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San Rafael Swell Pictographs and Petroglyphs This guide provides the information required to locate rock art in the San Rafael Swell. All of the sites listed are accessible in the family car or require only a short walk. Be aware that many of the roads listed are maintained gravel roads, which can become unserviceable in wet weather Black Dragon Pictograph Panel. A mysterious red pictograph (painted) panel accompanied by petroglyphs (pecked images) lies within Black Dragon Wash in the San Rafael Swell. Within a fenced area visitors may view several elongated human and animal like pictograph images attributed to the ancient Barrier Canyon culture I came across this pictograph as I was trying to find Swasey's Cabin in the San Rafael Swell. The pictograph is at the end of a dirt road and there are actually a few other pictographs and even some petroglyphs too. You can easily get here with a 2-wheel drive vehicle. On the way to the pictographs, I saw some wild burros San Rafael Swell. Rock Art. One of the highlights of the San Rafael Swell is the Buckhorn Wash pictograph panel. A pictograph is painted onto a surface, and a petroglyph is carved or pecked into the stone. There are some faint petroglyphs here, but the red pictograph figures are the stars of this panel of rock art

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  1. The Trail: The Head of Sinbad Pictographs are a small group of painted pictographs located off of I-70 in the San Rafael Swell. Alltrails.com states that this is a 3.6 mile roundtrip hike, however, I drove just fine to the wooden fence making this less than 200 ft of walking
  2. The Temple Mountain Wash Pictograph Panel is a roadside attraction with prehistoric rock art right at the edge of the southeastern section of the San Rafael Swell, Utah. The pictograph panel is easily accessible and makes for a great stop for anyone visiting Goblin Valley State Park or hiking the popular Little Wild Horse Canyon nearby
  3. Ochre Alcove is a pictograph site that is located in the San Rafael Swell between Hanksville and Green River, Utah. The site, which is in Wildhorse Canyon, has a group of images that are commonly referred to as the 'Transformation Panel'.The site is also sometimes referred to as 'Red Ochre Alcove', probably because that is the color of the ochre used as paint in this case

Buckhorn Wash Pictograph Panel on the San Rafael Swell. Those of you who have been following the Ancient Art Archive's work are familiar with our efforts to document Barrier Canyon Style (BCS) artworks. BCS is one of North America's most enigmatic and evocative styles. It is known, primarily from the San Rafael Swell of Central Utah Black Dragon Pictograph Geological Wonder. Black Dragon Canyon cuts through the eastern cliff line of the San Rafael Swell, a rough, wild landscape that is commonly referred to as the San Rafael Reef. Named after the rock art panel on the canyon wall that features what looks like a flying dragon Buckhorn Panel. Visitors to the Buckhorn Wash panel enjoy viewing one of the most spectacular examples of Barrier Canyon style rock art. The ghostly red figures here stand watch over the San Rafael River. The site includes both painted (Pictographs) and pecked (Petroglyph) prehistoric images. In addition, the site also includes a boulder on.

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  1. LENGTH: 1+ hours. Buckhorn Wash has some phenomenal petroglyphs and pictographs and is one of the most popular roadside attractions in the San Rafael Swell. All panels have easy access, and should be accessible to most. Visiting Buckhorn Wash is a great family outing most any time of the year, and one I highly recommend
  2. Directions to Buckhorn Draw Pictograph Panel: From the North: Right before the town of Castle Dale, at milepost 39.4, go east on the signed San Rafael Swell Access road. Continue on this road, passing a cattle guard after 12 miles, and reaching a 4 way junction at 12.7 miles
  3. The San Rafael Swell is a vast area of redrocks and desert. brush that we explored for several days. The rock cliffs are enormous. We found rock faces that sported pictographs painted by ancient. peoples 2000 years ago. Pictographs are made using some kind of. paint on the rock, but it impregnates the rock face enough to last over

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  1. ant artwork is a series of painted figures and symbols, called pictographs, believed to have been created over 2000 years ago by people of the Barrier Canyon Culture. This was an ancient hunter-gatherer.
  2. The San Rafael Swell is a large geologic feature located in south-central Utah, about 30 miles west of Green River, Utah. Download free directions, maps, GPS and photo advice for the Ochre Cave Pictograph Panel by selecting the Maps and Directions tab above
  3. The panel is located just west of the San Rafael swell and east of the town of Emery. Nine Mile Canyon, located just north of Wellington in central Utah, was a vast artistic canvas for Fremont and Ute Indians. Its claim to fame is the sheer quantity of rock art that can be found along the canyon's 46-mile length

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The striking pictographs found on cliff faces in Barrier Canyon and throughout the San Rafael Swell and in the nearby Horseshoe Canyon section of Canyonlands National Park are almost certainly 2,000 years old, and may be much older. Archaeologists date a sandal from Walters Cave in Horseshoe Canyon as about 8,875 years old In this video Sarah and Seth take their friends out to the San Rafael Swell to see some ancient pictographs and do some hiking/rock climbing Another very popular loop in the San Rafael Swell, the Fixit Pass to Devil's Racetrack offers more great scenery that you would expect in the Swell along with a few challenging rock sections and great sites to visit along the way such as Indian Pictographs and a couple arches including the massive Slipper Arch

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Newspaper Rock Petroglyphs. Newspaper Rock is a Utah State Monument located on State Route 211 in San Juan County, Utah. It is in the upper part of Indian Creek Canyon and very close to the road. The site is similar to that at Rochester Creek in Emery County in that it contains a wide variety of rock art styles that span a vast amount of time These two canyons are located just north of I-70, on the east edge of the San Rafael Swell. From the town of Green River, drive west on I-70 for 12 1/2 miles. Just west of mile marker 147 you'll see a graded road that heads north from the Interstate. Drive that road for .7 miles (closing the gate behind you) Pictographs by the road to Temple Mountain, plus some modern graffiti: Next Photo: Utah > San Rafael Swell > Photographs. Keywords: San Rafael Swell, Utah, petroglyphs, sandstone cliffs, rock art, san rafael reef, fremont culture License/purchase this photograph From Huntington drive south on Buckhorn Draw Rd [332]. From Green River, head towards I-70, than drive north on Buckhorn Draw Rd. [332]. Signage is available for the Buckhorn Draw Pictograph Panel. The established routes are west of the panel, near the bend in the road, at the 'point' of the mesa

Black Dragon Canyon is 16 miles west of Green River, on the abrupt and jagged rise of the San Rafael Reef. From the parking area, a trail winds about a mile through the Canyon to the pictograph site. The head of the dragon was apparent, but in its entirety it was not a convincing depiction of a dragon Farnsworth Canyon is located in the San Rafael Swell, and offers a little something for everyone. A short slot canyon, pictographs, exploring off trail, and desert flowers in the Spring all abound. Hiking to the pictographs is only 1.5 miles one way, so even kids can enjoy this hike and hunt for the pictograph

Fifty miles wide and 30 miles long of nearly undiscovered rugged landscape beauty, the San Rafael Swell area of Utah blew off my driving gloves! Wow, was I impressed. Formed millions of years ago by geologic upheavals, this truly is a swell in the earth's surface. Uplifted craggy rocks have been beaten, battered and carved by erosion, wind. The San Rafael Swell is a 75-mile x 40-mile anticline — that's geology for rock bump — a dome of sandstone, shale and limestone that was pushed up during the Paleocene Laramide Orogeny 60-40 million years ago History in San Rafael Swell. Markers identifying The Old Spanish Trail. Native Americans, settlers, and miners helped develop this land and cultivated a story or two. Of course we see the presence of Native Americans through the strange and wonderful paintings, carvings, and artifacts left behind. First used as a trade route and running from. San Rafael Swell Rock Art IV | Discovering the Unexpected Panel Sunday, June 19, 2011. Originally this hiking trip in the San Rafael Swell was put together to so that I could meet up with my friend Philippe while he was out on a long trip to the Southwest, but it ended up being a very memorable and unique experience for me

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Quail Panel and Funk's Cave. November 6, 2013 4WD, Hiking, Rock Art, San Rafael Swell, Trip Reports. Dennis. On Saturday morning as I drove south out of town it was a chilly 30 degrees at sunrise. I was heading into the San Rafael Swell east of Ferron to find some rock art that a friend had told me about years ago The Swell is located in the northwestern quarter of the Colorado Plateau, while the actual Grand Canyon is located in the southwestern corner. Unlike the Grand Canyon, and most of the Colorado Plateau, which was lifted as one massive block of horizontally layered rocks, the San Rafael Swell was squeezed upward into what is called an anticline

Highlights in the San Rafael Swell include gorges, mesas, goblin-shaped hoodoos, The Little Grand Canyon, and walls with ancient pictographs Here is one - the Lucky Strike Mine, an old abandoned mining ghost town, tucked deep within the San Rafael Swell in the most stunning setting! The Lucky Strike Mine is located in the southern section of the San Rafael Swell in the Reds Canyon area, about 23 miles northwest of Temple Mountain and 25 miles south of I-70 San Rafael Swell- Black Dragon Canyon. After leaving the Buckhorn Wash area we drove south east on dirt roads to the top of Black Dragon Canyon. You will need high clearance 4X4 and a little patience to complete the last 10 miles from the top of the canyon to the access gate on I-70 below We found more rock art in this canyon, most of which appeared to be Fremont, but there were a few pictographs that defied classification given my limited knowledge. There were a lot of incised glyphs which appear to be quite common in this part of the San Rafael Swell. There were also two Warren Allred inscriptions that were made 51 years apart

San Rafael Swell . . . . . #Pictographs #Petroglyphs #WeAreOneFamily #utah #utahphotographer #utahphotography #wowutah #wildutah #keepitpublic #nature #naturelovers #nature_seekers #natureaddict.. The San Rafael Swell arose (literally) about 60 million years ago when tectonic plates collided, pushing the earth's crust upward. Today it's roughly 2,000 square miles of public land rising up to 7,000 feet above sea level in the heart of south-central Utah

Browse 223 san rafael swell stock photos and images available, or search for san rafael swell utah to find more great stock photos and pictures. factory butte in the upper blue hills of uta, with spring time yellow wildflowers - san rafael swell stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images The San Rafael Swell area is simply stunning. The 75-mile by 40-mile swell is located in a remote part of the state, but there's plenty to see and do here. This vast area is managed by the Bureau of Land Management. In addition to all kinds of hiking, rock climbing, and ATV opportunities, there's a little swinging bridge with a cool history Pictograph in San Rafael Swell, Rocky Mountains, Colorado Plateau, UT. 0 • PLACE. Swasey's Cabin Trailhead. Trailhead in San Rafael Swell, Rocky Mountains, Colorado Plateau, UT. 2 • Show More. Natural Atlas Topo Print iPhone App. The locals call it Easter'n. Come sunshine, rain, and most times snow and freezing temperatures, most of the Emery County and Carbon County population go out to camp and recreate in the San Rafael Swell for Easter. During the Spring runoff period and if we have a good winter, floating the San Rafael River is an adventure must

UT - San Rafael Swell, Rock Art at Black Dragon, Rochester and Temple. This trip through Utah seems to be focused on pictographs and petroglyphs aka rock art. The Rochester site was on the highly recommended list and conveniently located just off Highway 10 near Emery. The trail is well signed and I'd guess receives fairly high use although. Human and Snake Pictograph, San Rafael Swell, Utah. While camping at the San Rafael Swell I had the pleasure of seeing and photographing some of the petroglyphs and pictographs in the area.The Fremont and Barrier Canyon cultures created this rock art on the face of the rock wall, the Barrier Canyon culture about 2000 years ago and the Fremont culture about 1000 years ago San Rafael Swell Rock Art I. Saturday, April 23, 2011. The weekend after getting back from my week in The Maze and on Cedar Mesa I was ready to head back out and search for some rock art. This time Amanda and I headed back to the San Rafael Swell so that we could attempt to visit the Ascending Sheep Panel and the Ferron Box Altering historical pictographs, petroglyphs, and dinosaur tracks, even when well-intended, is a criminal offense. It's also really offensive to all of us who love these areas and want to show them to our grandkids someday! Directions. You can find Buckhorn Wash/Cottonwood Wash Roads in the San Rafael Swell. You can drive this drive from.

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  1. The San Rafael Swell Recreation Area is a large Bureau of Land Management property containing 216,955 acres of wilderness in Utah. This BLM park was designated by the federal government in March of 2019. The wilderness area consists of badlands and colored, uniquely shaped sandstone formations created by erosion, winding canyons, and huge slabs.
  2. Read about our adventure to the San Rafael swell area in the canyons near Moab with our Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon at 4wdandsportutility.com the official website for 4 Wheel Drive & Sport.
  3. Dragonfly Panel. With a mild winter and not much snow, southern Utah called in mid-February, and we answered. Daisy was there, of course, presiding over the ride. She's actually standing on an old road as Steve generously calls it. The rocks piled up along the sides shows that someone did some road work once upon a time

Sinbad (Vinyl Sticker) 4 - San Rafael Swell Utah Anasazi Pictograph the Head of Sinbad Barrier Canyon Style - UtahSticker.comLook for our current and future FINE ART vinyl stickers on www.UtahSticker.comArches National ParkCanyonlands National ParkCapital Reef National ParkBryce Canyon Nationa This site uses cookies to improve your experience and to help show content that is more relevant to your interests. By using this site, you agree to the use of cookies by Flickr and our partners as described in our cookie policy The rugged terrain of the San Rafael Swell in Utah creates a spectacular picture and even contains some pictures of its own. The Buckhorn Wash is one of its several canyons and gorges to boast a. Biking, Hiking, Horseback. Difficult. 5-6 Hours. The Castle Valley Ridge Trail provides some breath taking views into Castle Valley and the desert country of Southeastern Utah. Along the way there are outstanding views of the valleys 3,000 feet below, as well as the Book Cliffs and the San Rafael Swell to the east

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  1. 22 Miles Under the Wedge: San Rafael River, Virgin Spring, Cane Wash Loop April 11, 2015 professorontherun Comments 0 Comment After running the Good Water Rim Trail at the Wedge area of the San Rafael Swell on President's Day I immediately resolved to do a follow-up run at the canyon bottom
  2. Select San Rafael Publications for a complete list of books and maps covering hiking in the San Rafael Swell. Rock Art Narrow Black Dragon Canyon has some very interesting pictographs of a dragon, geometric shapes, human figures and more
  3. Mar 28, 2016 - Did you know Utah has its very own version of the Grand Canyon? Nicknamed the Little Grand Canyon, it is the deepest part of the San Rafael River canyon See more ideas about san rafael swell, san rafael, utah
  4. Trail Rides to the San Rafael Swell: The San Rafael Swell is 2,800 square miles of uninhabited wilderness-nearly two times the size of Rhode Island without a single human resident. The Swell is a gigantic bubble in the earth's crust which has eroded into a maze of deep, multi-hued canyons punctured by the mesas, buttes and pinnacles typical of the world famous canyon lands geography
  5. Overview. This improved gravel road cuts through the heart of the northern portion of the San Rafael Swell, providing access to several scenic play areas including the Little Grand Canyon of the San Rafael River, an ancient rock art panel in Buckhorn Draw and a camping area near the Swinging Bridge over the river.. From the north, a 20-mile section of this Backway leads to BLM's Wedge.

Trail Rides to the San Rafael Swell: The San Rafael Swell is 2,800 square miles of uninhabited wilderness-nearly two times the size of Rhode Island without a single human resident. The Swell is a gigantic bubble in the earth's crust which has eroded into a maze of deep, multi-hued canyons punctured by the mesas, buttes and pinnacles typical. visit the San Rafael Reef and the San Rafael Swell. The area is a popular off-road vehicle recreation destination. The road that passes the panel provides vehicular access to the Swell, and it continues northwest to Interstate 70. Given this information, visitation to the area surrounding the pictographs is probably more like 100,000 people. The San Rafael Swell may look untouched and pristine, but it has a long history of human influence. The Native Americans left numerous signs of their presence from many generations of use. The most obvious are the Head of Sinbad and Black Dragon Canyon Pictographs which both feature some very interesting designs (go see them and tell me. Lone Warrior Rock Art - Pictographs Lone Warrior Rock Art Panel is located in the San Rafael Swell area of Southeastern Utah in the United States near these coordinates. N 38° 51.197 W 110° 48.225 12S E 517028 N 4300513 The Lone Warrior Rock Art is well worth logging a visit while you are explorin

Farnsworth Canyon. Farnsworth Canyon is located in the San Rafael Swell, and offers a little something for everyone. A short slot canyon, pictographs, exploring off trail, and desert flowers in the Spring all abound. Hiking to the pictographs is only 1.5 miles one way, so even kids can enjoy this hike and hunt for the pictograph Buckhorn Wash is worth a visit if you're a fan of Utah's canyon country and historic Indian pictographs. The benefit of this place is that it can be accessed with a 2WD vehicle, as a well-graded dirt road leads into the canyon. From Interstate 70, get off at exit 131 in the San Rafael Swell and follow the signs to Buckhorn Wash, 20 miles away.

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San Rafael Swell Area Pictographs and Petroglyphs - October 2020 by Susan Thiele & Jim Cates photos by Susan Thiele I have always wanted to get to the Head of Sinbad in the San Rafael Swell. (Who could resist such an alluring name?!) It turns out that the name does not reference a specific glyph, but instead to a geologic formation of the Swell The Buckhorn Wash (Draw) Road is located in the San Rafael Swell. Most who have heard of this road may immediately think of the Buckhorn Pictograph Panal, one of the most historical highlights in the Swell. However, for those who venture beyond this 130 foot Native American Rock Art panel you will discover two other unique locations A few years back I was lucky enough to discover a beautiful Barrier Canyon Style pictograph panel hidden in a remote canyon at the edge of the San Rafael Swell. It was an amazing experience and I have longed to return for another visit. My girlfriend Diane and good friend Marty were both interested in seeing this panel in person and I had. Little Grand Canyon on the San Rafael River is quite impressive. One of the highlights of the entire San Rafael Swell is the mysterious Buckhorn Wash pictograph panel spanning over 130 feet. A pictograph is painted onto a surface, and a petroglyph is carved or pecked into the stone

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On my way back to the Jeep I got rattled at by a rattlesnake; the first one I have ever encountered in the San Rafael Swell. >> Rock Art Along the San Rafael Reef. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) ekker site, pictographs, rock art, san rafael swell, utah > February 17-18, 2018 As some may recall, last March, I did an overnighter backpacking in along the San Rafael River. We had hoped to see Virgin Spring Canyon and its pictographs, but a combination of misreading the map and my companion's fatigue kept us from getting there PICTOGRAPH II 1989 San Rafael Swell UTAH W-7817 4x5 Film JOHN'S CANYON 1994 Cedar Mesa UTAH Y-2906D 4x5 Film QUAIL PANEL 1994 Grand Gulch UTAH Y-4419 4x5 Film DINWOODIE FIGURES 1994 Wind River Range WYOMING Y-4453 4x5 Film. In central Utah, just west of Green River, the land rises up in a geologic formation called the San Rafael Swell, a mostly untrammeled region of slot canyons, sandstone buttes, Native American pictographs and open space that is a little more remote and a lot less visited than Moab. It doesn't have any national parks or world-class singletrack.

The Buckhorn Draw Pictograph Panel is an example of rock art, located in Buckhorn Draw in the San Rafael Swell in central Utah, approximately four miles north of the San Rafael campground and bridge.. Primarily a Barrier Canyon Style panel, there are a few later petroglyphs of Fremont culture origin as well. In many cases the Fremont painted figures on top of the older Barrier Canyon ones The Swell. The swell is spectacular at any time of day, but it is most impressive as the sun is either rising or setting (as with any really scenic location.) From Huntington, I was able to reach the swell pre-sunrise in just over 30 minutes. And yes, Google accurately maps it - except for the last turn! Watch signs as you approach the swell.

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Dinosaurs, Emery County, Moore, Petroglyphs, Pictographs, San Rafael Swell, utah. One of my favorite stops in the San Rafael Swell is the Snake Petroglyphs, other nearby Petroglyphs, Pictographs and dinosaur tracks are only a few of the awesome things to see here. I-70 in the San Rafael Swell Head of Sinbad: The pictographs located in the San Rafael Swell are in very good condition and have not been vandalized. Head of Sinbad Pictographs - San Rafael Swell 10.12.09 - KathyWing See mor 5W & 5E - San Rafael Reef Rest Areas Milepost 146 Dominating the landscape with its sawtooth ridge of giant flatirons is the San Rafael Reef. The San Rafael Reef is the dramatic eastern boundary of the San Rafael Swell, a large, kidney-shaped topographic feature that began as an uplift of rock 40 to 60 million years ago. Erosion left the. San Rafael Swell-The Wedge. I love to try and cheat winter a little and make a trip or two south in the springtime. We left after work on a Sunday and rolled into the camp area of The Wedge/Little Grand Canyon overlook after 03:00 am Monday, set up camp and asleep by 04:00, up at 08:00 and off on the mountain bikes for the Good Water Canyon single-track ride A fine art ink print with vibrant and accurate colors is mounted on eco-friendly HDF smooth wood and sealed with a special satin semi-gloss UV laminate, which protects the print and eliminates reflections while maintaining excellent image clarity and contrast. The mount is finished with a beveled 1-deep black edge, resulting in an elegant.

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On Saturday, Dad and I went on hike to Old Woman Wash in the San Rafael Reef. To find a geocache that had sat since 2012 with only one find. I came across Udink's trip report and he had hiked to some nearby pictographs that looked nice. He didn't post exactly where the writings were but it gave me a general idea of where to start Indian Petroglyphs Inside Black Dragon Canyon After visiting Dutchman Arch earlier in the morning, I wanted to locate the Indian Petroglyphs (sometimes called Indian art or pictographs) that are inside Black Dragon Canyon. As you can see in the two photos below, I sure found them! :) Directions: Black Dragon Canyon is west of Green River, Utah and on the edge of the San Rafael Swell Welcome to Castle Dale, Utah! home to the joe's valley bouldering festival. . Just a short drive from Utah's Wasatch Front, Castle Dale City is the center of an epic vacation experience in the heart of the San Rafael Swell and Joe's Valley Mountains! Castle Dale is central to World Class Mountain Activities and Desert Adventures unlike anything. There are several pictograph panels near Temple Mountain on the edge of the San Rafael Swell. The best known of these is a BCS/Fremont panel within a few hundred feet of the Temple Mountain Road where it cuts through the San Rafael Reef, just before it transitions from a paved to graded road

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Ruin Arch Trail. #1 - Ruin Arch Trail. San Rafael Swell Recreation Area. moderate (24) Length: 0.6 mi • Est. 19 m. Ruin Arch is located in the Buckhorn Draw area of the San Rafael Swell south of Price, Utah. The arch sits above Buckhorn Draw near a small ruin. On the inside of the arches abutment is an interesting petroglyph that looks like a. Jun 3, 2013 - Southwest Petroglyphs and art in rock. These drawings are found throughout the American Southwest. They were drawn by the First Americans to this land. See more ideas about petroglyphs art, petroglyphs, cave paintings The San Rafael Swell is a huge elliptical-shaped bubble in the Colorado Plateau that formed some 65 million years ago during a time of great mountain building activity in the American West (known to geologists as the Laramide Orogeny event). The uplift, or anticline, is some 70 miles long and 35 miles wide, with the San Rafael River flowing. The San Rafael Swell is filled with Native American history and rock art. Here are a few examples of area petroglyph and pictograph panels. Please be respectful, even the oil of your hands can cause.. Browse 764 san rafael swell stock photos and images available, or search for zion national park or monument valley to find more great stock photos and pictures. Pictographs of many figures in Central Utah on orange and red sandstone. Red pictographs (not petroglyphs) of Central Utah

Southern San Rafael Swell. Purchase the Utah San Rafael Swell Unpaved Backroads - $9.95. Note: We are now offering our routes as GPX format maximum resolution files. When you purchase the product you will be emailed an attachment that is a compressed file (.zip) of all the individual track logs in .gpx format at maximum resolution Apr 16, 2021 San Rafael Swell. The Devil's Racetrack is a 42.4 mile desert loop just north of I-70 in the beautiful San Rafael Swell. Our ride took 6.5 hours at approximately 7 mph. This is a popular trail in the area and rightly so given the scenic landscapes and challenging terrain. This trail is for more experienced riders Just down the road, almost literally, from the wheeling nirvana of Moab is the San Rafael Swell area of south-central Utah. This is an area that provides approximately 2,000 square miles of.

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Numerous canyons were eroded into and through the Swell by rivers and streams. The San Rafael River, the largest river in the north part of the Swell, slices across the Swell, cutting deepest along the 3-mile stretch of the Little Grand Canyon. As you enter the Swell from the northwest, you follow geologic history back in time May Trail Ride - San Rafael Swell Join us as we head down to the San Rafael Swell retracing the abandoned railbed, checking out the M&K tunnels, and much more with pictographs & petroglyphs all along the way culminating with ending the day at the pictograph panel in Black Dragon Canyon Fortunately, I was right. In central Utah, just west of Green River, the land rises up in a geologic formation called the San Rafael Swell, a mostly untrammeled region of slot canyons, sandstone buttes, Native American pictographs and open space that is a little more remote and a lot less visited than Moab

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The San Rafael Swell area contains a variety of rock and mineral resources. Presently, only limited commercial production of industrial rocks and minerals occurs at a few locations outside of the proposed national monument. Uranium and vanadium were mined in and around the Swell, mostly during the uranium boom years following World War II The San Rafael Swell is a huge anticline, measuring 80X40 miles (125X65 kms). Most of the land is arid or desert, but a few areas in higher elevation support some sub-alpine vegetation. The rock layers are all tilted and many rings of cliffs surround the Swell, all radiating around the center of the Swell. The outer most cliff bands are known.

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Drift through the heart of the San Rafael Swell on two of Utah's most elusive rivers in this new bikerafting video and trip report by Graham Abrams and Jason Bryce. The desert river is a remarkable thing; it might only flow for a few days or hopefully a few weeks, and the levels can change drastically overnight Detail of the Buckhorn Draw pictograph, also of the Fremont culture, in the San Rafael Swell, Emery County, Utah. (Photo by Kerk / Wikimedia Commons ) The rock art in the swell is in pictographs, which are painted, and petroglyphs, which are chiseled into the rock Sunday, Apr 17 San Rafael Swell. Planning to reach Green River by late afternoon, we had only one definite stop along the way: the Rochester Panel. Time permitting, we had a long list of other possibilities. Ha ha, so much for forcing ourselves to have an easy, relaxing day! Leaving mid-morning, we arrived at the Rochester Panel in an hour

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Black Dragon Pictograph (1) East Ca, UT. Recommended Routes in San Rafael Swell - 4 Trail Run Project is built by runners like you. Add Your Recommended Routes. RECOMMENDED ROUTE Intermediate. Little Wildhorse and Bell Canyon Loop 8.7 mi 13.9 km • 871. Rock Paintings or Pictographs in Buckhorn Wash of the San Rafael Swell. (Utah) 2: Rock Paintings or Pictographs in Buckhorn Wash of the San Rafael Swell. (Utah) 3: Close up of Rock Paintings or Pictographs in Buckhorn Wash of the San Rafael Swell. (Utah) 4: The view north from the Buckhorn Wash road near I-70. 5: View along Highway 95.

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The Swell is 2,000 square miles of colorful canyons and wide open spaces, right in the middle of Utah. Its eastern boundary is the San Rafael Reef, a jagged line of rocky teeth jutting out of the Green River Desert. Interstate 70 cuts straight through this reef, rising nearly 3,000 feet in 30 miles. To the west, the Swell rises even further. The San Rafael Reef forms the eastern flank of the San Rafael Swell, a 2,000 square mile area of sandstone formations, deep canyons, arches, and historical sites in Southern Utah. Along the Reef, layers of sandstone have been lifted up by an anticline (large dome under the earth's surface) forming a steep ridge along the eastern edge The Robbers Roost Motel is an historic building built in the 1940's that has been a family owned and operated business since that time. The motel is named after a historical landmark close to Green River where the Wild Bunch (i.e. Butch Casidy, Sundance Kid, etc.) used to hide out in the very early 1900s near the San Rafael Swell, which is about 50 miles southwest of the motel's location

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