style and color that you want, and then click one or more buttons to indicate the border placement. Note: You also can use the next shortcut keys:. Alt+P Apply or remove the top border.. Alt+B Apply or remove the bottom border.. Alt+L Apply or remove the left border.. Alt+R Apply or remove the right border.. Alt+H If cells in multiple rows are selected, apply or remove the.
  2. A table is re-aligned automatically each time you press TAB, RET or C-c C-c inside the table. TAB also moves to the next field— RET to the next row—and creates new table rows at the end of the table or before horizontal lines. The indentation of the table is set by the first line. Horizontal rules are automatically expanded on every re-align to span the whole table width
  3. Most Important Guidelines for Making Tables Avoid vertical lines Avoid boxing up cells, usually 3 horizontal lines are enough: above, below, and after heading (see examples in this guide) Avoid double horizontal lines Enough space between rows If in doubt, align lef
  4. I am having some issues with Table borders in the finished PDF. OS: Win10 Word--Office 365 ProPlus Acrobat 11.0.23 Have a file with a table. The table has borders. When I PDF the doc and open the PDF, random horizontal borders are missing. They print properly, though. Same result with using the..
  5. Some tables in a Microsoft word document does not need full width. You can use horizontal position a table in the document and fine-tune its position by aligning it left or right on the page. In order to align any table to the left, center and right in Microsoft Word - follow these instructions. How to Change a Table's Horizontal Alignmen
  6. Hi All, Somehow we managed to get rid of the 1px Horizontal Lines Showing Up in the Email Body. This is how we managed to solve the issue, We need to make sure the max height of any table in the email not exceeding the max height of approximately 700px. The approximate height is because we don't know the exact height which cause the issue
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Step 2: On the Borders and Shading dialog that appears, click on the button reading Horizontal Line (bottom left of the window). Step 3: Choose a line and click on Ok to have it inserted at the. To delete a vertical break, select the column to the right of the line. Then right-click on it and select the option Remove Page Break. To remove a horizontal page break, select the row below the line that you want to delete. Right-click on this row and pick the Remove Page Break option from the list Outlook 2016 renders strange horizontal lines in HTML emails after tables. No other Outlook does this. Or any other email client. The lines are the color of the background. So, if a background-color is defined for html or body, the lines are that color. Otherwise they are white On the Insert tab of the Ribbon, in the Tables group, there is a single Table button, which opens the Insert Table menu. Figure 4. The Insert Table menu. At the top of the menu is a 10 × 8 grid. If you want a table with 10 or fewer columns and 8 or fewer rows, you can drag to select the desired number of rows and columns As the image above shows, when the text box is selected, the Drawing Tools tab is displayed in the ribbon. This is just what we need: go to the Format tab and click Text Direction (in the Text group). Choose the direction that suits you. For vertical text you will need either the Rotate all text 90 degrees or the Rotate all text 270 degrees option. One has the text direction facing downwards. Open your presentation in PowerPoint 2013 for Windows and navigate to the slide where your table is located and select it. Alternatively, insert a new table. Then, access the Table Tools Design contextual tab of the Ribbon (highlighted in red within Figure 1 ). Within this tab, click the Eraser button (highlighted in blue within Figure 1 )