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Learning to judge dairy cattle can be a very challenging and rewarding process. In dairy judging you learn to utilize and develop a keen sense of observation and comparison to develop your placings according to how closely you feel an animal is to the ideal dairy cow. Another very important component to dairy judging is learning to defend your placing through oral reasons. All of these things help develop valuable life skills that can be used in other ways all throughout your life The first thing you need to do in learning to judge dairy cattle is learn the names of the parts of the dairy cow. Study the diagram below thoroughly and learn each part. The Dairy Cow Unified Score Card The Purebred Dairy Cattle Association Score Card is found on pages 4 and 5 The PDCA Unified Score Card highlights 4 categories that need to be evaluated in dairy cows. These are Frame, Dairy Strength, Rear Feet and Legs, and Udder. Each one is assigned a weighting or points toward the total and is subdivided into other characteristics that are to be evaluated

Five main categories are considered in judging a dairy cattle. These are the Frame (15%), Dairy Character (20%), Body Capacity (10%), Rear Feet and Legs (15%) and the most important the Udder (40%). A point to note here is that when compairing two or more dairy cattle we have overlooked the breed types but stuck to categories Dairy Cattle Judging Dairy cattle judging has been very important to dairy farmers and dairy cattle breeders for years. The goal is to have show-winning cows with excellent type conformation. It is difficult to determine the dollar value of type, but cows and bulls in high demand are usually ones with excellent milk production and good type The first thing you need to do in learning to judge dairy cat- tle is learn the names of the parts of the dairy cow. Study the diagram below thoroughly and learn each part. The Dairy Cow Un i f i e d S c o r e Card The Purebred Dairy Cattle Association Score Card is found on pages 3 and 4 7. Oral reasons are to be presented to the judge in the present tense without the use of any notes. Give reasons as if the cows are in the room with you. 8. Relax, talk slowly and don?t run out of gas. Breathe! 9. Call heifers heifers and cows cows! 10. Practice! Practice! Practice! 1 Extension Dairy Scientis 2 Dairy Judging This Dairy Judging workbook is designed to help individuals develop a system to effectively evaluate dairy cattle conformation, as well as providing guidance in preparing oral reasons. Dairy judging can be a rewarding activity for people of all ages, and teaches valuable communication and critica

Dairy Judging. After winning the national collegiate dairy judging contest in Waterloo, Iowa, in 1956, Dick established himself as a well-known, highly respected and distinguished national and international dairy cattle . judge. He still is the youngest person to ever judge the Holstein Show at World Dairy Expo; an Judge Dairy Cattle. When judging a class of four dairy animals, your assignment is to: First, evaluate what is correct and incorrect about the conformation of each animal. Second, rank the class based on their overall conformation. Most correct animal goes 1st. Second most correct animal goes 2nd Judging beef cattle Note taking Presenting oral reasons is the most valuable experience you will have in livestock judging. it helps you to think and state your thoughts clearly. it also demonstrates your knowledge and vocabulary. being able to defend a decision builds your confidence and self-esteem. no matter what career you choose, communicatin

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Dairy Cattle Evaluation Why Judge Dairy Cattle? ~ Gain a better understanding of what makes a productive and functional dairy cow ~ Improve observational skills ~ Learn how to present yourself in a clear manner ~ Have fun Dairy Cow Unified Scorecard 40% Mammary System 20% Dairy Character 15% Frame 15% Feet & Legs 10% Body Capacity Mammary System - 40 % Udder Depth How high above the hock is. Matt travels the country showing cows and typically judges four to six shows a year, and his dream is to one day be a judge at the World Dairy Expo. This is like the World Cup or global Super Bowl of dairy bovines, and judging by his knowledge, it looks like he's well on his way Poor udder conformation in your beef or dairy herd will reduce udder longevity of your cattle. Like in dairy cows, producers that select for more milk production in terms of higher maternal weaning weight and milk Expected Progeny Difference (EPD) values have a moderate genetic antagonism with udder quality When you want to talk about dairy cattle with someone, you needaccurate, meaningful vocabulary words (terminology or terms) in order tounderstand each other. When you give a set of reasons, an accurate set ofterms is just as important as it is in conversation. Also, to compare one cowwith another, you need to use phrases and expressions that the listener canclearly understand. So, it is important to develop a good vocabulary of dairycattle terms The Purebred Dairy Cattle Association website, Holstein USA and Holstein Canada all have excellent information available. Attend judges' workshops and learn the guidelines. It is not up to you as a judge to decide whether or not you are going to utilize the most recent rules developed in 2011; you've agreed to use them by signing a judge.

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Examine the udders of dairy cattle. Udders should have the same width near the top and bottom, creating a uniform shape. The bottom of a heifer's udders should be slightly rounded and the teats should be plump with clear space in between each teat. The teats should also be shaped like a cylinder and of relatively equal size and shape Title: Judging Dairy Cattle Author: U10-215 Last modified by: crowev Created Date: 10/21/2004 4:19:49 PM Document presentation format: On-screen Show (4:3 Femininity is desired in the dairy cow. A feminine cow will be sharp and clean fronted, with a lean neck and long, smooth muscling. Femininity in the cow is related to dairy character

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  1. g a good dairy cattle judge. Ability can be developed with the proper attitude, work ethic and interest. Steps in Dairy Judging . 1. Learn the parts of the animal (Figure 1). Be specific for dairy parts. 2. Learn the dairy cow scorecard so that you know the relative value of each part (Table 1). 3
  2. Judging Beef Cattle 4-H Manitoba 2019 The aim of the beef industry is to efficiently produce carcasses of the type and quality demanded by the consumer. The ability to look at the live beef animal and evaluate its potential to produc
  3. Dairy cattle are bred for this purpose and high producers can not eat enough feed to gain in flesh during most of the lactating period. Furthermore, what is dairy strength? Dairy Strength (25%) A combination of dairyness and strength that supports sustained production and longevity

General Rules: 1. Juniors - will judge 5 classes of dairy cattle and give 2 sets of reasons. 2. Seniors - will judge 5 classes of dairy cattle with 2 sets of reasons. 3. Judging Phase - 50 points per class Contest will consist of any or all of the following placing classes: heifer class and/or cow class Dairy Judging 101 Tri-State Dairy Expo 2020 Created By: The Iowa State University Dairy Judging Team 1 Purebred Dairy Cattle Association Scorecard Udder (40%) Dairy Strength (25%) Rear Feet and Legs (20%) Frame (15%) 2 3 Udder (40%) Udder Depth Rear Udder Teat Placement Udder Cleft Fore Udder Teats Udder Balance and Texture 4 Udder

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  1. Dairy Cows To Judge dairy cattle, one must have knowledge of dairy cow anatomy (body parts), desirable dairy type, factors of good general appearance. mammary system, dairy cow character and body capacity. You must be able to observe, evaluate and make a decision that is accurate and logical..
  2. Judging dairy cattle in its widest application consists in a comparison of a certain animal with the mental picture of the ideal animal for the purpose of estimating its probable dairy qualities. Show-ring judging consists almost entirely of comparative judging, where animals of a group arc compared with one another and ranked according to.
  3. Judging dairy cattle is a comparative evaluation of cattle in which animals are ranked based on their closeness to ideal dairy conformation. Desirable dairy conformation involves functional traits associated with high milk production over a long, troublefree productive life
  4. Dairy Cattle Judging Coach, University of Vermont. Two classes of cows are presented here for you to judge. Both classes are Holsteins from the CREAM (Cooperative for Real Education in Agricultural Management) student-run registered Holstein herd at the University of Vermont. Class 1 is a group of 3 and 4 year olds from CREAM in April, 1993

Breeding Cattle Defining Growth Performance As a livestock judge it is imperative to understand the marketing venue widely utilized by cattle producerscattle are sold on per pound basis It is important to select cattle that have the ability to gain weight while possessing an optimal frame size to limit mature weight and maintenance cost judge should be slightly forward. With the back foot slightly forward, this gives the judge a better view of the rear udder. A correct rear leg position can be seen to the left if you are reading this as the judge: Dairy Cattle Showmanship Techniques When leading the cow around the ring, make sure the head is held high at all times Dairy Judging Terminology A Guide to Saying What She Is, Not What She Isn't W.M. Graves, Extension Dairy Scientist M.L. London, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Animal & Dairy Science Department R.C. Smith, Extension Leader, Morgan County The PDCA (Purebred Dairy Cattle Association) Unit-ed Dairy Scorecard for cows and heifers is as follows. Youth will learn many things, including how to: Judge a class of cows and present reasons. Discuss ethical situations. Describe signs of health and illness in dairy animals. Analyze dairy cattle behavior. Demonstrate proper milking procedures. Chapter 1: Judging, Identification and Ethics. Identifying Your Calf Judging Dairy Cattle 4-H Manitoba 2019 The primary function of the dairy cow is the economical production of milk. It has been proven that quality type or form is directly related to function. In other words, a dairy cow with good quality type has the potential to efficiently and economically produce milk 3. Help Out- Within reason

The hind leg nearest the judge should be far enough ahead to allow the judge to see both the fore and rear udder when exhibiting cows. c. Animal should be trained so the exhibitor can move it quickly and easily into the correct pose. The position of the rear legs should be reversed when the judge walks around to view the animal from the other side Dairy cattle are evaluated by judging how closely their body conformation approximates the ideal conformation purebred model established for the particular breed. The conformation evaluation considers correctness of udder, frame/body structure, feet and legs, mobility, and evidence of high milk production 4-H Dairy Cattle Judging. Dairy judging is open to youth in the 4th - 12th grades. Dairy judging trains young people in decision-making skills related to the dairy industry. Team members will learn: Participants will be asked to judge five to six classes of dairy cows and/or dairy heifers. Classes will consist of four animals

Cows with classification scores that were received prior to December 2004 are underlined, and represent the following categories: Frame, Dairy Character, Body Capacity, Feet & Legs, and Udder. If an animal has been classified Excellent more than once, a multiple E designation may appear on this line after major categor How to Judge Dairy Cattle Information Booklet When judging the Guernsey dairy cows these are the key attributes you should be looking for: APPEARANCE • Attractive, vigorous, feminine and large COLOUR • Fawn and white, orange and white, dark mouse and white HEAD • Fine and long - not dished • The wide muzzle is pinkish coloure By Katharine Knowlton, Virginia Tech. Youth. Dairy Judging 101: Holstein Cows (H5 to H9) Youth. Dairy Judging 101: Holstein 4 year olds (H4) Youth. Dairy Judging 101: Ayrshire 3-yr-old cows (A3

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the Judge T he primary reason for raising dairy cows is to produce milk. For dairy cows to be highly profitable, they must have traits that function properly. For example, a firmly attached udder that is held above the hocks, correct feet and legs, and width of chest and rump are all desirable traits (characteristics).When selecting dairy. Stock judging is a skill which combines being able to compare and place livestock and explain your reasons to a judge. It is important to know which key points to look for in each group of stock as it varies and so does the terminology. Stock judging: dairy cows. Finished beef and beef carcase

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ASSOCIATE JUDGE: Sean Johnson, Glenville, Pa. Sean Johnson is a self-employed hoof trimmer, who previously worked as a herdsman and dairy cattle fitter. He started his dairy career at Maple Del Farm in Maryland, dedicating 10 years before working with an elite herd of show cattle under the care of Brad Garst A judging experience involving dairy cows or goats develops what dairy experts call an eye for cows or an eye for does. This is the ability to evaluate an animal's conformation in relation to production and longevity. These skills help youn

In level 1, identify the breeds of dairy cattle, identify the body parts of cows, understand the life cycle of cows, explore milk production, and learn to fit and show cattle. LEVEL 2. In level 2, learn to judge dairy cows, discuss animal health issues, identify safe practices for handling milk, select dairy housing and forage, and explore. 17. Judging •Judging dairy cattle is a comparative evaluation of cattle in which animals are ranked based on their closeness to ideal dairy conformation. • Desirable dairy conformation involves functional traits associated with high milk production over a long, trouble free productive life Not all cattle are set up the same, says Stierwalt. You need to know what your calf looks like from a judge's point-of-view to show them with the best result. For some exhibitors it may come naturally to correct flaws with their project, while for others it may take some time to see what the judge sees in the showring

You Be the Judge: Your Guide to Judging Dairy Cattle, 17 Minutes Preparing to Lead, 21 Minutes 1. Make a detailed (and labeled) site drawing of your farm or a neighboring farm, showing all wells, water lines, valves in water lines, pumps, watering bowls, power lines, power poles, panel boxes and yard lights 5.0 out of 5 stars Dairy Cattle Judging Techniques. Reviewed in the United States on October 29, 2012. Verified Purchase. This is an excellent and informative book for anyone wanting to judge, cattle, horses, dogs, etc. It is easy to read and understand with good graphics. Read more. 3 people found this helpful JUDGING DAIRY CATTLE1 J. B. FITCH AND H. J. BROOKS Because of the fact that less than 3 per cent of the dairy cows in the United States have records of production, the dairyman or farmer must rely upon his ability to judge the producing qualitie

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The Purebred Dairy Cattle Association (PDCA) has an established scorecard for fitting and showing dairy cattle. As with the conformation scorecards, the showmanship scorecard continues to evolve. The scorecard previously used by judges had three traditional categories (Table 1) PNJS Jersey and AADS Red & White Judge. Ryan, his wife Haley, and four children Callie, Conway, Cooper, and Case live in Wisconsin on a 40 acre farmette where they manage 8-10 show heifers each year. Ryan is a professional hoof trimmer and dairy cattle fitter. During his time as a professional fitter, Ryan has had the privilege to prepare 17. Dairy cattle judging has been very important to dairy farmers and dairy cattle breeders for years. The goal is to have show-winning cows with excellent type conformation. It is difficult to determine the dollar value of type, but cows and bulls in high demand are usually ones with excellent milk production and good type Brothers Eric, Keith and Phillip Topp are no strangers to the colored shavings at World Dairy Expo, where each is taking a turn judging the international dairy cattle shows. At the 2019 World Dairy Expo, Keith will serve as the official judge in the Milking Shorthorn ring, while Phillip will officiate in the Ayrshire ring Why Judge? Livestockjudges.org · Why Judge? Since the beginning of competitive livestock events, judging has served many functions, primarily in evaluating, influencing, and setting the direction of industry cattle types through visual evaluation of phenotype. Livestock shows began as a means of bringing people and livestock together to.

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  1. DAIRY CATTLE What the judge looks for in the dairy cattle: Cows that are tall and long with large bodies to hold the large amounts of feed necessary to produce large quantities of milk. Cows that are straight and strong down their back, and walk on fairly straight legs
  2. Dairy Cattle Group Helper's Guide . These activities will bring any meeting to life. Helpers guide youth as they play Dairy Bingo and participate in dairy quiz bowls, dairy pyramid game and a dairy skill-a-thon. (40 pages) Intended user: volunteers working with youth. Dairy Judging Resources
  3. e which is the best - no experience necessary - give it a try! Complete this Activity
  4. The results Meyer quoted originated from the 32nd National Intercollegiate Dairy Cattle Judging Contest held earlier that fall at the National Dairy Cattle Congress in Waterloo, Iowa. At that contest, contestants placed 10 classes, including five classes of cows, three of bulls, and two of heifers. There were five sets of oral reasons

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  1. Dairy Cattle Judge; Dairy Cattle Paraders . The aim of these competitions is to develop the judging and parading skills of young people to ensure a selection of experienced judges for future Agricultural Shows. Competitors also improve their communication and presentation skills
  2. Health Fusion: How a row of dairy cows and a grand champion chicken changed my life County fairs are celebrations of animals, crops, crafts, talents, funnel cakes and you-name-it on a stick.
  3. Welcome to the Ohio 4-H Dairy Cattle program area. You will find information on events, resources and acknowledgments for dairy cattle. Calendar. Dates for Dairy Cattle events around the state. Results. Results from past events. Publications & Resources. Dairy Cattle resources including online records (Excel) and Farmeron! Acknowledgment
  4. The Young Judges Competition gives budding judges the opportunity to partake in the judging process and then be judged themselves across a variety of competitions including Prime Beef, Stud Beef, Dairy Goats, Dairy Cattle, Contemporary Cake Decorating, Horses, Mohair Fleece, Wool, Stud Angoras, Boer Goats, Alpacas and Stud Sheep
  5. ology A Guide to Saying What She Is and Not What She Isn't W.M. Graves, Extension Dairy Scientist A.K. McLean, Graduate Assistant, Animal & Dairy Science Department This guide is designed to help you improve your reasons for your placings in dairy cattle evaluation. Try to incorporate new terms into your oral reasons slowl

Why Judge Dairy Cattle? Gain a better understanding of what makes a productive and functional dairy cow . Important Dairy Cow Characteristics Showmanship Judging Video - Your Guide To Judging Dairy Showmanship Tuesday , February 7 th , 2017 Whether you're a 4-H member, Leader, aspiring judge, or an official judge, this video has tips and advice to help you better assess and compare one show person to another Judging Guide: Dairy Cattle Judging Workbook - Sample Published on Jan 4, 2019 A perfect resource for the aspiring dairy judge with illustrated analysis for each part of a cow The South Dakota State University Dairy Cattle Judging Team competed in four contests. The first team consisting of Abigail Hopp, Sanne de Bruijn, Colten Carlson, and Ashley Maus competed at the Eastern States Dairy Cattle Judging Contest in West Springfield, Massachusetts on September 14, 2019. Out of 11 teams in the contest, the SDSU team.

Animal judging - Dairy. Melissa Elischer, Michigan State University Extension - October 15, 2014. This series of articles will introduce animal judging - what it is, the life skills it helps youth to develop, where it can take youth and why everyone should try it! Participants of the 2014 4-H Dairy Judging Team at World Dairy Expo. the dairy judging experience. In order to judge dairy cattle, knowing the parts of a cow, ideal dairy conformation, and how to describe differences between animals will provide us with the necessary tools to place classes. In ad-dition, good judges of dairy cattle need a definite mental image of the ideal animal for the breed being judged The 2021 South Dakota State 4-H Dairy Judging Contest entry deadline is June 1. Registration for the South Dakota State 4-H Dairy Cattle Judging Contest should be completed in Fair Entry. A . video and help sheet can be found on South Dakota State Univeristy Extension website that will assist you with the . registration process The Livestock Judging Association is a national organization of professional livestock judges of beef cattle, swine, sheep, and goats. It was formed in 2012 as a non-profit organization to foster development, education, and professionalism amongst those who have the honor of evaluating livestock at junior and open shows nationwide MINNESOTA DAIRY CATTLE JUDGES LIST Updated 5/6/16 Note: The following individuals attended a Dairy cattle Judges Clinic in 2011 and/or 2015. Sponsored by the Minnesota Livestock Breeders' Association and have expressed interest in judging your dairy cattle shows in Minnesota and surrounding area

Judging. For a dairy farmer, deciding which cow to breed or buy for milk production is an important decision. This video shows you how to judge dairy cattle. The professor explains important judging factors such as udder depth, teat placement, balance, structure, and more Use this guide to determine the weight of your dairy cow or beef cattle: Measure the circumference of the animal, as shown in distance C in the illustration. Make sure to measure girth in relation to the location of the animal's heart. Measure the length of the animal's body, as shown in distance A-B in the illustration

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Dairy Cattle Judging Techniques. Thorough and up-to-date, this has an excellent section clearly explaining the criteria for judging dairy cattle. Descriptive illustrations enhance the text. For anyone with a basic knowledge of dairy breeds who wishes to learn how to judge dairy cattle Dairy cattle judging in our house is non-negotiable - everyone participates. It begins each year with the anticipated arrival of the Hoard's Dairyman judging issues. (For 5 consecutive months the cover of the magazine features a class of cows to be evaluated.) The arrival of the magazines sparks contentious discussions around the kitchen. Dairy Cattle Judging. July 20, 2021 Lowell, MI. Dairy Youth from across the state are invited to participate in the Michigan Dairy Youth Judging Contest to be held on Tuesday, July 20 in Lowell, Michigan beginning at 9:00 a.m. There will be heifer and cow classes to judge, oral reasons, cow parts and much more

Judging Dairy Cattle- Giving Reasons, Oregon State 2005 Parts of a Cow . Weightings of Holstein Scorecard Examples of Reasons Terms for comparing dairy character 1. More angularity 2. More openness of rib 3. Cleaner about the head, neck, and withers 4. More dairyness throughout 5. More length and stretc Youth dairy judging programs are designed to help youth improve their cattle evaluation, but also provide the opportunity to develop excellent communication skills. Members of dairy judging teams often become lifelong friends and share invaluable experiences through team practices and travel to competitions. Local dairy judging teams (both 4H and FFA) are invited to the.

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Fox Valley Technical College also brought students to practice their skills as they learn how to judge dairy cattle. Vernon County dairy youth led cattle for the contest and were judged on their showmanship ability. First place in the junior division was Grace Fremstad, followed by Cooper Rahr and Kate Quackenbush Iowa 4-H has four judging programs that are available to youth enrolled in 4-H. Dairy Judging In dairy judging youth evaluate classes of dairy cows and heifers and then defend their placings through oral reasoning. Youth learn the dairy cow unified scorecard and major breakdowns, anatomy of the dairy cow, along with dairy judging terminology Dairy Judging Made Easy, a new interactive CD-ROM produced at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, demystifies oral reasons and explains linear evaluation, setting beginning judges on the road to successful dairy cattle judging. The CD is aimed at 4-H- and FFA-level judging students, but even college-level dairy judges will find it useful. In a 4-H dairy cattle judging contest, how many minutes are allowed for you to present a set of oral reasons? 2 minutes. Write this down: The official placing on a class of cows is 3-4-2-1 with cuts of 3-4-5. Your placing is 4-3-2-1. Calculate your score. 47

Dairy Cattle Judging Techniques by Trimberger, George W. and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at AbeBooks.com animal to the signals given by the judge. c. Halter of right type for showing dairy cattle, fitting properly and placed correctly on animal. The nose band should fit across the bridge of the nose midway between the eyes and the muzzle. A leather halter with leather or chain lead is preferred. d. As the judge studies your animal the preferred. Introduction Judging dairy cattle is a comparative evaluation of cattle in which animals are ranked based on their closeness to ideal dairy conformation. Desirable dairy conformation involves functional traits associated with high milk production over a long, troublefree productive life. Inaddition to learning how to judge cattle, many life. The Dairy Cattle Judging Contest for the South Central District FFA of Kansas. Officials. KSU Dairy Cattle Judging Team. Eligibility. SCD FFA Members. Prizes. Senior Division: 1-5 teams, 1-10 individuals Greenhand Division: 1-3 teams, 1-10 individual

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HISD FFA Dairy Judging. The most prevalent off- flavor fluid mi. Butter is made from milk and or cream a. Osteoporosis may be reduced by consumin. A five day seven degree shelf life test. feed. 80. loss of bone mass due to decrease in the bone matrix and miner. lower variability among cartons of milk DAIRY CATTLE JUDGING CONTEST RULES The following rules apply to both the FFA and 4-H dairy cattle judging contests. However, the rules for the Dairy Cattle CDE as posted on the website of the Ohio FFA Association (www.ohioffa.org) will take precedence over these rules if conflicts occur Dairy Cattle Evaluation & Management FFA 2021-03-10T14:50:59-05:00. Project Description » Check status of 2021 CDEs & LDEs » Check status of 202 dairycattlejudging.ppt - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation (.ppt), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online Manure evaluation can be described by three C's: color, consistency, and content. Fecal color is influenced by feed type, bile concentration, and the passage rate of feedstuffs and digesta. Typically, manure is dark green when cattle graze fresh forage and darkens to a brown-olive if animals receive a hay ration

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dairy-cattle-judging contest held in Viroqua, Wis. Sept. 18, 2019, WAUPUN, WIS., and LANSING, MICH. - Three young college students from Michigan State University took home all the big awards on Sunday at the Accelerated Genetics Dairy Cattle Judging Contest Hosted by CentralStar in Viroqua, Wis., during the Vernon County Fair Monday July 5 8:00am Vet Check - Dairy Cattle Grade Dairy Barns Monday July 5 10:00am-2:00pm Paper Check - Dairy Cattle Grade Dairy Barns Tuesday July 6 9:00am Judge - Grade Dairy, Cows, Heifers, Groups Linhares Dairy Ring followed by Judge - Supreme Champion Selection Linhares Dairy Rin

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Which breed of common Dairy cattle produce the highest butterfat content? (Jersey) 5. What is a condition that occurs in high producing dairy cattle that is caused by low blood closest to the judge is slightly back and the side furthest from the judge is slightly forward. B Great turnout of kids learning how to judge dairy cattle from Dr Gordon Atkins. Thanks to BFL Canada for sponsoring it. Calgary Stampede Dairy Classic. April 21, 2017 · The first Jersey class is in the ring. You can watch the show online at cowsmo. Calgary Stampede Dairy Classic

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