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The Beauty of the Philippines and its Wonderful People Your smiles are charming A happy girl on the Olotayan Island. We did nothing but smile on the streets, in the hotels, at the markets and in the bistros everyday. The elderly, children, vendors, and fishermen; all of you smiled after the first surprised look crossed your faces.. The essay has been edited for conciseness and clarity. The Philippines - More Than Just a Place to Visit. By Choi Tong I. Clear blue skies with clouds formed into different pictures; a jolly sun, with the most brilliant sunshine that lights up nature; grateful and pleasant people, with the brightest smiles that build up their unique culture The Beauty of Filipino Culture. Culture is defined as the knowledge, art, belief morals, law, custom and any other capabilities or habits acquired as man as a member of society. as stated by EB Taylor. It was also explained that culture is a series of activities that provide humans with the basis for perceiving themselves Beauty of the Philippines. May 26, 2019, 2:17 pm July 5, 2014. The Philippines is an archipelago made up of more than 7,100 islands. It is located in South East Asia in the Pacific Ocean. The Philippines has 3 main regions. These regions are Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The capital of the Philippines is Manila

The Philippines is a unique and beautiful country where kindness and respect towards others is part of the culture, and all are willing to help you to have a wonderful experience in their country. The nation has endless natural beauty, yet also the skills and modern infrastructure to make it home to many of the word's largest companies The Philippines is a country located in Asian continent in the western Pacific. It is an independent republic that comprises over7, 000 islands. Over the years, the country has remained a safe and attractive tourist destination. The country has been receiving numerous visitors both from within and international tourists The Philippine Philippines Culture And Culture Essay 1329 Words | 6 Pages. The Philippines is a country deeply rooted in culture. The Army defines culture as a dynamic social system containing the values, beliefs, behaviors, and the norms of a specific group, organization or society or other collectively learned, shared, internalized, and changeable by all members of the society.

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  1. Essay About Philippine History. 773 Words4 Pages. A nation's history is the reflection of its culture, traditions and beliefs. Philippine History is no different. It showcases our native Malayan roots, our proud heritage of noble chiefs and fierce warriors, foreign powers and influences that have shaped our country into what it is today, and.
  2. Essay About Philippine Art. 2429 Words10 Pages. To define is to limit. For centuries, the world has been trying to explicitly put into words what art really is. For Socrates, art is simply an imitation of reality. His student Plato even believes that the material world is only a copy of how things are in the realm of ideas
  3. Instagram Facebook Snapchat Twitter THE BEAUTY OF Enchanted Kingdom Sta. Rosa, Laguna THE BEAUTY OF Manila is the capital of the Philippines. It is the most densely populated city proper in the world. The Spanish city of Manila was founded on June 24, 1571, by Spanish conquistador Miguel López de Legazpi. The date is regarded Continue reading Lagun
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  5. THE RECENTLY published fine arts book, A Warrior's Armament and Ornament is a collection of scholarly essays documenting the Edwin R. Bautista collection of Philippine antique and vintage bladed weapons which were recently acquired by the MusKKaT museum. The Museo ng Kaalamáng Katutubò (MusKKat) is a foundation engaged in museum development.
  6. Culture of the Philippines Sample Essay & Outline . In the culture of the Filipinos, there are evident influences. These influences set it apart from the other nations or cultures. These influences manifest themselves in the robust life that embodies the vibrant history of the nation, close family ties, and influences from the colonial masters..
  7. The beauty plays a very big role exactly for women. It is believed, that if the woman is beauty, she can have a good husband and the great job. If the girl would like to be a model, it is needed to be beautiful, because everyone will see you and you will be famous. Also, if the woman would like to get, for example, the position of the secretary.

The Philippine Wildlife has a significant number of plant and animal species that are indigenous in the Philippines. The country's surrounding waters reportedly have the highest level of biodiversity in the world. The Philippines is considered as one of the seventeen mega diverse countries as well as global biodiversity hotspot Beauty Of Nature Essay. Earth, a peaceful planet surrounded with water and land. A majestic planet that was once abundant with lakes, rivers, mountains, rain forest, and living creatures known as animals. The environment, ocean, and the atmosphere were free from pollution and contamination. The skies were clear and blue, lakes were clean and. Only in the Philippines (Descriptive Essay) [Descriptive Essay:] The essay is the most important part of a college application, so you need to focus and make a good essay to convince the university accept you. You even get help from essay writing expert to ensure you acceptance. Something Ugly About Beauty; In Justic GUINOBATAN, Philippines — Mount Mayon, one of the Philippines' most active volcanoes, is as renowned for its beauty as it is feared for its destructiveness. Admired for its symmetry and.

I'm going to describe it to you. Baguio is called the summer capital of the Philippines because during summer, Baguio can give you the cold and cool breeze to beat the summer heat. Places like Camp John Hay and Philippine Military Academy will give you a perfect description of nature: a calm and serene environment, trees and plants thriving all. The Philippine beaches and islands are certainly among the most convincing reasons why you should visit the Philippines. If you're asking what is Philippines famous for, it could take all day to list everything down. But its pristine beaches are among the main reasons why travelers across the world and the top 10 countries that love Philippines list the country among the world's best islands On the otherhand , the Philippine will not be left behind. The Pearl of the Orient boast of variety of Filipino Folk Dances. 8. The Philippines consist of 7107 islands, and is broken down in three groups of islands. The Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Each of three groups contain different languages, history, religion and traditions

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Write an essay about the beauty of the history of Philippine Arts. Answers. reyquicoy4321. Arts in the Philippines refer to the various forms of the arts that have developed and accumulated in the Philippines from the beginning of civilization in the country up to the present era. They reflect the range of artistic influences on the country's. This project is inspired by my desire to showcase and rediscover the beauty of the Philippines. My name is Mariano Sayno. I am a designer-photographer based in Manila. For the past 15 years, I had been photo documenting places of interests and and shooting full-time freelance Filipino Culture. Essay. This country is a collection of more than 7,000 islands where the East and West cultures amalgamate. This thus makes Filipino psyche the receptacle of a number and even contradictory influences and cultures, which make the Filipino a unique race in a single category. Having been a colony of Spain for four centuries, the. The History Of The Sanas Beauty Salon Business Essay. Section A. Introduction. Sana's Beauty Salon is a newly formed business that aims at achieving significant growth in the long-run while providing a well relaxing atmosphere for their indulgence as their mission and responsibilities is to accomplished customers' satisfaction as well as to meet organizational goals

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Philippine literature flourished during the Spanish period (nineteenth century) and the first half of the twentieth century. The literature of the Philippines covers a variety of genres, most notably poetry and metrical romances, prose, dramas, religious dramas, and secular dramas. Philippine literature is the key to discover the truth of my self The two giants fought so long they forgot why they were fighting and became friends forgetting to clean up their mess, which is now the Chocolate Hills. And the last legend, and the most humorous is about a local carabao (or water buffalo) who was eating all of the local farmer's crops The beauty of the Philippines would have to be the diversity of experiences that this country has to offer, along with the people, of course. Up North, you have mind blowing rice fields and mountains, while down south you have world class surf The first phase of the Philippine Revolution ended with the signing of the Pact of Biak-na-Bato in San Miguel in 1897 between the Filipinos and the Spaniards, after which Aguinaldo was exiled to Hong Kong. The second phase saw the drafting of the constitution of the first Philippine republic by the Malolos Congress at Barasoain Church in 1898

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  1. My trees had branches full of white, heavy snow. The flowers, the birds, the grass were gone, also the rock I used to sit on was hard to be found, but it was still peaceful, quiet and especially clean. The snow angels I made kept watch over this natural splendor. This place is far, far-away in time and space, part of my childhood and my.
  2. The Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA) is the mandated government agency to develop and promote the Philippines as a retirement haven (Philippine Retirement Authority, n.d.). The PRA only became an attached agency of the DOT upon the enactment of the Republic Act 9593
  3. Discovering the Beauty of the Islands of the Philippines. The Philippines, commonly known as the Pearl of the Orient is an archipelago of 7107 islands with a wide variety of great destinations considered by many as paradise. From the hustle and bustle of the great city of Manila to many of the true white-sand beaches and virgin forests.
  4. The Philippines is studded with natural beauty from the depths of its seas to the top of its mountains. Another site in the archipelago that Filipinos can rightfully brag about are the rice terraces of Banaue. More than 2,000 years old, these rice terraces are a product of manual work carried out by the ancestors of the region's population

Philippine Music Essay Example. Tinkling The Tinkling is a Philippine dance which involves two individual performers hitting bamboo poles, using them to beat, tap, and slide on the ground, and against each other in co-ordination with one or more dancers who steps over, and in between poles Essay Sample: The Last Frontier An island of pristine waters and virgin forests, Palawan is both a tropical paradise and a wildlife sanctuary. It is a different kind of awe-inspiring beauty, for it gives more than just artificial edifices, it is an untouched wonder carved by nature itself (Palawan, no page). Tourists can book flights to. Beauty Standards of the Modern Age. Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind. -Dr. Suess. The pressure on women to be beautiful in today's society has changed. It hasn't.

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The high season for tourism is December to April. The Philippines is a tropical country, and the hotter, drier months (85 degrees F and up) are March through June. July through October brings the. The Philippines is home to multiple cultures and traditions that have drawn international interest. It is considered a perfect example of a mixed economy, engaged as it is in agriculture, manufacture of garments and pharmaceutical products, electronics exports, etc. And then there's its top potential—its tourist spots

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Filipinos have the longest Christmas celebrations—ever. Even as early as August, you can hear Christmas songs and jingles being played in the malls or in the restaurants in the Philippines. The mood becomes festive, with many people shopping and in good spirits. Christmas celebrations last until around the first or second week of January Essays on colorism in the Philippines. A billboard for a whitening product suggest that fair skin is 'kutis mayaman': skin of the rich. With the ever-increasing proliferation of skin whitening products - as well as fair-skinned celebrities - colorism, or discrimination based on skin color, will always be a salient topic in the Philippines Home — Essay Samples — Government — Federalism — The Use of Federalism in the Philippines Under the Administration of President Duterte This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by professional essay writers This essay unpacks the limits of this visual politics and ends with aesthetic reflections on Philippine society. Dirt and cleanliness in the Philippines. The Philippines is obsessed with beauty and cleanliness. Images of fair-skinned actors fill TV screens and cinemas

Philippines Culture. In philosophy, the word culture refers to what is different from nature, that is to say what is on the order of the acquired and not innate. In sociology, culture is defined as what is common to a group of individuals and as what ties them together. In its broadest sense, culture can now be regarded as the set of. The history behind the Philippines' culture of 'colorism'. Asia Jackson, a 24-year-old Filipino-American TV actress, has brought to light the culture of skin color discrimination in the Philippines after she shared personal experiences of being bullied for having dark complexion and curly hair. In a Twitter thread, Jackson related how. The Beauty of Nature Essay in English for Students and Children - The poets are the lovers of nature. The countless objects of nature or things of beauty that are a joy forever. God is the Artist and nature is His art Palawan Hailed as 2020 'Best Island in the World' for the 4th Time. Behold Philippines / July 23, 2020. September 21, 2020. The beautiful island of Palawan is once again the Best Island in the World, according to renowned international travel magazine and website, Travel + Leisure. This is the fourth time Palawan has received this. In this essay, we hope to engage with ongoing discussion about journalism and public health by reflecting on how health reporting during COVID-19 in the Philippines relates to broader, emergent, and interconnected issues of journalistic practices, technological changes, and structural constraints in the country

In this essay, I invite the readers to critically examine what we learned in the Philippine educational system and how the lessons characterize our sense of being Filipino, especially in relation to the apparent anti-blackness sentiments or pro-white concepts of beauty and kindness Boracay Philippines - Exploring The Beauty Of Nature If you really want to see a piece of heaven right here on Earth, then you must visit Boracay Philippines . Boracay is a tiny island renowned for its breathtaking white sand beaches dotted by beautiful palms From the NCCA-published book by Benesa - What is Philippine about Philippine Art? and Other Essays (originally from Philippine Daily Express, January 12, 1979, p. 17-18). For inquiries on the book, contact Glenn Maboloc of Public Affairs at 527-2192 local 614 or email address paid@ncca.gov.ph. Available also at all National Bookstores. Leo. Travel Authentic Philippines offers a variety of Caraga tours. Teeming with natural attractions, the region of Caraga is one of the most alluring treasures of Mindanao. Despite its rugged beauty and plethora of enticing landmarks, this northeastern corner of Mindanao has been largely overlooked by tourists Essay About Poverty In The Philippines 2018, cover letter for alternative certification teacher, chicago style citation annotated bibliography, how i make a curriculum vitae. Type of paper. Essay. Man, I wish I could write like you guys. My senior paper put me over the top and I just got into the college I was dreaming of

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Sample essay on beauty of nature and thesis about payroll system in the philippines We consider it immodest to note that practically no one find is in their various in system payroll thesis about the philippines forms Just 55 kilometers south of Manila, Philippines Taal Volcano has erupted 30 times since the 16th century, accounting for the deaths of more than 5,000 people. Yet it's scaled daily by dozens of. Spain's implementation of her military policies - because of such laws, the Philippine population decreased dramatically. Poverty became more rampant than ever, and farmlands were left to wither. The family as a unit of society was neglected, and overall, every aspect of the life of the Filipino was retarded The Philippines is really amazing and beautiful country, blessed with many wonderful sceneries, look at that MAYON VOLCANO, The world's most perfectly cone shape Volcano,you really fell in love to this beautiful perfect cone shape Volcano, especially when you see it in personal, you say WOW ! to this Magnificent beautiful God creature.The Philippines is really a beautiful country

Roosters sound the 4:00-5:00 AM wake up call for farming and fisher folk families in remote regions of the Philippines. Rural families begin preparing breakfast and doing chores such as fetching water, bathing, and getting the children ready for school. Most chores are done by the women with the children helping out. The men ten Philippines has a real wealth of natural beauty especially the marine life. AuntySa from Austalia on July 17, 2010: Great hub about the Philippines. Been on holiday to Davao and Camiguin although my favorite spot is Borocay-a must see especially if you love to dive. emievil (author) from Philippines on July 16, 2010: Ramkkatsuri, thanks Manila, capital and chief city of the Philippines.The city is the centre of the country's economic, political, social, and cultural activity. It is located on the island of Luzon and spreads along the eastern shore of Manila Bay at the mouth of the Pasig River.The city's name, originally Maynilad, is derived from that of the nilad plant, a flowering shrub adapted to marshy conditions.

Luis H. Francia is a Filipino American poet, playwright, journalist, and nonfiction writer. His memoir, Eye of the Fish: A Personal Archipelago, won both the 2002 PEN Open Book and the 2002 Asian American Literary Awards The Harana or Kundiman is a lyrical song made popular in the Philippine Islands, which dates back to the Spanish period. Composed in the Mexican-Spanish tradition, the music is characterized by a minor key at the beginning and shifts to a major key in the second half. Its lyrics depict a romantic theme, usually portraying love, passion, or sadness interesting essayists kafka's the trial essays Essay goals career and k-12 education in the philippines essay The snowball the k-12 education in philippines essay effect to column, bar, and 2-d column chart. Grammar. New york: Harper business, 1989: X-xi. Conclusions like the writing of the citadel took on more openended prompts In Philippines, an obsession with beauty pageants. The article begins by describing the excited reaction when a Filipina brought home the most coveted crown in the beauty pageant industry for the first time in 42 years. It shifts to the perspective of one Majoy Manlapaz, who mentions the international nature of beauty pageants and.

symbolical meanings. The Philippine mass media have taken over the former Western colonial masters' role in promoting notions that valorize a white skin tone. The Philippine mass media particularly reproduce and reinforce the association of a white skin tone with beauty, as well as nurture Filipinos' desire to be white through skin Beauty and Personal Care in the Philippines The response to COVID-19 in the Philippines had a polarising effect on demand for certain beauty and personal care categories in 2020, with overall volume sales seeing an upturn in comparison to declining current value sales, as retailers offered significant pricing discounts in order to move product Philrice - The Philippine Rice Research Institute, located at Maligaya, Muñoz, Nueva Ecija, is the central station of agricultural experimentation, it is the only one of its kind throughout the country. It was created to develop and implement a natural rice research and development program, sustain the grains made in rice production and solve location-specific problems of the rice industry Having traveled extensively around the country, I am always asked about my favorite places in the Philippines. Seriously, it is the hardest question to answer because every place has its own distinct beauty & vibe. The Philippines is home to many fantastic attractions. With 7,100 islands, we never run out of fun activities to do I would like to request for copyright permission of your essay entitled The Beauty of School Rules and Regulations n. I am hopefully including this with your permission in the Grade 4 textbook because I found it very useful in teaching Filipinos about studying the importance of following school rules

The Stunning Beauty of Sagada. Sagada is situated in the Mountain Province of North Luzon. The Mountain of Sagada is pulsing with natural beauty and magnificent culture. This town is one of the most popular destinations in the whole province. Various tourist spots can be found here such as mountains, falls, caves, streams, and other attractions. Palawan island is an island that offers crystal clear water beaches and sparkling white sand. Because of its amazing natural beauty, one of the tourist spots in the Philippines has been crowned as the best island in the world by the Conde Nast Traveler readers. This beautiful island is located at the top of the poll by the leading travel magazine Weaving in the Philippines is a traditional, native art form first meant to signify religious beliefs and human expression. Later on, the discovery of the endless potential of developing the weaving industry by introducing new native products boosted the demand of the handwoven textiles Restaurants, movie theatres, beauty salons etc. are still prohibited from opening, public transportation still not available, and mass gatherings still prohibited. The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) is on a skeleton workforce at 40% of its manpower, and work from home arrangements remain in place until May 31 2020 Palawan, the Philippines last frontier, is fortunate with 1,768 island destinations and islets, many of which have unusual coastlines that make outstanding harbors. Quite fittingly, on it's almost 1.5 million hectare land area stands Nature in all her virgin glory-wrapped in a mantel of tropical rain forests, primeval caves, majestic mountains, and untraded beach locations

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The ASEAN Secretariat and the Permanent Mission of the Philippines to ASEAN will jointly present Philippinescape: Showcasing the Beauty of the Philippines through Dance and Music on 19 April 2013 to over 450 invited guests, at Jakarta's historical performance arts venue, Gedung Kesenian Jakarta The Philippines island of Palawan has been named one of the best island in the world by Condé Nast Traveler, Travel & Leisure, and other publications, thanks to its jaw-dropping natural beauty. Visitors can explore white sand beaches, swim in lagoons, enjoy island hopping in Coron and El Nido, find some of the best scuba diving in the world. Let's Talk About Body Shaming in the Philippines. Let me start off by saying I am a fiercely proud mixed-race, Filipino-American woman. Growing up, I had the wonderful and rare opportunity to live in the Philippines for six years — I learned Tagalog, immersed myself in the culture, enjoyed the endless delicacies and most importantly.

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Come and Discover the Natural Beauty of Pangasinan The name Pangasinan means land of salt or place of salt-making; it is derived from the prefix pang, meaning for, the root word asin, meaning salt, and suffix an, signifying location. The province is a major producer of salt in the Philippines The Philippines has an extensive history of colonial occupations, in-cluding the United States of America, which is often characterized by considerable oppression and exploitation. The Central Intelligence Agency reports that with a projected population of more than 100 million inhabitants, the Philippines is among those countries with the larges Creative Nonfiction heightens the whole concept and idea of essay writing. It allows a writer to employ the diligence of a reporter, the shifting voices and viewpoints of a novelist, the refined. how perceptions of beauty, skin color hierarchy, the globalization of beauty standards, and the ongoing colonial relationship between the Philippines and the U.S. are related. This project takes a transnational approach in order to compare beauty and skin color hierarchy among Filipinas in the Philippines and in the diaspora

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By: Joan Mae Soco-Bantayan The Philippines or the Republic of the Philippines, as it is officially known, is a country located in Southeast Asia in west Pacific Ocean. It is an archipelago that has 7,107 islands. Its capital is Metro Manila; interestingly, it is the only Christian region in Southeast Asia. The country has three major islands; Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao We hit the streets of Manila, Philippines to find out what Filipinas consider beautiful. The opinions expressed in this video are those of individual intervi..


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The Philippines is an archipelago, or string of over 7,100 islands, in southeastern Asia between the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean. The two largest islands, Luzon and Mindanao, make up for two-thirds of the total land area. Only about one third of the islands are inhabited. Map created by National Geographic Maps The Philippines is regarded as the world's largest archipelago without any land borders and is surrounded by the sea. It is composed of more than 7,600 islands and is part of the Coral Triangle (a marine area of the western Pacific Ocean where 75% of marine species on earth can be found) Short Essay on Life. Life is beautiful but not always easy, it has problems, too, and the challenge lies in facing them with courage, letting the beauty of life act like a balm, which makes the pain bearable, during trying times, by providing hope. Happiness, sorrow, victory, defeat, day-night are the two sides of the me coin December 30, 1965, a very controversial chapter in the Philippine history began. It was the start of the presidential term of the late Ferdinand Edralin Marcos. He was the first Philippine president to proclaim the state of martial law in the country. Through the martial law, he took advantage o Effects Of Climate Change On Tourism Tourism Essay. Tourism is an industry that contributes to the world economy. In fact, some countries' economies derive most of their revenues from tourism. The increase in individual income and the promotion of different countries of their attractions have caused the industry to grow

In his essay Inverts and Invertebrates: Darwin, Proust, and Nature's Queer Heterosexuality (2013), Simon Porzak mentions something about rarity in nature. How nature reproduces in many different ways, and how it employs different tactics, the least of them sexual reproduction Importance of Literature: Essay. Literature is the foundation of life. It places an emphasis on many topics from human tragedies to tales of the ever-popular search for love. While it is physically written in words, these words come alive in the imagination of the mind, and its ability to comprehend the complexity or simplicity of the text Welcome to Travel Philippines Today. Travel Philippines Today is a website which promotes the beauty of the Philippines. This is a collaborative blog produced and maintained by bloggers and other concerned Filipinos. Add listing now The beauty of the island has been breathtaking and its ambiance serene. Life in Boracay was quiet, simple, and peaceful until there was a boom in tourism. Philippines ecotourism emerges to be connected with leisure interests like spelunking, The object of analysis for the purpose of this essay is Langkawi island,. Content analysis of one (1) Philippine drama and one (1) Korean drama will be conducted. Both of the dramas will be selected through a set of characteristics such as being set in a specific time frame, bearing the same theme, and it's available to the Filipino audience

When you pay for essay writing help, you will not feel that the money was spent in vain. Our experts have unlimited writing skills. You can order not only short essays with no particular topic but also The Beauty Inside Toshiba Case Study complex The Beauty Inside Toshiba Case Study research papers Essay on the beauty of tajmahal for sample essay on thermophile Esther displays visible contempt for the the on essay beauty of tajmahal entire class. The particular context, the team needs to focus on the swiss national census form, in which pupils would appear that the combination of outcomes forms a parabola itself Our Argumentative Essay About Beauty Standards cheap essay writing service tries to always be Argumentative Essay About Beauty Standards at its best performance level, Argumentative Essay About Beauty Standards so each customer who pays money for paper writing can be sure that Argumentative Essay About Beauty Standards he or she will get what is wanted

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February 13, 2019 by Essay Writer. In the short story The Blossoming of Bongbong, the main character, Bongbong, moves to America with big hopes to reshape his life and achieve success. This vague notion of the American dream leads to Bongbong's desire for the quintessential, yet seemingly paradoxical American life: a movie star career. Free Poetry Analysis Essay Introduction & Conclusion Paragraph Sample. Poem analysis example. The Johnson talks about the different wishes that are made by a human being like Wealth, territorial power, beauty, brain and so on and how they are not long-lasting. Poet gives several examples to prove the vanity behind every human wish that is. TED Talk Subtitles and Transcript: In much of the world, gender is viewed as binary: man or woman, each assigned characteristics and traits designated by biological sex. But that's not the case everywhere, says France Villarta. In a talk that's part cultural love letter, part history lesson, he details the legacy of gender fluidity and inclusivity in his native Philippines -- and emphasizes. diels-alder essay of 4 5-dimethylcyclohexene-1 2-dicarboxylic acid. The opposite tends urology publication pass to how journal for philippines to promote a flexible workforce, busi minants and effects, in r. Goldwater too, a part of the inclination commissioned in to host and lead and control the world. Vietnames other asian Nov 7, 2020 - Philippine History for Homeschoolers. Know more about Philippine History from books, online content, infographic, etc. Fun Facts and Trivias about Philippine History. Philippine Heroes. Philippine Revolution. Kasaysayan ng Pilipinas. See more ideas about philippine, filipino culture, philippines culture The face of Philippine politics has not changed. Not because we still have the same maniacal leaders in office, but because many Filipinos have remained in the dungeons of human poverty. Christopher Ryan Maboloc teaches philosophy at the Ateneo de Davao University. Read Next